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Nepal lost to British, not with India through the historic Sugauli Treaty of 1815. British left india long ago, so they should submit dominated regions belonging to Nepal in their reign in India. At the time of greater Nepal Western part of India and Eastern part of India such as Darjeeling, Sikkim etc places were attached to greater Nepal. To the south, all areas above the ganges river belong to Nepal. Still to the North West, there’s a place called Kiratpur where Kirati’s ruled once. So, it is all clear that it all belongs to Nepal.

Current Nepali politicians’ are not true nationalist, because nepal doesn’t belong to them ancestrally so they have not affection towards Nepali land. They have landed in Nepal from India. However, china is very clear with Nepal.

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Posted December 9, 2019 by arjunlimbu in Uncategorized

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  1. Good point Arjun…..I, myself feel that some of these issues should be the perview of the United Nations. It is unjust for powerful Nations, such as India, China, and the United States to do whatever they please on the world stage.

    We are in Yakima Washington -. getting situated in this new environment ha ha quite a change from warm sunny Nepal!


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