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Nobody understands ur body, mind more than u; but, have you ever realize what you are capable of, which methods exist, does it costs.A human is a orgno-machine that has sensor like the way tech gadgets has.

So, Activate your x-sensor and become more powerful physically and mentally and see what Gigantic differences happens to your life. Our external senses takes you to your internal sensors as x-sensors. X-sensors are Extra-sensors that a life possesses and easily perceptible to and benefit from it for self-development with multiplying your “Internal Abilities“. It’s training is good for weak mind, school children that helps them in a realization of their own potential (power, skills, capacity by acquiring new skills – knowledge).

Barometric (Pressure):
Your body senses the pressure. systole and diastole. It helps balancing your bodily existence with environment. Swim deep under ocean.

Gyroscope (Oscillation) : Your body can sense the Stability n Instability, relies on orientation, movement with respect to speed.a U know ur center of gravity and apply it to others. U can stand on one leg, also u can make a pyramid of river stones by putting many pebbles one on top of other.The highest power is the power of “chi”. A deeper concentration and mindfulness practice is required. Center of gravity aligning of self is self-control.

Satellite (Telepathic): You can connect and receive a signal (information) from u into/from universe. Wisdom only comes when u connect yourself with universe. This is deep connection. More your mind is clean, empty, silence, more wisdom is to come to you, so stay in silence most of the time for productivity, but sharing is equally important to others after you’ve some wisdom. You are a transmitter as well as receiver of an information.
Practice method: Auto-suggestion, Positive Thinking and Prayers work which is mystic.

Wave-metric (emotion sensing): U sense exuberance, excitement, down, etc. U can feel high energy wave in a body when u r angry, biologically, a huge blood is pumped into body system. Eg. Fear, Happiness. This is shallow connection. Once you absorb information of a bad news from ears, ur brain calculates in nano-seconds, and flows that negative energy into your whole body system. So, awareness or mindfulness practice is very important to subdue their effects as a reaction from you.

Thermometer: Senses body temperature fluctuations.
Auto-Healing: In a both body and mental wound, they are auto-healing, but takes time and care. Our spirit knows the perfect balance, but a difference in information gap between mind and body of the spirit’s path, led to accidents sometime. A high energy goes to low energy location to balance your uniformity of your bodily energy.

Apart from 5 school taught senses, which also can do more than u think of.

Eye: not only to see, but to observe. It has power to your stability of mind and body. U can hardly stand on your one leg if you don’t concentrate your eye on one thing outside. But u will be more powerful if u can stand on one leg shutting eyes, it helps you to under your gyroscope existence and balances your mind n body.

If you keep practicing to exert on your such x-sensors, you will be very powerful and extra-ordinary than your colleagues in a month.

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