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The belief in soul or Self and the Creator God, is so strongly rooted in the minds of many people that they cannot imagine why the Buddha did not accept these two issues which are indispensable to many religions. In fact some people got a shock or became nervous and tried to show their emotion when they heard that the Buddha rejected these two concepts.

All conditioned things are impermanent,
All conditioned things are Dukka — Suffering,
All conditioned or unconditioned things
are soulless or selfless. (Dhammapada 277, 278, 279)

According to Buddhism mind is nothing but a complex compound of fleeting mental states. One unit of consciousness consists of three phases — arising or genesis (uppada) static or development (thiti), and cessation or dissolution (bhanga). Immediately after the cessation stage of a thought moment there occurs the genesis stage of the subsequent thought-moment. Each momentary consciousness of this ever-changing life-process, on passing away, transmits its whole energy, all the indelibly recorded impressions to its successor. Every fresh consciousness consists of the potentialities of its predecessors together with something more. There is therefore, a continuous flow of consciousness like a stream without any interruption. The subsequent thought moment is neither absolutely the same as its predecessor — since that which goes to make it up is not identical — nor entirely another — being the same continuity of kamma energy. Here there is no identical being but there is an identity in process.

Birth is the arising of the psycho-physical phenomena. Death is merely the temporary end of a temporary phenomenon. Every moment there is birth, every moment there is death. The arising of one thought-moment means the passing away of another thought-moment and vice versa. In the course of one life-time there is momentary rebirth without a soul.

The Buddha said, “Oh, Bhikshu, every moment you are born, decay, and die.” He meant that in every moment, the illusion of “me” renews itself. Not only is nothing carried over from one life to the next; nothing is carried over from one moment to the next. This is not to say that “we” do not exist–but that there is no permanent, unchanging “me,” but rather that we are redefined in every moment by shifting, impermanent conditions.

Scientifically, it is known as ‘REFRESH RATE’ in a computer term. The refresh rate of a monitor or TV is the maximum number of times the image flicker on the screen by “drawing”, or refreshed, per second, an illusion to us that the image is static to our eye. Instead, the image is “redrawn” over and over on the screen so quickly (anywhere from 60, 75, or 85 to 100 times or more per second) that the human eye perceives it as a static image, or a smooth video, etc. Refresh rate is just simply a frequency.

Helicopter GIF
The best way to see the world at a different speed is to change how fast the brain can put frames together. Since we can’t exactly go poking around in people’s brains, using a mechanical eye—a camera with a variable shutter speed—is the next best thing. By matching a camera’s shutter speed to the rotation of a helicopter’s rotors, for example, you can make it look as if some giant, invisible child is playing with a toy:

If you get a car’s wheel spinning in sync with the frame rate, it can even look as though a car is gliding rather than rolling:

Car Sync

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  1. Arjun….good points.
    here is something I just read in Daisaku Ikeda’s 2018 peace proposal:
    ..”(it is)…a path that opens before any of us when we face reality head on, taking up some aspect of its weighty burdon and acting with persistence. Our capacity to overcome difficulties is unleashed as we turn anguish and concern into determination and action.”
    “……present circumstances are the VERY CONDITIONS ( my emphasis ) that will enable them to fulfill a unique mission.”



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