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Our hungry soul is looking for a high positioned job, abundant money, a few owned car, a flamboyant house and we believe, i’d be very happy in this life. But have you ever seen such people happy? in fact, I do not own worldly neither of all above. But still my hungry soul is in search of something different.

No doubt, in a soliloquy, a person always is always in search of unsurpassed heavenly happiness, the ultimate purpose & meaning of life existence. Our hungry soul is like a thirsty deer’s mirage illusion of water, while running far distances in vast desert.

In search we entangled ourselves into swinging back and forth between both high and low lives that reverberated with high and lows feelings as our hungry soul is looking for a bodily and mental resting place, even though we know, “There’s no such place actually to rest, we need to keep moving”. But where and how far? I need to make a decision and find a Resting house for my hungry soul.

i had glanced at dogmatic, conflicting religious books, educated formally, saw few mystical & magical powers. i needed something that pervades my simple hungry soul with a real happiness. A simple person spends most of his life in making a life to survive for food, education, house and few momentary amenities surrounding to display flamboyantly. Everyone’s soul actually needs a Resting place in midst of densely populated society and hungry fulfilling desires. In such an intermediary and transient playful mind, I’ve found an answer how we, human need to live a life by understanding basic rules of happiness as follows.

  1. Life is a Mirror and Third Law of Newton’s Law: Since happiness is our goal, so, no matter what i will not be a greedy, anger, anomaly, hatred or at least no increase them for now; & learn to forgive, care and love. Love & care nurtures. Everybody needs a space, so i will respect others’ soul, interest, thoughts, capacity. All my actions will have an unconditional Love. Be the first to apologize. When you act or pray, do with 100% determination.
  2. Circle of Love: Encompass yourself with positive forces (good books, movies, friends) that inspires, aspires my soul.
  3. Today and Now: Yesterday is gone, i’m a new person today and i’ll be better tomorrow.
  4. Every individual’s action is a reflection of a society structure. so i will make a positive vibe reflection in society of kindness, empathy and forgiving nature as an individual effort.
  5. Intellect solves Problems;
    Knowledge expands Horizon;
    Experience gives you a realization;
    Love Nurtures;
    Forgiveness Heals & cleanse Soul;
    Faith gives you a Strength
    Trust gives you a Bonding;
    Patience teaches to remain Strong;
    Hope gives you a Second Life of chance.
    Every new Second of minutes is to change Mistakes.
  6. If my actions, thoughts hamper any other living or dead soul, i will be unhappy. The first victim of my actions originated first from my thought processes. But i want to be a Happy and Share my Happiness to others.

Until i find a satisfaction to my hungry soul, i will keep blogging. what do your hungry soul is looking?

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Always B positive, hopeful in Life.
Keep Thinking- You can achieve what you desired for.
For any negative, shout in mind “cancel ! cancel! cancel! closing eyes.
Why – Because

A radio tuner knows how a frequency button in old radio used to catch certain frequency which in turn play a certain FM channels in your city.

I know exactly how our life works – especially cause and effect. In life, everything is Cause & Effect.  one day a man said to a monk, “Why didn’t you protect yourself when that person said a lot of oppressive, abusive words?”.  Monk calmly responded if someone gives you a gift, you accept it humbly; similarly, i didn’t receive his gift. And why should i think of any gift which i do not own.Frequency-mind

Our minds are transceivers, able to receive and send signals into the “quantum soup” of the zero point field by way of the highly coherent frequencies of our thoughts. The higher the frequency of our thought/brain wave, the higher our consciousness. The level of our consciousness is what makes our reality what it is and what it will continue to be. If you are seeking change, set an intention, declare a path (align your behaviors with your desire), then detach and allow the universe to handle the details.

Like a Bat use frequency, human also possesses such power within us. In developing countries, where traffic lights are not of use, each drivers use their brain frequency waves and understand’s other drivers’ psychology to evade accident very fast like Bat does with proper use of frequency. It is a wireless communication of human power, Bat, Elephants and other animals use it extravagantly at deeper level. Animals senses any small changes in nature that are good or bad to all living organisms; swarming of birds are some signs, barking of dogs etc. because their active senses in a frequency of all signs of activities, which human is also far capable of, its just that in our human mind part is in dormant stage.

So, Learn to Tune into your Dream Frequency, begin by dreaming. There’s nothing wrong in dreaming. Because our thoughts produce certain wave that has certain frequencies. Actually everything is nothing but frequencies. I think, String theorists will be happy to learn about it.

i studied science and i know it. Well i’m still dreaming to be a great intellectual man with philosophy and much money with happiness. Nothing can extract my happiness, because i smile when i like. And i like to smile every time.frequency-arjun-limbu

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To night, before I go to bed, i will think how I’ve used my precious day?
do u know, Max brawn, google engineer built a bathroom mirror that runs Android mobile apps running system in his “Spare Time”?


Time is a unidirectional, 4 dimension which is an ageing element to any existing things, even if there’s a time machine. Time Log is also an analogy to paper or a computer hard disk storage where everything is recorded at the sub-atomic or higg’s bosson level. Every advancement in time when you realize that you would have done this and that while you look at younger kids, means you’ve not used your time properly. So, first understand the dying nature and death, no one is immortal, it values the time and work. What you want to do and become? not what is your friend, mom, dad wants you to become? Know Thyself and know what is the strength in you- music, academics, athletic, etc. Action towards Correct vision will make your time very productive and you will be successful that means it is a proper use of a time.

We have enough time 365 days, 4 seasons cycles,12 months, 52 weeks, 24 hours, 12 hours day/night, even 1 second. Buddha said that it just takes a snap to transform. So be productive, successful with wise use of time by investment. Investment of Time is a use of your power, energy at least for your own benefit or demise. Your current every act already is responsible for future consequences whether you like it or not. so invest your time properly. investment on two basis:

a) Long Term Evolution (LTE): what you want to achieve by age of 30, 40, 50?
b) Short Term Revolution (STR): what do you have to do to achieve LTE?
STR should be used on below 5 years plan basis at least. U need to have 5,4,3,2,1 year plans, 6 months, seasonal plans, weekly plans, 24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours, plans.arjun-small

If LTE is your house, then, STR is your brick by brick work to build a house from foundation of your dream house building process.

How to be productive with wise use of time?
First we need to understand how we use our “Time Log”. Keep a record book that what tasks do you want to do or have to do, you need these to fill up your empty spaces. so, before u go to bed, make a note in a time reference for about a week for your own record that how you spend your time into following category as PUCRD.
Productive: how many hours you’ve spent today in being productive? find more jobs.
Unproductive: wasted time? playing video games, watching tvs, entertainment stuffs that only engages you, talking about people. you better be people, who others should be talking about you.
Creative: something new you’ve done. thinking is a first step of creation, so think only good that sets up positive mindset frame.
Reflective: Noting task to be completed. fill electricity bill, buying at grocery stores, meetings, meet relatives, thanking day, plan training course etc.
Destructive: Damaging thoughts, acts always benefit few in huge quantity, but peace always benefit at larger mass even though in less quantity.

After categorization your 24 hours into time log, take it to a week, then, reflect back each day, that what things could you’ve done better or have filled empty spaces in certain time log where there was destructive, unproductive time frame? remember again Max Brawn. u need to fill those spaces by doing things for your dreams or task to be completed. Productive people are successful people somewhere in a timeline, and successful people know it exactly very well. they bend their timeline, find a shortcut or worm-whole mentally that bends space-time mentally.

What things to do to be productive or successful?
In your LTE or STR plans, think of doing as follows:

  • Skill improvement: Take training that takes you to your vision. it also refreshes your boredom by changing your current state of mind.
  • Hobbies: Develop reading habits on Self-Improvement books.
  • Exercises: Joint exercise is at least most important. Do Yoga at least.
  • Life cycle Processes: understand life cycle: childhood, young, adult, maturity, time for marriage, purpose of marriage, time for earnings, social life, philosophy, father & mentor roles & responsibilities.
  • Creativity & Innovation: Do something different each day. Else at least do blogging.
  • Be happy Everyday: There are zillions reasons to smile everyday, but we stuck to only one futile reason and forget other beautiful reasons to smile, to  live happily.
  • Life Lesson: either you win or you learn, there’s no loss in either. b positive.

Time is not only a money. it is a tool given to everyone to build something larger than life itself.
what are you building?

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story-telling1                                                                                         “THE WORLD IS IN THE HANDS OF SPEAKER”

Among friends, I speak openly, frankly and state our emotions, feelings as if I am the leader of the World, an eloquent speaker, a spiritual leader, a discoverer, like an erudite or an innovator as if I know things that no other knows about it. I used to flunk when other speakers speak from a podium. But, In front of a microphone, I sweat; my heart beat rises, mouth blabbers, suffocate myself with fears, forget everything that I prepared this morning, when I see a huge mass of people. I don’t know why what I am afraid of?


I was an introvert, with a poor vocabulary, unsocial, can’t beat others in a debate. One day, I happened to see an advertisement saying a seminar on a public speaking, which was going to be held on Saturday. Usually, I go to cinema on Saturday and seminar time was on same time unfortunately. Fortunately, I booked a ticket on a different time and had a full swing time to attend a seminar. A reason to attend seminar was that my subconscious mind kept telling me that I need to become an extrovert by expressing my feelings by becoming an outspoken. I had read in internet, blogs, infographics a lot on how to become a good story teller, a good public speaker, which actually didn’t help. In a seminar there were two girls and me, waiting for introducer of a course. All of us had been instinctively attracted to this advertisement which said, “THE WORLD IS IN THE HANDS OF SPEAKER”

Later someone looked smart and gentle personality, entered who was a tutor, when he started introducing himself, was an amazing guy. The way he expressed on topic, why people need to develop this public speaking skills is simply great. Even though, we were only three people in a seminar room, his power in voice is enough to influence us, smiling all the time, eloquently speaking enough to draw our attention. Two hours passed by, but felt as if to listen him on and on. He completely mesmerized us with his speaking talent and encouraged us to attend with his course costs fees and time tables.

I joined a class, and it had wonderful feelings to me. After first course, I am feeling a powerful person now. Training from a person makes a trainee more capable than reading from a book. I experienced a practice in front of a noble trainer, who was there to guide me. It was everyday two hours of speaking training, slowly the words and sentences started to flow better smoothly and always wait to chance to give a speech. He said to practice it every day to be a very good speaker.

Speakers TYPE in the business world:

  1. The incoherent, who meander, use tons of jargon, and talk of things interesting mostly to themselves.
  2. The coherent, who can verbally communicate facts and opinions but seldom say anything memorable.
  3. The articulate, who speak succinctly and clearly but whose words are seldom persuasive.
  4. The eloquent, who use language and body language to win the hearts and minds of listeners.

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Tonight, circumventing and entwining my love feelings for her with the cadence of sentimental songs; trying to commensurate the highest value of each word to ensue the real apogee meaning of an an-aphrodisiac love. It is simply the “Platonic Love”, unrivaled with the tint of the sexual culmination. Realizing sex, tangibility has lesser importance in love, just a figment balloons you & afloat in the air in her every dreams day and night. Today, I am feeling, Love and Sex have an eternal distance that even a supercilious fastest mind cannot approach it. Why do I sense such today? Is this a true love or the greatest illusion? Why does not somebody exempt me from an ocean of love?

pLATONIC LOVESwimming solitary in this ocean of love, hoping she would be coming for me. Searching her took my half life and still in search. No matter what, don’t want to distinct what love is? Simply, suggestion is to feel fervently. Ah ! this is a true love and here’s an instant warmness even in winter season. Love is like a bird with two wings circumnavigate to indiscriminate destination. Even a neophyte bird remembers every path it wanders, but this love feeling remains nonchalance but certainly enjoys every path of odyssey love. Myth says it’s really hard life being a bird, a novice bird has to fly at once. They see a human like me, hoping if they were like a human, they would have done something extraordinary. Now, I m a simple human being with lots of things in this head, a knowledge or just a winding crazy things, I don’t know. So, God, let all birds be a human being so that they could feel what I am feeling.

I Feel to hold you forever in these empty arms waiting since eons, and not to miss again because of solitary pain. There’s no meaning of existence, without you, feels like this path is just somehow to put these paces to an end all alone. In this love, why doesn’t she reside, the one for whom I gave everything. What I didn’t do for her? I made this world empty, bought this world. Does she mean money can’t buy everything?

If this real life were a story, I would not have written so sadistic that blood flows instead of an ink into these stories. Why do some people get their love and enjoy it? Person like me also exists on Earth, y am I being chosen? God discern and scrutinize me at this provision, may be ludicrously laughing somewhere in the corner of arena of life. Scripting farcically sentences for her and never acquainted to her, just scratched for dustbin. And I now enlighten you that I fell in love with you in these nondescript, nonentities, obsolete sentences where the every word is screeching of dysfunctional reality in a quest of a true lover. I think, my meek love is entwined with both craving and aversion, and conclude that I m not in love but deeply inveterate with craving. This is not love, not real love. The missteps disgrace my love as an infidelity in a Real love which meticulously subjugated unraveling “Love should be an unconditional love?

The greatest mistake in love, I’ve ever learnt is to remain silent, the worst situation. The condemned carnal carnivals deride us to become a mendacious philander. The marriage conjugates the aesthetics of Sex and Love graciously, venerating its immaculate meaning optimally.

What m I doing here alone typing about love in the middle of the night, a frenetic insomnia? She got connubial long ago and I m still dreaming, now realize I have squandered my precious life in the name of obscurity. Now only the figment of nostalgia adumbrates my present. And she never knows that I love her. Am I crazy? What is happening to me? M I in a good state of mental health? I doubt seriously!

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Importance of Essay Writing   1 comment

Never thought, practicing essay writing would replenish reticent, callow, naive feelings with superfluous and mellifluous cohorts a pen and papers. Tutors were as if cunning, nascent, naïve, and implicit in essay writing that has profound importance. An essay, in fact, is a thought provoking earthy one and is quintessence to all.

First of all, even the psychologist proffer to burn the day’s iniquitous event written paper in the evening before sleep to exhume and immunize one’s quandary oneself. To some extent, it vindicates and mollifies us. On the other hand, the most munificent in writing is that it inculcates skimpy organizing aptitude to acme. Writing will surpass an insight sagacious (erudite) and outside with scintillating management skills explicitly. The greatest writers have always been liberal in a commodious paper. Those who do not love writing are caustic, because they don’t acquire and thirst for enigmatic sundry ideologies.

The analogy between the influential writers and tyranny leaders are very resolute. For instance, the writers always try to collate and puke out in his paper from his latent influenced by external situation no matter its euphoria or ordeal purgatory situation. The grandiloquence leaders divest inner feelings out to populace because feelings are the riposte effect of his external situation. Inner feelings are ominous if repressed for long; they are dormant volcanoes. Therefore, the reversion of their positions will squiggle verisimilitude connotation. How can writers like Shakespeare live a simple life, if he weren’t a writer? How can Hitler live a simple life, if he weren’t a politician? In, both instances had exhumed and spurned creaky, which they incur is manifest. Their lives had been incarcerated with something (?), which incited them to vanquish human echelons. There it is supposed to be connubial consanguineous between great writers and politicians. May be the creator tied consanguine nature extemporary.

My English mentor had given me a sentence that incites my life.
Don’t get lazy.
Remember, “You only get out of Life what you put Into it.””
By Dwight A. Lloyd ( Date: 1996)

In attachment to my argumentative writing, he suggested some ways like, to keep a personal journal which is a day-by-day diary to record your thoughts and ideas. This will keep you writing in use. Many professional writers use this method. If you can’t write everyday, just record on paper any unusual or meaningful occurrence that happens to you. If you have an important decision to make, write a pro/con list so that you can see your choice on paper. If you have time, write your ideas out. You will find that writing is very useful way of exploring your ideas/choices and that your ideas will change as you write! Establish a reading/writing club with fellow students so that you can read, discuss and write about ideas that you share a common interest in.

In coda, the analogy of a writer and a politician is alike with paper and populace respectively.

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From: Time Letters (
Sent: Tue 3/06/07 5:06 PM
To: Arjun Limbu (

“How brain re-wires..” talked about the power of positive thinking, where buddhist monk showed dramatic changes in the parts of the brain associated with happiness. One thing, we should keep in mind that, does that mean to turn all people to be monk? If all people are engulfed with their own social level of thinking, i am rather looking for something universal than sectarian one. If all people were given free foods and let them for meditation, definitely there’s much probability of becoming happiness from inside. People are not thinking positive because of their poverty, disparity. Sometimes, i think if buddhist monks are left in the real world “ordinary hardworking”, definitely they will understand the meaning of hardlife, where i think the meaning of positive thinking could tilt more. I think “VIPASSANA MEDITATION” is the technique that teaches how to remain happy. Do you know “VIPASSANA MEDITATION”?

arjun kumar limbu
kathmandu, Nepal


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Thank you for writing. We welcome timely, insightful reactions to material we have published, and we can assure you that your observations found an attentive audience among the editors. Should your comments be selected for the column, you will be notified in advance of publication. Again, our thanks for letting us hear from you. We hope that you will write again should you discover something of particular interest in the news or in our reporting of it.

Best wishes.
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