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May be this world is a prison, that’s why we always strive for enlightenment. Especially, when you r in a deep shit, u always desire to overcome suffering at least, right?

In any so called religions, i never like the “ism”, especially in the Buddhism- only the word Buddha is Perfect, that is inherent in all life forms, no matter what their origin, sex, color, or follow any sect. It is rather a Law of nature simply. Like, when anger arises, it creates a negative atmosphere in surrounding, and with happiness, it creates a peaceful ambience, and this ubiquitous law of nature pertains and pervades in all life. I’m not a blind faith, and believe only that transforms me into a better person at both logical and experiential level. A better person means to achieve the pinnacle of success or my virtues without harming others at least even living as earthly person because i need good fortune as well. To propagate a positive vibe is also to dispel the fundamental darkness, so i’m writing particularly this issue.

New York – Vipassana Acharya S. N. Goenka addressed the delegates to the Millennium World Peace Summit as they gathered in the United Nations General Assembly Hall today – first ever gathering of religious and spiritual leaders in the UN. Mr. Goenka’s speech, in the session entitled Conflict Transformation, focussed on the themes of religious harmony, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Mr. Goenka said, “Rather than converting people from one organized religion to another organized religion,we should try to convert people from misery to happiness, from bondage to liberation and from cruelty to compassion.”

In practicing Buddhism, i like both Vipassana Meditation as well as the Nichiren Daishonin (the Lotus Sutra). It is very truly expounded here that the 5 sense organs+mind are the primal sources  of the purification and pollution of an individual. Our sense organs- eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body receives/send information (evil or good emotional feelings) to/from brain and surrounding. It ultimately manifests a person of good and bad nature or transforming one’s virtues. This is the law of nature that every living are confined in.

The heart of the Buddha’s lifetime of teachings is the Lotus Sutra, which manifests in our behaviour and character, the most valuable treasurer as a human being. What matters most is one’s heart. The wonderful qualities and character as a person will even inspire and move the hearts of people who are not practicing this faith. It is rather a human thing than imaginative. So, Lesson is unless we change our behavior to good by experiencing a true state of peace and tranquility amidst continual struggle against evil.

Mr. Toda, Soka Gakkai says to youth that, “sometimes you’ll encounter situations where things don’t go as you would like. when that happens, voice constructive opinions. speak out confidently and articulate your views. Respect people of character and integrity, and stand up bravely to the high-handed and arrogant. That’s what youth need to do. some people become increasingly self-centered as they get older. often leaders grow lax and corrupt when they rise to high positions and there is no one around to guide or correct them. The leaders in our organization for kosen-rufu need to be exceptionally self-disciplined.”

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Do you like a War? of course, Not, but,

The “ever-ready” -USA, China and Russia countries are not afraid for the WW3 as they know they may not win,but they know with they can bear suffering and enjoy giving a worst suffering to each other. USA and Russia are two countries that instigates a war with their invisible presence in the name of dictatorship oppression or hedgemony happening in other countries.

In fact, these countries’ leaders are acting as dictatorship in place of peace process. The word “Democratic” or “Republic” doesn’t make any difference to public, as dictators always have been oppressing people in some way. In a nation, people diversity is very natural, however, they need to understand that “If u a group needs a space, then, so does other groups”.I want to know why MUSLIMS are targeted in media badly? When only 2% of crimes are conducted by them, where 98 % are others. U want to WW3 by instigating to attack US Soil by ARAB nations like the Pearl Harbour.

Winning by War is a Dictatorship, Win with Dialogue is a Peace Process- Arjun Limbu (that’s me). A peace process formula to all for now on wards-

Rule No. 1 : Each human holds a right to choose a religion. Do not force others to choose or reprimand others’ religion (Just follow what you like the best). Dialogue is better than war.

Rule No. 2 : Human wants to be like a Free bird flying in 3 dimensional atmosphere. So, let their inner dreams, desires and capacity to germinate.

Rule No.3: Human should value its virtue rather than anything. Everybody should understand it. It expounds the meaning of Helping others. Earning good Karma. Everything is weighed as good or bad. Financial interest makes life comfortable, doesn’t give happiness totally.

Rule No. 4: If there are ever occur WW3, there are 190 nations worldwide. All other nation should unite and start a dialogue against it because there’s no point of WW3. Only 3 people’s decision can not bring millions of human loss for no apparent human development. What have we gained from WW1 and WW2? Nothing but pains and sorrows. If there again ever be war, then, the front-liners should be President, Vice-presidents, Government administrators, then, Military leaders and then, Public. Will they be ready? it is easy to place others in front-line of a war. Display your prowess of forgiveness, empathy and compassion. Not in raging a war.

5. Few people that can be easily counted on finger tips (politicians, finance leaders etc..), their ego & greed make WW3. 99% public, normal people do not like war. Now, these people should wake up.

I just want to say, “People Wake Up”.


The ultimate truth is that “There is no real threat from each other. But, the fear hidden elusively inside in mind, will bring forth WW3”.

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“A third to half of doctor visits deal with musculoskeletal issues. They’re one of the most common health problems,” says Sharon Kolasinski, M.D., an associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Image result for joints

Now i’m 36 years old, I’ve never visited doctors. when i was a kid, i used to plug and play myself out in open spaces, won medals in school. when i was young, i went to physical exercises. one time i was depressed during graduation, i went to Yoga and did Joint Exercise that also changed my Life. In winter, i ride a bicycle to/from home/job to make bone exercise. I learnt secrets of Happiness and Productivity by Unlocking the Power in our Bone Joints section. So, learn to strengthen your Joints. i’m the promoter for JE.

Do joint exercise (JE) and Let me Know. It can be done easily in office desk, home, while driving, anywhere. It is all personal experiences, not adapted. Joints are the areas where two or more bones meet. Most joints are mobile, allowing the bones to move. Joints consist of the following: Cartilage. A type of tissue that covers the surface of a bone at a joint.

Image result for jointsImage result for jointsImage result for joints

First of all, Body parts stiffness is the beginning of locking body parts. It is natural that a first time born child has the most flexible body than any aged human. In later stages, it depends on how we use our body. In life, Human body is also made to articulate or move on bone joints for productivity. Certainly rigidity is bad for all. So how to unlock it?

While you do, let your mind be aware that your body’s each movement, this practice will also bind your mind and body. We do not wish to separate mind and body. Those separate thought processes unbalances people’s lifestyle, and delinquent normal activity that in long run into psychotic behavior, which this bind body work together is essential. When you are aware of mind and body together, you should feel immediately that you are living on present, right here, here and now. You order your brain to raise your left hand, think of fingers articulated to pick up tea cup, feel with your skin, hotness of tea, smell of coffee with nose, flexed arm while drinking. Be aware of what you order your brain, and notice your every physical body positions. Together of mind and body are most important. Self-Balancing in Yoga posture is a simple, effective method to amalgamate mind and body.

JE can be done in three positions: i) Sleeping ii) Standing iii)Sitting.
A good yoga teacher knows exactly how to do JE. Music is not necessary. Your mind needs to be fully aware and concentrated on every twists and turns of your body. Mind needs an attention on a little pain also while stretching body parts.Do Slowly, close your eyes (when possible), Breathing exercise breathe in (when your body do not contracts) and breathe out (when your body contracts).It stretches your muscle, cartilages, releases positive neuro-hormones needed by body because it unlocks everything. in an analogy, it is like squeezing the watery foam, water is a neuro-chemical to be released that is useful human.

Things to Remember.
-Human body is bilateral, so if you do left part, do right in same round and order.
– if you’ve any musculo-skeletal problems or pregnant, let you yoga teacher know prior.

-Push your Limit, a little bearable pain is alright and essential.

-After each session of JE, you must feel “Relaxation” and opened body joint experience.  Feeling of more alive, energy, proactive, aware of ‘now’, making good decision, higher productivity, brightness in your face, happiness.

-Keep drinking a glass of water every two hour, Eat only when you are hungry.

-Never use pillow to sleep, when u r depressed. if you are depressed, be upside down, ride a bicycle an hour long to hill top, drink 3 glass of bitter lemon water mixed with little salt, leave that place and go to new for few hours, do forceful nostril breathing.Image result for jointsImage result for joints

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We want most capacities of children with general mode of teaching.
is there no other way?

Children have capacities or intelligence differently or may have multiple intelligence (having two or more talents), which each kid catches few subjects brightly, where they might find the meaning of life- a fine tuning (enhancement) or bolstering is necessary to activate the dominant state of intelligence. Since we do not know, which child is intelligent in which subjects, therefore, we’ve been giving a general mode of teaching. But, is it enough?

Teaching Intelligently (TI) is a transfer of knowledge, a form of communication that enables to use Both sides of Brain together to understand a subject. This is a central core theme of Teaching Intelligently or Learning Creatively. It is understood that Left Brain (logical Brain-logic, maths, analysis, true/false, language, profit/loss etc.) and Right Brain (Experiential Brain-Feeling, Emotion, Imagination etc.).

TI strongly focuses on Internalization Process (IP) – unless we really take it inside, we hardly understand a subject matter. So how a tutor may help any category of students in IP protocol. It may start from a building a Trust by a student in a physical appearance, smiling nature, constant messages (like you can do it, very good, you are doing better than yesterday). “Seeing is Believing“, so IP focus on actual Visualization-our teaching should be like watching a movie in students’ mind while teaching, which gets stored in their mind permanently. Image/ Pattern formation is very important.

IP Methods: exploits to use both sides of Brain
1. All Sensory Use: Information transmit through our 5 senses. Use as much possible ways. For ex. Trigonometry lesson of Sine, cosine: you can actually calculate angle, height, hypotenuse of sun.
2. Reflective Learning: Always spent each night in Recalling what we learnt so far. Relate teachings at Personal level. Reflect at much detail as possible. It is the most important of all. Appreciation while improving and giving feedback to students are most important. What is the new things you’ve learned today? What’s new skills have i learned today? What’s new things i’ve given to others? What have you missed today? What do you want to learn or do tomorrow? Write & Look at your notebooks, paper or Journal in bed just before you go to sleep. Writing also soothes your psychosomatic problems.You sleep, you will find all your answers in your dreams every night. If your dreams are not beautiful, keep practicing this reflective learning, it will help you.

3. Eye Shut Learning: Closing eyes concentrates more, when necessary do it. It improves imagination capacity.

4. 1 to 1 Learning: Individual student’s issues can be absolved. A Friend is also a good teacher. Support is to recognize people’s efforts through guidance to overcome challenges their weakness, fear of failing and ensure them they can do it.It is spiritual also, that develops a faith, conviction with respect between mentor and student.

5. Learning by Teaching: Let you higher level students to take classes to lower grades (elementary), this will open an opportunity to self-activate their Brain that helps in their own curriculum, focus her/his class, learn to Respect teachers. this is my favorite.

6. Competitive Learning: Prize awarding even to poor students by encouraging them to say something and give him a prize (pen, pencil, copy). So that next time, he/she doesn’t hesitate to talk or ask teachers because start talking is the beginning of learning.

7. Slow-Mo to Automation learning: It is a slow-motion learning: frame by frame. All children have their own speed. Teacher should know frame by frame teaching method (step by step). Automation is an erudite mind state, either due to repetition or understanding at unconscious level.

8. Speed Reading: Bill Gates has been known to state that if he had one superpower, it would be the ability to read faster. What Bill and the rest of the mega-successful understand is that knowledge is power. The ability to process information faster from books, articles, and reports is what will help us learn faster, and therefore improve each aspect of our life faster as well. Calligraphy practicing also helps clean handwriting & simultaneously helps to concentrate and Focus to study. Focus is other successful trait, so while teaching calligraphy, fine tuning, clarity, smoothness flow, are considered.

9.Learn with Fun: Where there’s no fun, there’s no life. So, connect lesson plan to any funny things. Linking System is often used in memory training. Teachers do not like students talking sideways, yawning, or looks dumbfound or not asking interesting questions.

10.Thinking Explosion: This is also my favorite and very useful to students as it intends to carry out any exercises that widens the limited thinking system. It should let them to think out of their box. Brain teasers, Emotional Intelligence, introduction to new things, writing Journal & blogs (, debate, group singing, public speaking (breaks hesitation boundaries). This let them understand that world is much wider than books, and feel their boundless potential. Dialogue opens what students’ are missing the point in learning. Dialogue also relieves social tension, lowers depression. Dialogue also makes second person that other friends are also not different to them.

11. Health & Meditation:  A simple, but a proper breathing exercise through nostril in observing an inhale and exhale air carefully will help in their education improvisation by concentration of now. The Power of Now is a reminder of concentration for any action. Scientifically, oxygen inhale in brain will improve brain health, and awareness of a present. Drinking Water regularly is also equally important. Meditation is also about “Know Thyself”.

12. Autosuggestion: Positive monologue with thyself, it manifests what you need, what is missing gap in you and external life (teachers’ teaching). We do not learn because we tell our brain that it is difficult. Instead, let’s give following autosuggestion training everyday to students to embrace it with heart. Repeat 3 times just in order to ingrain it in mind and heart.

13. Dialogue: It is a problem solver of a relationship by resolving a conflict or any potential impending issues. It should be between parents, school staffs and children, whether at home or at school, by realizing their own responsibilities. Here is no pointing towards individuals, rather at the level of an issue with honest, and politeness.

             Day 1: I’m at School now, i’ve so many good, friendly, talented friends with full of new ideas, Skills. Today, I’m ready to learn new things and make a note it. I’m determined to ask my friends for any help in learning new things. Determined to help friends who need my assistance in learning things i know. I want to say, ” thank you to my friends”.
Day 2: My open and friendly teachers are my life mentors. I’m ready to learn teachings. I know all subjects are equally important. Without hesitation, I will ask questions if i do not understand. They are helping me to understand subjects. I want to say, ” thank you to my Teachers”.

13. Fine-TuningTo be a successful, our brain must be trained to be sharpen, enhance our present conditions for brighter future by learning Art (Drawing, Music, Sculpture etc.). Learning to draw will help to learn music, also helps in concentration, acts also as a meditation and psychologically diminishes stress. When you are angry, play music or draw an art with colors, you’ll be relieved. It is bi-directional benefits. Human should always move from irregular, wiggly, asymmetrical, unaligned to perfect symmetry. A symmetry has such a grace, beauty, attraction that even a god appreciates it. A perfect in life is nothing but a symmetry. It balances mind and balance mind bears only good products in his/her or surroundings from happiness in life, affluent. Every children should be taught because our goal is one and united. Calligraphy helps to fine tune mind.
arjun-fine tuneFig. A Symmetric artist at center sharpening two kids’ on either side to train their brain toward a symmetry process. Re-shaping of mind towards Symmetry.

Techniques:7 Awesome Things An Infographic Can Do For Your Business:
1. Mind Mapping:
It is a diagram helps to visualize information in organized way. it helps students to record information with drawing and helps in quick recalling.

2. Pattern Teaching: It is to help students that each topic, subject flow or work in a certain system. So, we always want to acknowledge the pattern first.

3. Image Formation: If you only memorize, it doesn’t make sense. If you make an image in mind, it more than just storing information.

– Don’t feed, let them think & do. Make them like “what is such an interesting thing?” that teacher is talking about.
-Solving problems is not our motto; our motto is how we are solving?
-Back up Later runners (no one is left behind.
– Brain use is of importance and Experiment gives you an experience, so experiment above points.

The Types of Learners

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9/11 Lesson   Leave a comment

what is the most important lesson to living workers in sky scrapper?
Every Aeroplane passenger needs a Parachute.
To be a ground level worker is the most hazardous job.

The ILO  [international labor organization] Occupational Health Services [OHS] Convention (No. 161) defines “occupational health services” as services entrusted with essentially preventive functions and responsible for advising the employer, the workers and their representatives in the undertaking on the requirements for establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment which will facilitate optimal physical and mental health in relation to work and the adaptation of work to the capabilities of workers in the light of their state of physical and mental health.

9/11 was expected by few people. About 5000 people died in that event. A few people actually fallen down intently with hope to survive by chance. Lower level working are always vulnerable to any hazards. At high level like world trade organization (wto) , even the high level officials are also under threat. so what’s the lesson to be learnt?

The lesson is nothing but to carry a parachute all the time if you work above 5 story building apart from torch light, food, for any emergency. nobody has ever thought of it. Under OHS, carrying a parachute in office should be made compulsory, if not, then, you should be aware 9/11 and buy it to carry all the time in office or going high skyscraper. Does it all end up here? No.

Because, now onwards, Every aeroplane passenger also needs a Parachute bag, it should be made a mandatory for every flight. It is a very serious issue about flight security. At least, one could imagine a Parachute in his/her back during flight periods. All passengers must wear this safety and learn how to open Parachute. In future, flying will be more often than calculated mode of transportation.

do you need to fly?
yes, you can join skydiving, but not necessary. but if you are afraid, then, go to instructor who can teach you step by step and how to self-handle if parachute fail, even if you do not actually fly. This knowledge will help u to actually jump of out window from skyscraper building. do mind programming.

              Do not forget to Carry a Parachute and Jump out of 9/ll ?

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To night, before I go to bed, i will think how I’ve used my precious day?
do u know, Max brawn, google engineer built a bathroom mirror that runs Android mobile apps running system in his “Spare Time”?


Time is a unidirectional, 4 dimension which is an ageing element to any existing things, even if there’s a time machine. Time Log is also an analogy to paper or a computer hard disk storage where everything is recorded at the sub-atomic or higg’s bosson level. Every advancement in time when you realize that you would have done this and that while you look at younger kids, means you’ve not used your time properly. So, first understand the dying nature and death, no one is immortal, it values the time and work. What you want to do and become? not what is your friend, mom, dad wants you to become? Know Thyself and know what is the strength in you- music, academics, athletic, etc. Action towards Correct vision will make your time very productive and you will be successful that means it is a proper use of a time.

We have enough time 365 days, 4 seasons cycles,12 months, 52 weeks, 24 hours, 12 hours day/night, even 1 second. Buddha said that it just takes a snap to transform. So be productive, successful with wise use of time by investment. Investment of Time is a use of your power, energy at least for your own benefit or demise. Your current every act already is responsible for future consequences whether you like it or not. so invest your time properly. investment on two basis:

a) Long Term Evolution (LTE): what you want to achieve by age of 30, 40, 50?
b) Short Term Revolution (STR): what do you have to do to achieve LTE?
STR should be used on below 5 years plan basis at least. U need to have 5,4,3,2,1 year plans, 6 months, seasonal plans, weekly plans, 24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours, plans.arjun-small

If LTE is your house, then, STR is your brick by brick work to build a house from foundation of your dream house building process.

How to be productive with wise use of time?
First we need to understand how we use our “Time Log”. Keep a record book that what tasks do you want to do or have to do, you need these to fill up your empty spaces. so, before u go to bed, make a note in a time reference for about a week for your own record that how you spend your time into following category as PUCRD.
Productive: how many hours you’ve spent today in being productive? find more jobs.
Unproductive: wasted time? playing video games, watching tvs, entertainment stuffs that only engages you, talking about people. you better be people, who others should be talking about you.
Creative: something new you’ve done. thinking is a first step of creation, so think only good that sets up positive mindset frame.
Reflective: Noting task to be completed. fill electricity bill, buying at grocery stores, meetings, meet relatives, thanking day, plan training course etc.
Destructive: Damaging thoughts, acts always benefit few in huge quantity, but peace always benefit at larger mass even though in less quantity.

After categorization your 24 hours into time log, take it to a week, then, reflect back each day, that what things could you’ve done better or have filled empty spaces in certain time log where there was destructive, unproductive time frame? remember again Max Brawn. u need to fill those spaces by doing things for your dreams or task to be completed. Productive people are successful people somewhere in a timeline, and successful people know it exactly very well. they bend their timeline, find a shortcut or worm-whole mentally that bends space-time mentally.

What things to do to be productive or successful?
In your LTE or STR plans, think of doing as follows:

  • Skill improvement: Take training that takes you to your vision. it also refreshes your boredom by changing your current state of mind.
  • Hobbies: Develop reading habits on Self-Improvement books.
  • Exercises: Joint exercise is at least most important. Do Yoga at least.
  • Life cycle Processes: understand life cycle: childhood, young, adult, maturity, time for marriage, purpose of marriage, time for earnings, social life, philosophy, father & mentor roles & responsibilities.
  • Creativity & Innovation: Do something different each day. Else at least do blogging.
  • Be happy Everyday: There are zillions reasons to smile everyday, but we stuck to only one futile reason and forget other beautiful reasons to smile, to  live happily.
  • Life Lesson: either you win or you learn, there’s no loss in either. b positive.

Time is not only a money. it is a tool given to everyone to build something larger than life itself.
what are you building?

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Do you wish to achieve your mission with mind programming?
Do you want to ride a motorcycle or a car in a day?
Do you wish to teach others as motivational speaker, influential person?

A motivational speaker or any influential person exactly know, how to use mind programming.

It is only a real Life applicable tool that helps to transfer information recording into subconscious mind while your mind is conscious. Learn to program (your goal step by step with actions) in mind with or without experts. In understand it, it’s components: Hardware (Brain) and Software (Thinking process). While processing, it penetrates into depth by intervention process of rarefaction mind (freeing spaces between thoughts) to compression mind (more thoughts). You need free spaces in brain waves to learn new things. You do not have to do meditation to free spaces between thoughts, this mind programming helps you naturally.

After mind programming,  a person becomes better in mind, execute task perfectly. A programmed mind (PM), records information easily to subconscious mind permanently while you are conscious. Isn’t it amazing? Once a person learns how to swim, he never forgets. Similarly, a newly erudite car driver or motorcycle due to record in sub-conscious mind. Subconscious mind is the most powerful to be successful.

To mind, it develops creativity, more productive, time management, wise, hope, dream, in a person. It helps you to visualize your dream-the most important factor to make a goal into reality. Everything is a dream first, then, a reality is always second. So, keep dreaming, never lose a hope.

How to work on MP:
STEP 1: Step by Step Record information in Brain.
STEP 2: Automation (Repetition of recorded information or practice make automation that helps in building confidence, productivity increases, coordinates mind & body perfectly, you will discover a Rhythm in momentum). A very important Rhythm acts as a beautiful piece of soothing music in your performance. Therefore, factory working people are extremely fast and accurate. Sometimes, boring, regular job, repetition makes automation perfect.

Few Real Life MP Applications for you:
1. CANCEL Method:
If bad dreams, or thoughts or negatives come on you, close you eyes gently and immediately give “BIG” order to mind, ” CANCEL ,   CANCEL   AND CANCEL”. It relaxes you.

2. WAKE UP Time: If you are to wake up next day at 5 o clock, after you lie on bed, give order to mind, “5 o clock, 5 o clock and 5 o clock”, and imagine two handles of clock positioning at 5 o clock. You will wake up on time.

3. Perfect Sleeping Method: After you lie on Bed, Imagine a beautiful seashore where you are sleeping. Give order your mind, and”I’m sleeping, I’m sleeping, and I’m sleeping”.

4. SOLVING PROBLEMS: Asking a question gets the brain neural’s connection in working to find an answer. Instead of worrying about the problem, always start by asking why.

5.INFORMATION: Do not believe on first sight, hearing, sensing from our sense organs because it records in mind and it tries to link with information already available in brain. It portrays back to our consciousness in image form in micro-seconds.

A naive person becomes fool when he doesn’t achieve success by falling into pitfalls that laying between present zero and future hero person. This MP effectively makes a person from zero to hero even without noticing pitfalls. It is better to look foolish, instead of not trying.

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