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The Kirant Mundhum Religion also known as the Kitati Mundhum and is the religion of the Kirat people of Nepal.

According to some scholars, such as Tom Woodhatch, it consists, encapsulates of all animism, ancestor worship, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Mundhum or Kiranti Veda (also known as Peylan) is the religious scripture and folk literature of the Kirat people of Nepal and is central to Kirat Mundhum. Mundhum means “the power of great strength” in the Kirati languages. The Mundhum covers many aspects of the Kirat culture, customs and traditions that existed before Vedic civilization in South Asia.

The Mundhum for each tribe consists of customs, habits, rituals, traditions, and myths passed down from the Kirati tribe’s ancestors. The Mundhum also distinguishes each Kiranti tribe from other Kiranti and non-Kirantis as well.

In the Kirant Mundhum Religion the mundhum is organized into two parts — Thungsap and Peysap.

The Mundhum extends beyond religion, serving as a guide for culture, ritual and social values. Mundhum is written in ancient Kiranti languages and versions vary amongst the various Kirat tribes, serving as each tribe’s distinctive culture. It also frames their social identity and unity in relation to other tribes and peoples.

The Thungsap Mundhum is the original part and was originally passed down orally prior to the art of writing. It is referred to as the oral Mundhum in books. It was an epic recited in songs by the learned Sambas or poets. The Kirat priests in the beginning were called the Sambas where, Sam means song and, Ba means the one who (male) knows the Song or Sam.

In the Kirant Mundhum Religion the Peysap Mundhum is a written book about religion. It is divided into four parts. They are the Soksok Mundhum, Yehang Mundhum, Sapji Mundhum and Sap Mundhum. The Soksok Mundhum contains the stories of creation of the universe, the beginning of mankind, the cause and effect of the sins, the creation of evil spirits, such as the evil spirits of Envy, Jealousy and Anger and the cause and effect of death in childhood.

The Yehang Mundhum contains the story of the first leader of mankind who made laws for the sake of improvement of human beings from the stage of animal life to the enlightened life and ways to control them by giving philosophy on spiritualism.

The Sapji Mudhum states the spirits are of two classes: the Good Spirit and the Bad Spirit. As the Kirat people in the beginning were rationalistic idolaters, they neither had temples, altars nor images, conceiving that none of these was necessary, but that the God resided in light and fire.

They worshiped spirits whom they believe to be the residents of fire and the sun. The Good Spirit, The Bad Spirit, The Inspiring Spirit, The Tantric Feat in Kirat Mundhum, The Spirit of Envy and Jealousy

Mundhum is a spiritual, rhythmic and shamanic form of scripture. Mundhum rituals and teachings are only used and performed by a Kirat religious master or shamanic guru of Kirant.

The supreme deity Tagera Nyingmaphuma.

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We each have something approaching 100 billion nerve cells – neurons – in the human brain (more than the number of stars in the Milky Way). Each of them can be connected directly with maybe 10,000 others, totaling some 100 trillion nerve connections. The almost instantaneous transmission of electrical impulses from one region of the body to another along specialized nerve cells called neurons.

Our Brain weighing in an average about three pounds, is a complex biological computer hardware, capable of far superior inherent ability. The brain and spine are vital to keep the body alive and functioning.  Everything we do depends on the messages (nerve impulses) that are sent from the brain, along the spinal cord and on to the rest of the body.  The brain is made up of as many as 100 billion neurons or brain cells but only weighs 3 pounds.  It contains billions of nerve cells or neurons, and it coordinates thought, emotion, behavior, movement and sensation. It is surrounded by a fluid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The main functions of CSF are to protect the brain (it acts as a shock absorber), to carry nutrients to the brain and remove waste from it. It is an energy-intensive organ, making up around 2 percent of a person’s weight but using a huge 20 percent of the body’s energy.

 Science has understood our brain into hemisphere brain system, anatomical brain, behavioral and nervous brain system.

1. Hemisphere Brain System

The left and right sides of the brain are interconnected by a great number of nerve fibers. In a healthy brain, the two sides communicate with one another. According to the left brain vs. right brain system, their dominant active brain determines their personality, thoughts, and behavior. 

        Left-Brained people are said to be more:                  Right-Brained people are said to be more:

  • Language                                                                 • Creative
  • analytical                                                                 • Emotion
  • logical                                                                        • Imaginative
  • detail- and fact-oriented                                   • free-thinking
  • numerical                                                                 • Intuitive
  • likely to think in words                                      • Deep Brain     
  • Alcohol shuts this brain                                     • Imagery comprehension           

The corpus callosum is composed of 200 million axons (nerve fibers) that allows the two sides of your brain to communicate and create a useful view of the world. An intelligent person has a very good use of corpus callosum. It has a bundle of neural wires like a computer data transfer wire. It transfers motor, sensory and cognitive information between two hemispheres. The corpus callosum is the largest collection of white matter within the brain, and it has a high myelin content. Myelin is a fatty, protective coating around nerves that facilitates quicker transmission of information. White matter should not be confused with gray matter. The brain uses gray matter for computation, thinking, memory storage, and more. White matter, like the corpus callosum, allows different parts of the brain to communicate with each other. Myelin sheath is a biological hardware that is added to improve data transfer.

2. Behavioral Brain System

THINKING BRAIN (NEO-CORTEX): NEO Brain, is the most advanced, analyzing progressive brain and each time we challenge our thinking brain to understand why we feel upset, we also become smarter in the way we act and respond to stress. Each coping success brings greater confidence that tells us we can get over our next upset more easily. It gives a known and name of what emotional experience. The neocortex first assumed importance in primates and culminated in the human brain with its two large cerebral hemispheres that play such a dominant role. These hemispheres have been responsible for the development of human language, abstract thought, imagination, and consciousness. The neocortex is flexible and has almost infinite learning abilities. The neocortex is also what has enabled human cultures to             develop. The evolutionary expansion of the cerebral cortex, indeed, is among the most distinctive morphological features of mammalian brains.

EMOTIONAL BRAIN (Mammalian Brain):

EMO Brain is a feeling brain, small in size, but very important into emotional attachments to others. Compassion, Forgiveness stands here.  We need EMO brain to our judgement, attitude, preferences. The limbic brain emerged in the first mammals. It can record memories of behaviours that produced agreeable and disagreeable experiences, so it is responsible for what are called emotions in human beings. The main structures of the limbic brain are the hippocampus, the amygdala, and the hypothalamus. The limbic brain is the seat of the value judgments that we make, often unconsciously, that exert such a strong influence on our behaviour. It gives a taste of life.

REPTILIAN BRAIN (SURVIVAL Brain):  REP Brain is a primitive, powerful reactive, naturally responsive brain structure and present in all forms of life reptiles, mammals, even in human. The reptilian brain, the oldest of the three, controls the body’s vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance. Our reptilian brain includes the main structures found in a reptile’s brain: the brainstem and the cerebellum. Without it, we would not survive. To a threat, it’s instinctive nature, always decides to fight or take a flight, a very survival brain. The primal brain is also in charge of, what are often referred to as: Feeding, Fighting, Fleeing, and Reproduction. Notable behavior patterns include defense of self, family, and personal property, physical communication, and socially approved actions, such as handshakes, head nods, and bowing. The term, ‘reptilian brain’ (or ‘reptilian complex’) is derived from a longstanding belief within the field of neuroanatomy that the forebrains of reptiles, and other small animals, were dominated by these structures. Paul MacLean suggested, within the Triune brain model, that the basal ganglia and a number of the surrounding structures within the base of the forebrain are responsible for ‘species typical’ behaviors, which are present in aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritual displays. We might not be living in the same world as primitive man, but we are still met with threatening and potentially dangerous situations. The brainstem is responsible for keeping us safe now, as it was for early man. The health and functioning of this brain region largely determine our ability to detect and respond to threats. At the most basic level, the brainstem helps us identify familiar and unfamiliar things. Familiar things are usually seen as safe and preferable, while unfamiliar things are treated with suspicion until we have assessed them and the context in which they appear. For this reason, designers, advertisers, and anyone else involved in selling products tend to use familiarity as a means of evoking positive emotions.  One of the major functions of the primal brain is to help us distinguish between threatening and non-threatening stimuli. At its most basic form, this function is represented in our ability to distinguish between familiar objects, things, people, scenarios, etc. and unfamiliar objects, etc. immediately. Designing according to the primal brain can encompass all of the basic drives we have, but one of the most effective ways of targeting the primal brain is to make new things seem familiar.

3. General Anatomy Of Brain

The hemispheres of the brain are divided into four lobes: the frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes. 

The Frontal lobe governs our personality, character and behaviour. The frontal lobes control thinking, problem solving, planning, short-term memory and movement. It is where we control our body movement and how we express ourselves. This part of the brain allows us to speak. It is also where we solve problems and do most of our learning. It allows us to organise and plan.

The Occipital lobe receives messages from the eyes and recognises shapes, colours and objects. This bit of the brain allows you to tell the difference between a square and a triangle. It also controls your eye movements. The occipital lobes process images and link that information with images stored in memory.

The Parietal lobe gives you a sense of ‘me’. It figures out the messages you receive from the five senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. This part of the brain tells you what is part of the body and what is part of the outside world. The parietal lobes interpret sensory information, like taste, touch, temperature etc.

You have two Temporal lobes, one behind each ear. They receive and processes incoming messages from the ears so that you can recognize it. This part of the brain also recognizes speech and is how you understand what someone says to you. It also helps your sense of smell. Your short-term memory is also kept here. 

The Cerebellum sits at the back of the brain and controls your sense of balance, the motor function. This allows you to stand up, walk in a straight line, and know if you are standing up or sitting down.

The Brain stem controls your lungs and heart and blood pressure. It sits at the top of the spine and receives messages from the rest of the body. In some ways this is the most important part of the brain because it keeps you alive. Hurting this part of the brain is very serious. The brainstem is responsible for keeping us safe now, as it was for early man. At the most basic level, the brainstem helps us identify familiar and unfamiliar things. Familiar things are usually seen as safe and preferable, while unfamiliar things are treated with suspicion until we have assessed them and the context in which they appear. 

In Thalamus, there are lots of interesting things that go on in the very middle of the brain, which is made of smaller parts known as the limbic system. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland control things like your body temperature, how fast you grow and tells you when you are thirsty. The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus is the principal circadian pacemaker in the mammalian brain and, as such, it generates circadian rhythms in rest and activity, core body temperature, neuroendocrine function, autonomic function, memory and psychomotor performance, and a host of other behavioral and physiological processes. The SCN is the central player in an important neural system, the circadian timing system (CTS). 

4. The Nervous System

The brain is connected to the rest of the body via the spinal cord and the nerves. 

The central nervous system, together, the brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system. Messages (nerve impulses) from the brain travel along the spinal cord and control the activities of the body, such as the movement of the arms and legs, sensory functions like touch and temperature, and things we don’t think about that go on in the background, like the function of the organs.  The spine is made up of the backbone and the spinal cord. The backbone is made of vertebrae (spinal bones). Some of the muscles in the back-form part of the structure of the spine, to hold it all together. The spinal cord extends from the brain to the lumbar section of the spine. The backbone continues beyond the lumbar section to the coccyx (tail bone). Like the brain, the spinal cord is surrounded and protected by cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The dura mater (dura) is the tough, fibrous membrane which forms the outer covering of the brain and spinal cord and keeps the CSF in place. Different sections of the spinal cord are responsible for different movements and functions of the body.

The peripheral nervous system, Nerves branch out from the spinal cord through the dura and vertebrae and become part of the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is the network of nerves outside the central nervous system. It carries messages between the central nervous system and the rest of the body as Somatic Nervous system and Autonomic Nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is controlled mainly by the hypothalamus and is in turn divided into two sets of nerves: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Each of these two systems has a distinct anatomical location and communicates with its target organs through other neurons located in ganglia.

The Sympathetic nervous system goes into action to prepare the organism for physical or mental activity. When the organism faces a major stressor, it is the sympathetic nervous system that orchestrates the fightorflight response. It dilates the bronchi and the pupils, accelerates heart rate and respiration, and increases perspiration and arterial blood pressure, but reduces digestive activity. Two neurotransmitters are primarily associated with this system: epinephrine and norepinephrine.

The activation of the Parasympathetic nervous system causes a general slowdown in the body’s functions in order to conserve energy. Whatever was dilated, accelerated, or increased by the sympathetic nervous system is contracted, decelerated, or decreased by the parasympathetic nervous system. The only things that the parasympathetic nervous system augments are digestive functions and sexual appetite. One neurotransmitter is primarily associated with this system: acetylcholine.

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When a flower blooms, a bee comes for nectar, but a flower never asks to reimburse later. A flower doesn’t even remember it. A flower just does its job. A bee does its job. There is no business between them. The human species are the only species that does business in the name of humanity. Human need to rise above business.

i understand the language of a flowering plant. I can spend hours living in the garden. The plants are more intelligent than human beings. I listen to a flowing river, it is wonderful. I feel to the wind, even though, i cannot see it. Nature never does business, they just exchange to each other whatever they have. They just keep giving rather than holding. It is a law of nature, nothing is Soul quality in this world. Nothing is in your control but seems it is in your control.

We always want something in return. We are not service-oriented, we are reimbursement oriented. As long as one complains about unmet expectations, one’s human service is not true human service. I understand you are still a normal human. It needs regular practice. A practice to kill your ego. Your ego is larger than you like a huge demon. Your ego is stronger, harder than a diamond’s strength. Learn to help other with no expectations in return – Don’t do business in humanity acts.

Never put the price of your human service, because it is priceless. Boddhisattvas just serve people for their happiness only. In their happiness, Boddhisattvas remain happy. True humans are the Boddhisattva of the Earth. Our purpose is to serve human only. Buddha says, ‘dan dadantu saddaya’. = donate with shraddha’. i know it is difficult to practice and you cannot understand the infinite Sympathetic joy of Buddha.

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Dance here this way as if no one is watching you. Dance here this way as if everyone is watching you and you are the centerpiece today. Whatever just dance, don’t stop your wanting, if you cannot stay independent as a witness. Do not pressure it, release it. Laugh here to the fullest from deep inside. Empty yourself by laughter. Cry here to the fullest from deep inside. Empty yourself through the flow of tears. Pray without a doubt to the fullest and empty all your desires. Meditate to empty all your sounds and noises. Forget this world truth, because you cannot bear the truth. When you cannot control small anger, how can you face the noble truth?

Better keep yourself oscillating in life between here and there. Rotate like a clock. between this and that, compare and contrast, in order to live a life of totality by experiencing everything and attain finally a stable condition by understanding the rule of nature. Bring a conclusion about life. Let your conclusion be a lesson to your children or to the upcoming generation.

But I know, the new generation will never listen to you because you didn’t listen to your parents. Now, they also want to experience firsthand by themselves. and don’t try to be their teachers, preachers. Let them explore this world through experience because the experience is the ultimate effective knowledge. Allow them to experience in order to celebrate this life.

Work here like the way you breathe. Smile as if you have achieved everything here. Enjoy as if you’ve won a battle. Celebrate here on earth. Sing here, dance here, cry here, a smile here. whatever just express here, do not hide in your heart. Be carefree, even if a glass is broken or a heart.

Singers are singing; Workers are working; Farmers are farming; Couple lovers are loving in a beautiful garden of dreams; Leaders are leading a society; Devotees are praying in a temple. But I’m singing in silence be silent to hear it – it is the most beautiful song. To know my work of patience, stay silent. Be silent to see construction, you will see my empire of khanti (forbearance), be silent to taste the fruit of in my farming, Silence is my temple with no door, windows so huge room, be silent to become a member of my society, Silence is the leader in our society.

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This article covers to prove that Siddhartha Gautam Buddha was the native, indigenous people of Nepal, especially belonging to the Kirat dynasty.

  1. He got married with her cousin. Marrying a cousin is a tradition only available in some group of Kirat dynasty like gurung community etc.
  2. His skin tone is brown, which is kirati skin. So called brahmins have come from caucaus originally.

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ordinary to xtra   Leave a comment

Ordinary people cannot observe the ‘extra’. Extra ordinaries have a wider, deeper, multi-view perspectives. From ordinary to extraordinary is a spiritual journey, a voyage from known to unknown, from stable to unstable zones. imperfection to perfection, soul to soullessness, solidity to transformative formlessness, sound to soundlessness, dimension to dimensionless, self to there is no self, a resolution to complete dissolution like the way a river completely dissolute its identity into the ocean, dissolve here to resolve. An identity of a rustling river sound is an ego. The compassion of an ocean dissolves his ego for his welfare.

Ordinary people are fixed, liberals are universals. A seed cannot grow in fixed, it needs universal space. So, open your heart, open your mind. You can generate, operate, and destroy, you are the god, just you need to look inside of yourself. You have caged yourself within you. Now, look out to your vastness, immenseness, and infiniteness. Open your heart. You can gift love to yourself, you can give poison to yourself.

Singers are singing; Workers are working; Farmers are farming; Lovers are loving in a beautiful garden of dreams; Leaders are leading a society; Devotees are praying in a temple. But I’m singing in silence be silent to hear it – it is the most beautiful song. Tto know my work of patience, stay silent. Be silent to see construction, you will see my empire of khanti (forbearance), be silent to taste the fruit of in my farming, Silence is my temple with no door, windows so huge room, be silent to become a member of my society, Silence is the leader in our society.

The world is connected to each other with its element at so many levels. No one is separated. Vipassana is a meditation to separate us, remain disconnected while the body is here. It is a solitary journey in the spiritual path. Every meditator experiences different because they are living isolated in the spiritual path. But their destination is the same, all coming towards one point. All will reach in the pinnacle perfectly because there is no language that delimits, there are no words that explain a limited, narrow view. The language in meditation is a universal language, diverse meaning, direct meaning, a language that is common to all living in the inner world, but a very complex language in the outer world, that is silence.

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Rise above yourself- Chapter 19

World needs more equatable distribution of food than temples, more scientific schools than blind faith temples, more meditation halls than temples, more medicine than temples, more home for homeless people than temples. Stop constructing temples, churches, synagogue, gurudwar, anymore. In times of Buddha, about 2500 years earlier, there was no concept of temple. Once the generous and having true faith in the words of buddha, they developed a vihar to establish the buddha to live around in a place and serve the wisdom to the welfare and benefit to more. Later Buddha also encouraged to keep the bones of Arahant as Chaitya in order to increase faith and punya of ordinary householders.

Later, a false temple concept was conceptualized as a copy of vihara, and its education also deformed in the name of religion. In the World census record bureau must stop taking the religions data. Census was taken with a purpose to fulfill any disparity in order to keep its citizens’ economic and socio-political stability. I see there is absolutely no use of this data collection. There is no stamp in the forehead of which following a particular religion. Religion is a human quality that is being displayed in his behavior, which everytime keeps changing moment by moment. The nation already has a constitution that protects or punishes according to one’s behavior. The religious temple is nothing but the door to your mind where it overwhelms into outer sphere life as behavior.

Til there are blind faith follower of temples, Churches, synagogues, gurudwars, there will always be soul who feed on social fear energy. They have always created war, disparity, economic crisis, and brought up young as ignorants. They were supposed to give money to poor, give food to poor, give house to homeless, educate to poor, give motivation to feared ones, teach equanimity to unstable mind.You fear with God? To one with whom you fear, there is never a chance a love can ever grow.

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Image may contain: 1 person, standing, text that says 'STEVE JOBS' TOP 10 RULES FOR SUCCESS DON'T LIVE A LIMITED LIFE HAVE PASSION 3. DESIGN FOR YOURSELF DON'T SELL CRAP 5.BUILD A GREAT TEAM DON'T DO IT FOR THE MONEY 7.BUILD AROUND CUSTOMERS 8. MARKETING IS ABOUT VALUES PROUD OF YOUR PRODUCTS 10. STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH Instagram: @bfradys'Image may contain: 1 person, suit, text that says 'Tony Robbins's 10 Rules For Success 1. Raise Your Standards 2. Be Truly Fulfilled 3. Progress Equals Happiness 4. Love Your Customers 5. Add Value 6. Have An Exit Strategy 7. Be Resourceful 8. Pay Attention To The Little Things 9. Look For Leverage 10. Change Your Mindset'Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'HOW TO BE LESS TIRED #1: DRINK MORE WATER #2: EAT BREAKFAST IN THE MORNING #3: EAT SMALLER MEALS MORE FREQUENTLY #4: GET SOME VITAMIN D THROUGH THE SUN #5: EXERCISE MORE OFTEN #6: LIMIT YOUR CAFFEINE INTAKE #7: TAKE 20 MIN. NAPS #8: DEAL WITH STRESS CONSUME FIBER'Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'JACK MA'S 10 RULES 1. Learn from the mistakes of others 2. Focus on quality, not size 3. Be the first Prepare for the future 5. Respect your competitors See challenges as opportunities .#Believe 8. Surround yourself with greatness Live healthy 10.Have fun'Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Sachin Tendulkar' 10 Rules For Success 1. Chase your dreams. 2 Have confidence. 3 Be a good person first. Compete hard and with respect. 5 Always be prepared 6 Don't give up. 7. Execute your plans. 8. Follow the right path. 9 Be a team player 10 Become a legend. GEERS "DOUBLE TAP" IFYOU AGREE WITH THIS'Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Jeff Bezos's 10 Rules For Success Take bold bets 2. Step ferociously 3. Earn good reputation 4. Take action 5. Find work life harmony 6. Execute your dea 7. Have role models Do what you love 9. Be a team player 10. Think long-term term NSTAGRAM@BUSINESSMINDSET1'Image may contain: 1 person, text that says '1. ELON MUSK IG @FutureSuccessors things aren't failing you' not innovating enough 2. Great companies are built on greatproducts 3. Constantly think how you can do things better 4. you need inspiring words, don'tdo it 5. Pursue what you're passionate about 6. Life is too short for long term grudges .It's important to like your coworkers 8.Ordinary people can be extraordinary 9. Don't afraid of new arenas 10. You have to be pretty driven to make it happen 11.Persistence is very important 12. Most people can learn a lot more than they think they can'
Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, text that says 'Jackie Chan Top 10 Rules For Success 1. Be yourself. 2. Do it your own way. 3. Learn from your audience. Work hard. 5 Do it while you are young. 6. It's not all about the money 7. Be different 8. Do the best you can. 9. Keep your promises. 10. Have mentors "DOUBLE TAP IF YOU AGREE WITH THIS ACHIEVERSMINDSET.CO'

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Prosperity   Leave a comment

Rise above yourself- Chapter 17

Prosperity and Peace comes from psycho-revolution only. In thought everything is created and destroyed. Revolution is being covered, hidden deep in thought. Today It is living only in hope, hope of possibility, dreams of a beautiful future. Hope is a breathing enough to survive only. This hope seed needs nutrients of positive thinking, actions and right views. In a sluggish society and very intelligent society, there is no revolution. Only in a progressive society, an existence of a revolution is possible because a revolution comes with conflicting ideas. Conflicting ideas always broadens, expands a circle of understanding from common towards uncommon, from unknown towards known, from false to truth, from failure towards success, from unreasonable towards rationality, from slavery to intelligent being, from verbatim towards silence. Overall, it helps you to grow and growth is certainly painful, such change is certainly sorrowful. It is sorrowful because human wants drastic changes in unchanging attitude and actions.

i see here there is no meaning to remember about history, culture, religion, race, sovereignity because difference has always brought a destruction to humanity. Human can’t comprehend that the differences is the diversity and diversity is our richness. Richness is colorful vibrant life. Separation has done always unbalanced the overall humanity. Your such attitude have damaged, insecured you. All human on Earth need to watch oneself in mirror. Everyone should chipped off all unwholesome properties. Everyone needs open-mind. Everyone has shut themselves from inside. All created a high wall boundary wall, neither they come out nor they allow others to enter. Until such separation is there, the conflict never ends here. Business sucks money from poor. Temple sucks money from poor. Government sucks money from poor. Thief sucks money from poor. Poor are only who get money from his blood and sweat.

Gratitude and Forgiveness are the essential human Noble quality pillars of the peace for balance between the heart and thought. Frail societies are the ruthless, harmful societies who leaves these virtuous, noble practices and nourishes only the egotism. Strong societies are compassionate societies. Retrospectively, Frail societies seem strong society. Frail societies live in a fear and selfish, while compassionate societies exists in peace and understanding. The world is a greater need of a forgiveness and gratitudeness than ever, and forget histories to be progressive. The world needs patience because reaction has never appeased the cruelty.

No god in heaven who will come to rescue you. Human has always faced desparation, historically never once god came to rescue. Rather you become a God and help a destitutes. Give food, shelter, clothings because 99 % poor prays to god for these things. You can Generate (G), Operate (O) and destroy (D).It is a great opportunity to become a GOD on earth. It is a great opportunity to fill the donation parami. On earth, we have to help each other here. One human should help other. One human should forgive others.

One thing is for certain, until buddha’s education is streamlined in formal education, due to flourishness of idiotic masses the society will always be regressive. It disrupts progressive humanity. I have gone very far, hope you will follow step by step from skepticism to faith. I will be waiting you at next stop, if you follow right path, we can meet definitely. Open your mind – It is my religious gift to you. My friendship is for you only.

Lead a Dhamm Life to Understand Dhamma.

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