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The emotion is ineffable, in other words – inexpressible, only the experience can describe it to them fullest. In other sense, only the Buddha understands Buddha. This is the pinnacle of the evolution of consciousness by mankind. The greatest people in history have attained this level, such as Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus. Here, the body becomes recognized as a tool to project consciousness. One’s existence becomes all-encompassing and transcends time and space. The process is described as pure consciousness. The life view here is simply ‘Is‘. As we achieve our highest potential and live our best life, we should strive for the highest possible level of enlightenment.

A simple way to raise your vibration is to be with people who are already at a higher vibration. When you associate with people on a low vibration, they try to drag you down to their level, and when you associate with people with a higher vibration, they raise you to their level.

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