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For 12 years, Inquisitive humans and god realms have discussed what is the auspicious in this world, but no satisfactory thoroughly answer were given by anyone. But ultimately, everyone decided to request the most exalted, enlightened and unsurpassed one, the Buddha.

Thus have I heard. On one occasion the Exalted One was dwelling at Anathapindika’s monastery, in Jeta’s Grove, near Savatthi. Now when the night was far spent, a certain deity whose surpassing splendor illuminated the entire Jeta Grove, came to the presence of the Exalted One and, drawing near, respectfully saluted him and stood at one side. Standing thus, he addressed the Exalted One in verse trans. in english as below:

Not to Associate with Fools, Associate with Wise.
Honor, the Worthy Ones. Thus, is Auspicious.

Dwell in a suitable Locality. Graceful with Past Merits.
Set oneself in the Right Path. Thus, is Auspicious.

Listen Everything, Be Skillful, Well-learned Disciplined,
Speak Pleasantly. Thus, is Auspicious.

Be custodian to One’s Parents.
Cherish Wife and Children. Thus, is Auspicious.

Do Generous Donation, Righteous in Precepts, Keep Brothers and Relatives,
Act Blamelessly. Thus, is Auspicious.

Acquit Bodily, Speech and Mental defilement, Stop Intoxicating &
Aware & Steadfast in Universal Welfare Law Intelligently. Thus, is Auspicious.

Pay Homage, Be Humble, Stay Pacified, Display Gratitude &
Timely Listen to Buddha’s Words. Thus, is Auspicious.

Practice Forbearance, Be Obedient and Pay visit to Impartial Ones
& Often Discourse the Buddha’s words. Thus, is Auspicious.

Practice Austerity, Abide Sensuality Precepts, Realize the Four Noble Truths insight,
Attaining Enlightenment. Thus, is Auspicious.

Benefits & Loss, Fame & ill Reputation, Praise & Criticism, Happiness & Sadness.
This Eight worldly vagary Affairs should not shake Mind; Stay without Afflictions;
Not to Engage on Greed, Hate and Ignorance; Be Intrepid.
Thus, is Auspicious.

Those who act in this way
Are invincible in all circumstance,
And establish in happiness everywhere,
These are the Highest or Greatest or Supremely Auspicious.


Schematically listed the above phases are:

  1. The Preparation:
    1. Laying the right foundation through
    2. Right planning:
    3. Right training:
  2. Wayfaring in the world:
    1. Basic responsibilities:
    2. Social obligations:
    3. Self-protection:
    4. Conservation of personal progress:
    5. Cultivation of higher qualities:
  3. Spiritual growth:
    1. Spiritual eligibility:
    2. Contact with religious life:
    3. On the path:
    4. The fruit:
  4. The conclusion of life:
    1. Perfect invincibility of the person
    2. Durable happiness.

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  1. Arjun, They are words of wisdom, no doubt. There will be live telecasts of Mr Fudoka’s ( vice study department chief SGI) lecture at Kikan Saturday & Sunday- 2 sessions –1030 am and 0230 pm. He is lecturing someplace in India. Be a great opportunity, Arjun.


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