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Before industrial period, during the agrarian age, everyone was at least dependent upon their own labor, their feat and toil for each family in their agro-field. Even though, there was always an economy, but no slavery as we in the modern world. An unseen slavery with no higher purpose than just survival. Someone is afraid of the power of mind- a human capacity if it is allowed to access the pinnacle of what a human wishes or desires. This world is not a market.

As far as the world has seen the globalization, it has only increased poverty or threatened more on their integrity, and socio-economic stability. Humans are made to buy things, rather than continue to produce their own food. More and more countries, villagers are engulfed to be a part of slavery in the name of globalization. Prices are intentionally hiked up to rob poor people. It is the poorest of poor people, who are entitled to work for them without you know you are their slaves.

The word executives, supervisor, managers, expert are just a bit refined title provisioned to slaves. People with miniature mind struggle to be managers, which one day when they realize it, they will be ashamed to their such small, futile desires.

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