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Osho, the Rajnish, one of the psychoanalytic, empathetic, truth-speaker from his understanding, the professor of world philosophy, change-maker, enlightner, one of the best preacher.

Buddha who worked hard and enlightened. Later with the greatest compassion, the showed the middle path is the only way, not the extremism will take you to the ultimate goal of human extant.

Osho failed in two major paths:
i) Extremism: He wishes to return to non-hunger position, once he satiates of hunger (Thirst).  Truth: The definition of hunger is such that after span of time, again hunger arises. So, u can never escape from it. So, did osho never returned from hunger in this life.

ii) Wild: He preferred the use of sentences like he said right, what he feels right in his understanding. Truth: But the question is what if his right is wrong? It actually happened the same. I call people who move with such definition is the Wild. People who are wild are crazy person because they do, what they like. In fact, this definition let everyone define as a crazy person.

Only the enlightened buddha was not the wild among every extant, who understood everything. Osho knew it at intellectual level, but this mystic needs to be understood through meditation only the path he has showered to us.


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Hungry Souls   Leave a comment

Our hungry soul is looking for a high positioned job, abundant money, a few owned car, a flamboyant house and we believe, i’d be very happy in this life. But have you ever seen such people happy? in fact, I do not own worldly neither of all above. But still my hungry soul is in search of something different.

No doubt, in a soliloquy, a person always is always in search of unsurpassed heavenly happiness, the ultimate purpose & meaning of life existence. Our hungry soul is like a thirsty deer’s mirage illusion of water, while running far distances in vast desert.

In search we entangled ourselves into swinging back and forth between both high and low lives that reverberated with high and lows feelings as our hungry soul is looking for a bodily and mental resting place, even though we know, “There’s no such place actually to rest, we need to keep moving”. But where and how far? I need to make a decision and find a Resting house for my hungry soul.

i had glanced at dogmatic, conflicting religious books, educated formally, saw few mystical & magical powers. i needed something that pervades my simple hungry soul with a real happiness. A simple person spends most of his life in making a life to survive for food, education, house and few momentary amenities surrounding to display flamboyantly. Everyone’s soul actually needs a Resting place in midst of densely populated society and hungry fulfilling desires. In such an intermediary and transient playful mind, I’ve found an answer how we, human need to live a life by understanding basic rules of happiness as follows.

  1. Life is a Mirror and Third Law of Newton’s Law: Since happiness is our goal, so, no matter what i will not be a greedy, anger, anomaly, hatred or at least no increase them for now; & learn to forgive, care and love. Love & care nurtures. Everybody needs a space, so i will respect others’ soul, interest, thoughts, capacity. All my actions will have an unconditional Love. Be the first to apologize. When you act or pray, do with 100% determination.
  2. Circle of Love: Encompass yourself with positive forces (good books, movies, friends) that inspires, aspires my soul.
  3. Today and Now: Yesterday is gone, i’m a new person today and i’ll be better tomorrow.
  4. Every individual’s action is a reflection of a society structure. so i will make a positive vibe reflection in society of kindness, empathy and forgiving nature as an individual effort.
  5. Intellect solves Problems;
    Knowledge expands Horizon;
    Experience gives you a realization;
    Love Nurtures;
    Forgiveness Heals & cleanse Soul;
    Faith gives you a Strength
    Trust gives you a Bonding;
    Patience teaches to remain Strong;
    Hope gives you a Second Life of chance.
    Every new Second of minutes is to change Mistakes.
  6. If my actions, thoughts hamper any other living or dead soul, i will be unhappy. The first victim of my actions originated first from my thought processes. But i want to be a Happy and Share my Happiness to others.

Until i find a satisfaction to my hungry soul, i will keep blogging. what do your hungry soul is looking?

Frequency   Leave a comment

Always B positive, hopeful in Life.
Keep Thinking- You can achieve what you desired for.
For any negative, shout in mind “cancel ! cancel! cancel! closing eyes.
Why – Because

A radio tuner knows how a frequency button in old radio used to catch certain frequency which in turn play a certain FM channels in your city.

I know exactly how our life works – especially cause and effect. In life, everything is Cause & Effect.  one day a man said to a monk, “Why didn’t you protect yourself when that person said a lot of oppressive, abusive words?”.  Monk calmly responded if someone gives you a gift, you accept it humbly; similarly, i didn’t receive his gift. And why should i think of any gift which i do not own.Frequency-mind

Our minds are transceivers, able to receive and send signals into the “quantum soup” of the zero point field by way of the highly coherent frequencies of our thoughts. The higher the frequency of our thought/brain wave, the higher our consciousness. The level of our consciousness is what makes our reality what it is and what it will continue to be. If you are seeking change, set an intention, declare a path (align your behaviors with your desire), then detach and allow the universe to handle the details.

Like a Bat use frequency, human also possesses such power within us. In developing countries, where traffic lights are not of use, each drivers use their brain frequency waves and understand’s other drivers’ psychology to evade accident very fast like Bat does with proper use of frequency. It is a wireless communication of human power, Bat, Elephants and other animals use it extravagantly at deeper level. Animals senses any small changes in nature that are good or bad to all living organisms; swarming of birds are some signs, barking of dogs etc. because their active senses in a frequency of all signs of activities, which human is also far capable of, its just that in our human mind part is in dormant stage.

So, Learn to Tune into your Dream Frequency, begin by dreaming. There’s nothing wrong in dreaming. Because our thoughts produce certain wave that has certain frequencies. Actually everything is nothing but frequencies. I think, String theorists will be happy to learn about it.

i studied science and i know it. Well i’m still dreaming to be a great intellectual man with philosophy and much money with happiness. Nothing can extract my happiness, because i smile when i like. And i like to smile every time.frequency-arjun-limbu

4 Elements of a Matter   Leave a comment

Many Religions, old philosophers, including Aristotle believed that all the matter in the universe was made of four basic elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Even in the Limbu religion called Mundhum, these five matters have been stated to be existed after when the universe was just evolved from the noble silence in the deep space or it has stated motion in Space. This Limbu religion is so true that its philosophies and scientists have even calculated and understood the motion in space when universe was created. After which a consciousness was borne. These elements were acted on by two forces: gravity, the tendency for earth and water to sink, and levity, the tendency for air and fire to rise. I thoroughly understand and appreciate their insight in understanding the matter. However, I would just like to highlight yesterday’s thoughts in today’s perspective and come to following conclusion.

  1. Aristotle means to say that any matter has states of matter quality in its nature as Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma States, as ascribed by today’s physics.
  2. The gravity and Levity is meant to be the properties it hold of temperature due to heat. In Aristotle’s sense, Earth and Water means gravity, his explanation is meant to relate straight that for example, let’s take a water as a matter, its nature in low temperature keeps molecules close together enough to claim gravity nature, on the other hand, the same water with higher temperature changes to gases and super heat will transform into much higher states of a matter, called Plasma state.
  3. Aristotle believed that matter was continuous. I think Aristotle is trying to explain that there exists The Law of Conservation of Energy. My argument is that matter is never a continuous, however the energy can be, because it propagates from one form to another form, where matter is never continuous. Therefore, throughout the history, still, there’s a debate in scientific, religious circle whether Universe is essentially static and unchanging universe, the question of whether or not it had a beginning. I strongly believe that it is ever changing than anything else. Only the way we observe the universe from one dimension of a time is letting us to perceive from this disposition. Theory of relativity of time is directly proportional to velocity, therefore, the greater the speed of velocity, it will be easier to observe that universe is not a constant, it is rather continuously changing. The every dT, the instant change as miniature as possible in time difference travelling in a vast space of universe is enough to feel it.

It also makes me to ponder whether the soul of a life is nothing more than energy, which exactly follows the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Yesterday was a symbolic representation, and today is the age of science, which I am just trying to correlate, which by means should not remain confuse about it along the arrow of time. My conclusion, Like Aristotle and Limbu religions that they had understood the very best of science in his time, in his dimension.

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Mundhum – Meta-Narration of Existence   1 comment

This soft phonetic word “Mundhum”, is a word from god, an episteme of knowledge, also a warhead without which there’s no heaven and hell. It is a Mun (Motion or Movement)+Thum (Power). So, nothing in universe is a stable, everything is in motion and it is inseparable from anything that existential or non-existential. Mundhum continues even if this universe dissolves. Every human virtues, moral ethics, law are all directed from this Mundhum. It is said that for the sun to rise and fall, moon, solar systems, galaxies, stars all are abide by the rules of the Mundhum. Without Mundhum nothing exists. It is the base of Kirat religion.

It is an absolute pure when even just to listen still holds the purity in the realization of the entire sphere of the understanding of beyond the life from metaphysical, ethics, and cosmos origin, which is the root of the Limbu people and Kirat ethnic community. Kirat Ethnic groups are said to possess the great storehouses of knowledge. A timeless Knowledge and Religion that once hold the communal society in a perfect harmony for many dynasties in this pure Himalayan region of Nepal where the Kanchanjunga Mountain resides. The Kanchanjunga means the purity at its highest measure, where the melted water from glacier purifies the soul of every living and non-living things.

Two major sources of knowledge in Limbu literature: Thungsap (Verbal) and Pesap (Written). Thungsap is a traditional system to pass the knowledge from mouth to mouth for long which has become a culture, universally accepted due to its effectiveness and stood firmly as this system as institution. Pesap arised and died several times with history for centuries as a source of knowledge from relics written in copper, gold, leaf and other matters. Its destruction by current monarchy generations by culprit has enforced us to put from Thungsap now with current technological tools in webspace for wider and broader world that this unit is the long forgotten, but not lost.

The analysis of the mundhum has highlighted that the knowledge comes from two sources: a) NISAM             b) ITPSAM

NISAM defined the knowledge is achieved from the usage of the sense organs that passes the information through the touch processes that enters into you from a distant body or objects.

ITPSAM defined the intuition knowledge is achieved without any direct use of any senses, but by special faculty of consciousness. Therefore, Limbu people have Shamans called Fedangma, who uses his soul or goes into the highest possible state of mind that will deliver the knowledge, ideas, prophecies. I believe they delve into the next dimension, they defies the time and penetrate anywhere they would like to travel. It makes me to assumes that they go to the biospace of the higher brain than just a computer cyberspace. In that biggest Biospace, maybe one day, our scientific minds will hack it, after which we can recount our roots and circles of life, time travel, may be the soul can be searched.

Mundhum is so scientific that it explains about Dualism and non-dualism nature to run the world. A bit more and farther from Mind and Matter, there is a ultimate source of all, which is very universal, dimensionless, most powerful of all existence in universe, the almighty goddess OR source of everything, knowledge named “Tagera Ningwafu Mang”, the only one, this unity or monism derived from Yuma Samang Mundhum. And, the noticeable matter is that almighty goddess of Limbu, she is a female, not male. I think, She is the creator of the everything. It implies that trueness in Singularity nature of universe as explained well in physics. This Limbu religion is so true that its philosophies and scientists have even calculated and understood the motion in space when universe was created. After which a consciousness was borne. The existence of universe (NAWA CHAIT MUNDHUM) has started from the greatest Noble silence (MUHONGLING KHEHONGLING) OR motion in space, from where energy and light or consciousness have existed ever since then. Sometimes, I wonder, the knowledge in Limbu people who have calculated and understood such a deep sense of the cosmology and cosmogony, that can be correlated to the today’s scientific minds of today and tomorrow. Therefore, KIRAT’s spiritual symbol in timeless sprouted from Animism to polethism to Monothesism.

Even after death of a limbu people, the Ritual continues for the died person’s soul to help them to the souls of ancestors with continuous interaction on what’s happening to the soul. It reminds me of when my father’s ritual was performed. Our shamans said that he has already built a house for himself. It led me to ponder upon the transfer of soul to the next dimension or it’s an amazing travel of soul. After death, the destiny is called the distant world. First you will come across the cross roads with 8 different directions or routes, each routes will take you to the distant world that invariably depends on your current characters, behaviors or calculations of you actions in this living life world. It is very symbolic in nature, however, it has multitude of implications and this Mundhum is popular as Samsama Mundhum.

In every living and non-living thing, the Kirati Religion sees the existence of a soul from tree, rivers, mountains, air, water, hurricanes etc..there lives a soul or unimaginable things for its existence. It is that it gives a sense of existence.

Asthetic or Beauty: Limbu, Kirati people, Mundhum explains that it is the Beauty that has tremendous power to attraction quality, which excites the experiences, feelings, love, affection etc..of human emotions.


  • Brief note on Limbu cosmology mentioning the origin of god, sky, earth, sun and moon, stars, trees, birds and animals including fish. For cross references, see unpublished manuscript translated by Iman Sing Chemjong for the India Office Library in 1961 (British Library MSS. Eur. D537).

Music & Words   Leave a comment

Scientifically, Music is the synchronous vibration creating movement of waves in a specific wavelength pattern. The Universe is also created through the vibration so far called “Big Bang”. Now being an extant human form, trying to understand, perceive music as a listener in my own non-plus manner; trying to understand through creation or floating in my own imagination tuning with music.

I feel as if I like these music is taking me to somewhere where physically it is impossible to reach. May be those are my past lives. Our creation with both body and mind which are inextricable from each other, mind takes our body to far more than stolid body can think of. Music quiescently reminiscent that apart from physical body structure, there is also an unconscious mind. Sometimes, this music impregnates and exhumes the innate past memories hidden in the subconscious and unconscious mind. Every peace of our body is associated with a certain pattern of musical notes. Therefore, our dominion over music is attached to particularity, nothing is serendipity. To understand music, it is not necessary to be a musician. A good listener is a good musician if one flows with tunes of music.


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Cynicism   5 comments

I believe, “Human Life” is hap, adumbrated by mundane system that obfuscates to realize this perfect life. Animals’ life is a complete dark-sided, nebulousness from thinking aptitude. However, when one apprehends the reality, one obvious truth about realization is ‘Lateral thinking’ engrossed in mind that will coax to approach the middle-path, the true path, comprehending the lucidity of everything or at least close to omniscient being magnanimity.

It is true that ‘Cynicism’ exists, it is catholic truth. The platonic love, which in fact, is also a possessiveness of something in mind; it is being ostentatious aficionado. Sometimes, it makes me to be skeptic about fervent love that deluges complete reality. Biologically, the development of sense organs in a life form has a directive destiny meaning to be erudite about the real world rather than entangle in fussy of life by becoming a hedonist or ascetic person.

To divulge the enigmatic aspect of cynicism, a search for an absolute truth, demurs the God, perhaps. Only the death is the path that reveals the ‘loss of cynicism’, may be. Life itself, subterfuges to us with facetious, jocular and decorum patterns of love, sex, marriage, company, children etc. Still I needed some strong reasons to aver the disputable fact.

The burgeoning population aggrandizes the competition which by default protrudes the mind to abstain from the esoteric elements. On the other hand, it may ensue solitary due to social melancholy strain from oppressive rivalry to achieve temptations. Life itself is full of mind oscillations as we are composed of atoms which by nature are rickety. Time pervades everyone about the true nature of mettlesome mind in life periphery through intangible pervasiveness of experience.

It is not neither a hyperbole nor trying to be iconoclast of heretical hegemony. To conciliate this soul through trying to touch the perimeter of omniscient, I may fumble sometime and appease myself with facetious remarks to bolster till the cogent truth of this convoluted mystery is unraveled.



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