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Imagine your son or daughter who are under a threat or out of contact and
need a safety and a rescue in an alien world.-ARJUN LIMBU

Project Name: Travelers’ Information Management System (TIMS)

Need Assessment: About 700,000 global tourists’ mobility in creepy, harsh climatic environment of hills and mountains of Nepal to revive their soul by cleansing it from serenity. However, people are lost every year especially those who travel independently and their relative, parents, guardians keep asking us, whether we have any information. And we have no answers on whereabouts of tourists, despite being the Travelers’ Information Centre in Nepal. Every tourist is someone’s son and daughters as our own and life is very important. It’s a humanitarian project plan. If this intended project is not implemented, the lost or tracing lost people cannot be continue, and on other side, it is a painful to family members. So, do you care? It has more implications than just tracing the lost tourists’ layout in the Google Earth. This project concept will be global one day and can be standardized to replicate easily in each country.

Target Groups: Independent or Lone Travelers; Govt. bodies; Safety &ASAP Rescue Response Groups.

Proposed Program: This Proposed Program intends to keep record of travelling tourists for immediate rescue by locating every tourist at local scale. So, this intended project will at least help each tourists on their whereabouts and can be traced as per the database info like (Name, Gender, passport numbers, Mobile SIM number, dates of visits, GPS, height data recorded, parents/guardian names, and Regular Travel Update[Instant Message (IM) Service].

Project Goal: To find every lost travelers by GPS tracking their travelled route and trace with technology.

Project Activities:

Step 1. Tourists will register his details on Smartphone apps that has GPS, once entering in Nepal through a standard mobile APPS (TIMS), which will be recorded in the Server and our databases. Then every 30 minutes automatically its GPS positional data with time and date, will be recorded continuously until he/she lives in Nepal. Additionally, in case of any situation, a message as an update of travel can also be sent to us anytime. It is a huge history record that is useful to trace accidents.

Step 2. If he/she is reported to be outside of contact by genuine complaint endorser or when a message of any danger, threat situation, we can immediately rescue or take action is possible instantly by going in that GPS location and Height with support Groups.

Step 3. In future, the online navigation system will let all guardian, parents, friends can observed their friend in Nepal on the real time navigation system integrating with the Google Earth.

Project Output Expectations:
– Safety and Immediate Rescue from immediate threats of travelling in creepy mountains of Nepal.
Project Sustainability: One time establishment, Training to Operating staffs.
Project Time Frame: 1year period to develop infrastructure.
Project Innovation: I wish to keep it simple, applicable, and high utility outputs at global scale at Tourism industry for safety and rescue purpose. The beauty of this project is that immediate rescue is possible with Instant Message (IM) and GPS accuracy.
Collaboration and Networking: Local Rescue Response Groups; Govt. bodies and NGOs; Research groups; IT professionals.
Project Resource Essentials: High-End Computers and Servers for BIG DATA; Networking & System Security; TIMS Apps (IOS, WINDOWS PHONE, GOOGLE APPS), Battery Backup, RDBMS, Support Groups 23/7; Marketing and Promotion of TIMS.
Project Challenge:
Will each tourists possess smartphones and bother to download APPS and register?
How to effectively promote or bring awareness on the benefits from this TIMS service for their own Safety and Rescue?
How efficiently the Efficient, Safety and Rescue Response Unit (ESRRU) will act?
How to identify dummy records? We will call them in their registered number if any suspicion of dummy.

How can you help?
I propose you to fund us or help in kind in the project essentials. OR Support financially.

Kathmandu, Nepal


Leader may have gene-borne quality, however, exercising it will built a leadership quality.-ARJUN LIMBU

Project Name: School Development Program

Need Assessment: School teaches only what’s on a book, where the real world is very different. Even these days, graduates students are not able to deliver services needed by current business, firms, NGOs, GOs, because of lack of managerial skills, communication skills, driving ability and therefore, many employees go into psychological depression. Backward school children will be mostly benefited that will even help to improve their exam results. The sleeping minds will be awakened.

Target Groups: Lower and Secondary level school children for school.
Proposed Program: This Proposed Program intends to give students an opportunity to experience a basic real life activities to work on that will be helpful to cope with unprecedented future in their career and life. This course will make use of both left and right brain equally.child
Project Goal: To prepare school children strong and independent for future.
Project Activities: How does it work efficiently?
Step 1. Students group will be formed who will be trained on different topics and implement it.
Sports program arrangement, Clean-up programs, Peer Counseling, Teaching lower standards, Market value research, Rigorous Debate, Planning,
Step 2. Quarterly their activity report will be explained on meeting.
Step 3. In the end of a year, new team will be reformed.

Project Output Expectations:
Students’ attendance will grow with their test exams due to overall development by Confidence. It is a soft skills development so students’ response should be positive and observed in change of behavior, attitudes.
Project Time Frame: 1 week period to train. Constant consultation when students need or through assessment.
Project Sustainability:
One time establishment, Training to all students. This group will teach new team.
Project Resource Essentials: Stationery.
Project Innovation: There are many school clubs. This will give them an immense experience.
Collaboration and Networking: Govt. Education, NGOs
Project Challenge:
Will the backward students come to the front row?

How can you help?
I propose you to fund us or help in kind in the project essentials.
Kathmandu, Nepal

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                                                                       Your Culture reflects you.-ARJUN LIMBU

Project Name:Ethnic Cultural Tourism in Nepal

Need Assessment: Nepal has 124 languages and rich in ethnicity covering certain geographical regions with a beautiful tales and fables, with which these people been living for centuries that has no catalogue properly.

Target Groups: Ethnic people and their associations.
Proposed Program: ThisProposed Program intends to record and publish the story telling from ethnic people on marriage, rites & rituals, Languages, History, Fables & tales, Festivals.
Project Goal: To keep a record and benefit those Nepali ethnic cultural community so that tourists visit them after reading it in international arena.
Project Activities: How does it work efficiently?
Step 1. Written Ethnic manuscripts (article, photos) will be collected from academic, researchers, respective organizations.
Step 2. It will be published 1000 copies print by the end of a year. Publication types: Story telling form of presentation)
Project Output Expectations:
Tourists will visit ethnic groups and ethnic groups will be benefitted.
Print Language: English
Project Time Frame:
1 Year.
Collaboration and Networking:
Govt. Education, Travelers’ Information Centre
How can you help?
I propose you to fund us or help in kind in the project essentials.
Kathmandu, Nepal

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