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In the World, I am one of the 7.6 billion people on Earth today at May 06, 2017. But, who am I? Today, i’m finding myself looking at the Mirror with the Third eye, The Wisdom’. The third eyes research and test the hypothesis based on the Scientific, Behavioral (Personal and Social Implications) and Knowledge (Rational).

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This assimilation of ‘I’, made a family, society, then, countries. Who is reading it? Who has gone to Job, school, met someone or plan, apply something. of course, the answer is me. But who am I? The answer is my body or my mind. Body is the follower of Mind. This non-physical, mystical mind operates body. My identity, existence and operates from the Respiration. No Respiration, there’s no ‘I’.

Scientifically, Air (oxygen) comes in to give you life (Generator) and enliven all your body cells. Oxygen operates bodily function (Operator) and Oxygen burns through the chemical oxidation reaction (Destroyer). So, this Respiration is GOD, god. Without respiration, there’s no ‘I’ or ‘Me’, here i bridge the religious true sense of God and science at the rational level in this educated society. Oxygen nourishes neurons and excite it, without oxygen neurons die.

Behaviorally, This incoming cold air from outside and outgoing warm air is the balance of temperature, this balance keeps the mind and body in condition. Unbalance of temperature, and unbalanced lungs pumping movement is the sign of the body that you are unbalanced due to Stress. Oxygen helps to people with dementia, memory retrieving process, helps from fatal driving accidents. Sleeping person breathes less oxygen and angry person consumes more oxygen. Observing oxygen helps awareness of mind to make proper decision. Oxygen helps in mindfulness, either u r boss, leader or employee.

Knowledge, This is the reason why the Buddha, Siddhartha, observed and aware of this respiration (in-coming and out-coming), led to achieve the enlightenment state of mind. Abhidhamma (the highest analysis of everything) appeared after enlightenment.

Conclusion:  When trouble or feeling lazy, just experience by taking deep breathing a bit fast and deep. Experience it.

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