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Learn How to recover oneself and Protect all the time.

Mind wandering is our brain’s most natural state. Some painful byproducts are Hallucinations, Schizophrenic, Psychedelics, Negative Emotions all appear from the convolutions of initial wrong view threads that complicates our mind. We complicate our life, and in all starts with a mind games we play with our friends, relatives in order to cheat someone with a fake information or ideas we create in ourselves to dupe others for the sake of Pride, Money, Fear of failure, hunger for success or any revenge.

As the late neurologist Oliver Sacks writes in Hallucinations, “Anyone with a visually monotonous task is susceptible to hallucinations. (similarly, auditory monotony may lead to auditory hallucinations.)

What is the medicine to mind? The only solution is to stay true to yourself of what you are in all situations. Do conversation, talk about problems mildly softly, and don’t follow the monotonous task or timeline. Chill out trekking, Help poor people and learn to be happy in others’ happiness, if you made a mistake- simply speak truth, make a clear decision either yes or no from the heart’s voice. Talk to your children what mental feelings, emotions they are passing on, listen to them, try to dig the depth of their mind and help them relieve. The dialogue and conversation is the process of relieving the mental pain or anything that got stuck in their mind. Don’t repeat the same task all the time. Do different, varied things. Help others in Streets, Kitchen, smell the cooked foods. Play football or any other games. Laugh a lot, smile every time. Don’t overthink. Just Relax, and Chill. Leave a place or people that is too much pressurized. Do Running, Drink a lot of water, Eat Vegetables. Take a deep breathe, if necessary take hard breathing. Talk about your problem with strangers, seek their kind, genuine, positive suggestions.

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