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There are many hundreds and thousands of words, sentences, or even motivation life guide books in this world in PDF.

A mentorship is very important because when you need an answer in life while you find a question in every moment of life you stumble upon on decision making. Your books cannot answer all and writer cannot write up all and all books cannot over all the context of life disposition and predicaments because the story of life is very different at different times of a year. It is this reason, you need a live human being to help you out. In modern terms, we call them a mentor.

We do not need a role model because we do not wish to become a photocopy. We need a mentor who can help us to reshape ourselves in my own design. It is not a design of others. It is my life and i would like to an architect of my life. It is just that i need help from mentor to think differently to my progressing design where i stumble. Every stumble is a milestone. When you read many books, your answers may be in another book.

Who can be your mentors?

  1. If you have someone who knows or have been watching you well for a period of sometime, or search someone you have been a long friendship with and have cooperated to each other, respected each other for a longer period time will be a good mentor, no matter friends, wife, husband, son, brother, sister.
  2. If someone who have accomplished.
  3. If someone with a wisdom, even if one is neither accomplished nor know you well.
  4. The most important thing is that meditate to find an answer because you are the store house of everything. Buddha says you are your own master.

Even though you may know the answer, but still there is nothing wrong in asking the answers sometimes because our mind eludes us with forgetful.


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