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Naive People from all over the world go first to take medicines “immediately” from chemist and visit doctors, who easily prescribe it. Even, patients are also addictive in nature that after paying a visit to doctor with a fee, if they don’t prescribe any medicine, patient assume that visited doctor is not a good one. It is also responsibility of a doctor that is the medicine necessary? On the other parts, the pharmaceutical companies billion dollars investment have bought hospitals, doctors to recommend their medicines. What a match up and patch up between all of them. We conspiracy theorists know the money game and game changing techniques.

Antigens are any foreign substance that are not of our body system that when enters into body system through any processes and dysfunctions a normal body. Antigens affect human body due to body’s low immune system, and/or the external factors like weather, when weather changes your bodily immune system dilates and antigens finds a suitable place to invade.Antibodies, also called immunoglobulins, Y-shaped molecules are proteins manufactured by the body that help fight against antigensAntigens can be bacteria, viruses, or fungi that cause infection and disease.

So, the question is, “Do We really need to consume antibiotics or any medicines?”
First the answer is “NO! most of the time”. Consume only when necessary. Reasons why you shouldn’t –
*Like in Fever, Cold, Cough, Small Cuts, Minor Injuries try to develop your own immune system and fight with it.
* Antigens
 naturally stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies inside a human body. Our body is a self-remedy producing biological machine, and let it work. If you feed from outside, then, one day, your body will think that it does not have to produce itself, then, lifelong you need to keep feeding yourself from mouth, IV plant.

Conclusion: External Medicine is not always necessary like food, air and water. Our body is a self-healing biological greatest machine. Sorry, Pharma-industry!

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