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2600 years ago, the greatest man on Earth, the enlightened one, the Buddha, was asked a very normal but important question during his parinirbanna time that after him. Here, for the highest level of education he had been teaching for 45 years on Earth as a path guider to the human, gods. The question was, ‘who will be lead education?’.

As important as question itself, the answer the buddha gave is unique, trustworthy, reliable one, where no one can apply any dictator, authoritative, abusive intent from any general human. The buddha replied, ‘the education buddha taught will be your guider’. If you are deep thinker, imagine what the greatest lessons he taught human being.

2600 years ago, the pali word, ‘sasana’ which buddha taught by translation exactly as ‘education’. Today, after 2600 years of buddha’s enlightenment, the sasana word meaning has changed to ‘rule over’. Today, all countries use constitution as ‘rule over by’. But 2600 years ago, it was the education that was supposed to rule over and the rule over also by the Buddha’s teachings where the path is still very clear and distinct.

Therefore, i personally do not like the word constitution, i prefer sasana or education. Because education has to rule the life, not by constitution. Constitution should be the education that highlights, empowers general public about what is the right and what is the wrong?

Dictator politicians breed when they themselves do not know what is the true guidance for the correct form of ruling. In the midst of human diversity, true politicians should have a Right solutions. If they do not know what is right, better leave the office voluntarily now.

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