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In Eastern philosophy, human has always connected or communicated through mind to mind. It is not your power of psychology that you can determine that second person is in anger, happy, sad, peace, frightful, state of mind, even though it is true. or Let me define in a science, that you as a receiver of a frequency, you can grasp another person’s frequency (state of mind) if your antennae is scheduled in that frequency.

Today, people do not listen to understand by second person’s voice level, body psychology, mind psychology, attitude perception with our eyes and sense their vibration. People hardly recognize the words (data) flow out of human eye.  Therefore, they embroil in physical fight. Today’s people are less sensitive, and thoughtless to the power of mind.

In future, people will also talk on mind to mind based method. Future people will be so sensitive that even a slightest vibration, they can sense it and response back in a vibration at subtle level. They will be best at psychology. Li-Fi is a new emerging tech, than Wi-Fi, which transmits data at speed of light. But super Li-Fi is much higher speed that is what human can think of ‘at that speed’.

In the 1990s, Italian neuroscientists discovered something amazing in the brains of macaque monkeys: there were motor (movement) cells that activated the same way when the monkeys did something as they did when the monkeys watched others do the same thing. They called these “mirror neurons.” The idea is that when you watch someone else pick up a glass, kiss a loved one, or perform any other action, mirror neurons are making your brain simulate that activity; acting as if you were doing it yourself even when you’re standing still. Other scientists quickly began studying their role in all sorts of areas, from empathy to autism. Italian researchers found individual neurons in the brains of macaque monkeys that fired both when the monkeys grabbed an object and also when the monkeys watched another primate grab the same object.

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