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DON’T SLEEP ! Wake up World
Listen to the jarring words of the world’s Big Brothers’ ideas, plan through so called ‘President’.

  1. Obama addressing Europe, Russia, March 26, 2014 “And for the international order, that we’ve worked for generations to build. Ordinary People are too small minded even to govern their own affairs, the order and progress only come from when individuals surrender their rights to all-powerful sovereign.
    Video Ref: Means Modern Slavery, be their low paying menial worker, don’t want you to expect much from them)
  2. George W. Bush – Presidential NEWS Conference, said,” Just in general, …that…umm..Money brings peace sometimes (takes huge sighs, jerky laughs)..These commercial interests are powerful interests throughout the world and part issue convince people to (provoke) put in sanctions in specific countries…
    Video Ref: it means: He used the word provoke but cut it out. To him war means money investment, profit gives them peace. Someone’s life is just a video war game to them.)
  3. Elites, Political Leaders, Bank heads, News & Media owners, big corporations are the business military industrial complex cartel.


  1. FB_IMG_153718045612541797684_1546477295498815_8887036029828071424_nFB_IMG_1537142607766

See the source imageImage may contain: 2 people, textSee the source imageSee the source image
“Nestlé Chairman: Water Not a Right, Should Be Given a ‘Market Value’ and Privatized.”

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image
LESSON: The health of a good heart depends upon your art of living. If you’ve lived helping others compassionately, you heart becomes light and you will breathe normally. If you keep on breathing normally in life, you heart’s life will grow longer.

Let’s Transplant our heart from uncompassionate to compassionate at the level of mind, body. Transplant your cruel heart to warm heart. Transplant your shutting heart to open heart.

See the source imageSee the source image41731751_1544195729060305_2013205206342303744_n41147370_1748987845198780_3180639980967952384_n








See the source image


Then, What we as a citizen can do?
Many people say be the resistance, but suggest you to transplant our heart from uncompassionate to compassionate. Let’s choose leader who has more qualities as below.

  1. Balanced Vigor
  2. Inspirational, Energizer
  3. Good look
  4. Philosophical: Leaders understand the dynamic beyond the world to connect the Metaphysical thinking and Material world.
  5. Forgiving Power
  6. Compassionate quality
  7. Good Judgement as Mediator: Most citizens appreciate the justice. Human relation expert and mental acumen to see the truth in darkness.
  8. Precepts acquired that citizens impress to acquire too
  9. Democratic: no dictatorship
  10. Donation: Whenever necessary, leaders should be able to give everything for his/her  citizens.

choose the proper leader.

Remember world war 3 is not essential.

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