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The word swayambhu has a deeper meaning, so please do not use ‘MONKEY TEMPLE’ in publication. I’m against it. The rephrasing diffuses the true meaning that oust general human being from reaching to the truth to their potential, understanding of self, yourself.

Legend says that once the Kathmandu valley was a lake in which Swayambhu hill existed as an island. On top of that hill stood a natural crystal stupa.

Swayambhu, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, goes back to ancient times. The earliest written record of the Great Stupa of Swayambhu is a 5th century stone inscription. Honored by kings, monks, and pilgrims alike, the stupa has been restored and repaired on numerous occasions. In 1349 it was damaged by an invading Muslim army and later repaired by King Saktimalle Bhalloka. In 1505, the yogin Sangye Gyaltsen added the wheel and spire to the stupa’s dome. In 1614 the 6th Shamarpa had shrines built into the stupa in the four cardinal directions.

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  1. Arjun sir,

    Thank you for posting information about Swayambhu. I was just visiting there recently with my wife and our elderly friend from Cambodia. A hard climb for him but enjoyable once we reached the top. They were having a Near festival during our visit. Speaking of monkeys (banda) my humble opinion is that the banda should be put in cages and removed to the jungle where they could be in their natural habitat and not the tourist attraction which is an insult to Nepal. Our “cleanup” campaign- wholely symbolic- revealed a centuries -long deposit of refuse – another insult. But enough of my ranting ha ha Girish is returning to Kathmandu in a week or so and expressed a desire to meet with you during his stay. Take care Arjun.

    Paul Ostrowski lazimpat


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