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Greater Nepal   1 comment

Nepal lost to British, not with India through the historic Sugauli Treaty of 1815. British left india long ago, so they should submit dominated regions belonging to Nepal in their reign in India. At the time of greater Nepal Western part of India and Eastern part of India such as Darjeeling, Sikkim etc places were attached to greater Nepal. To the south, all areas above the ganges river belong to Nepal. Still to the North West, there’s a place called Kiratpur where Kirati’s ruled once. So, it is all clear that it all belongs to Nepal.

Current Nepali politicians’ are not true nationalist, because nepal doesn’t belong to them ancestrally so they have not affection towards Nepali land. They have landed in Nepal from India. However, china is very clear with Nepal.

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Economised World   Leave a comment

Before industrial period, during the agrarian age, everyone was at least dependent upon their own labor, their feat and toil for each family in their agro-field. Even though, there was always an economy, but no slavery as we in the modern world. An unseen slavery with no higher purpose than just survival. Someone is afraid of the power of mind- a human capacity if it is allowed to access the pinnacle of what a human wishes or desires. This world is not a market.

As far as the world has seen the globalization, it has only increased poverty or threatened more on their integrity, and socio-economic stability. Humans are made to buy things, rather than continue to produce their own food. More and more countries, villagers are engulfed to be a part of slavery in the name of globalization. Prices are intentionally hiked up to rob poor people. It is the poorest of poor people, who are entitled to work for them without you know you are their slaves.

The word executives, supervisor, managers, expert are just a bit refined title provisioned to slaves. People with miniature mind struggle to be managers, which one day when they realize it, they will be ashamed to their such small, futile desires.

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Education vs Constitution   Leave a comment

2600 years ago, the greatest man on Earth, the enlightened one, the Buddha, was asked a very normal but important question during his parinirbanna time that after him. Here, for the highest level of education he had been teaching for 45 years on Earth as a path guider to the human, gods. The question was, ‘who will be lead education?’.

As important as question itself, the answer the buddha gave is unique, trustworthy, reliable one, where no one can apply any dictator, authoritative, abusive intent from any general human. The buddha replied, ‘the education buddha taught will be your guider’. If you are deep thinker, imagine what the greatest lessons he taught human being.

2600 years ago, the pali word, ‘sasana’ which buddha taught by translation exactly as ‘education’. Today, after 2600 years of buddha’s enlightenment, the sasana word meaning has changed to ‘rule over’. Today, all countries use constitution as ‘rule over by’. But 2600 years ago, it was the education that was supposed to rule over and the rule over also by the Buddha’s teachings where the path is still very clear and distinct.

Therefore, i personally do not like the word constitution, i prefer sasana or education. Because education has to rule the life, not by constitution. Constitution should be the education that highlights, empowers general public about what is the right and what is the wrong?

Dictator politicians breed when they themselves do not know what is the true guidance for the correct form of ruling. In the midst of human diversity, true politicians should have a Right solutions. If they do not know what is right, better leave the office voluntarily now.

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Buddhasthan   Leave a comment

There are places (meaning – sthan) in the Asian countries, where once it had one single human civilization, however, later it broke into different names. Those names with Afganistan, Pakistan, Hindustan, Tazikistan, khazikistan, and in between all these places, Nepal is such a country where Buddhas born, so this serene place, peaceful people, loving people, kind people lives with the study, practice and faith of buddha’s education.

It is therefore, Nepal is the Buddhasthan- as said by Sahara Rana.

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Govt. Hunting   Leave a comment

We gave our fingerprints, face-id, gps-roaming at free costs to private companies through smartphones, now they will sell it to govt. and govt. will hunt you down by tracking you easily. Leave smartphone use and buy only ‘Hello, hello’ phone. ‘Hello, hello’ phone is the most secure phone in the world. Hunting program started in HK, will come to u in your country very soon.

Law and Crime
First arrest as Hong Kong police prepare citywide raids to hunt down protesters who stormed and vandalised Legislative Council complex
  • Forensics teams have spent two days collecting fingerprints and DNA to identify protesters
  • Source says dozens of protesters are being tracked down with wave of arrests to come ‘in the near future’

Just buy ‘hello, hello’ phone.

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Jesus -Buddhist Monk   2 comments


In this documentary of the ‘Lost Tomb of Jesus (biblical documentary), the Mara is depicted to be the lord, the master in Armenian language as quoted by Prof. James Tabor, university of North Carolina, Charlotte. But the truth is much deeper.

BBC has a document that studied that Jesus was a Buddhist Monk, and in fact it is also true that the word ‘MARA’ is the one who looks after the Worldly affairs. Like the way, you do not like your farmed animals run away, similarly, the Mara doesn’t like like the way the fully enlightened person escapes from this worldly affairs. This typical word mara is the imported from the original language of origin the Pali canon and text of the eastern civilization which the fully enlightened Shakyamuni Buddha used to refer.

Mara would not be happy if you do meditation in order to understand this world systems through purification of mind fully and escape from it. When you are fully enlightened even Mara cannot stop those who are enlightened fully.

A German scholar, Holger Kersten, wrote about Jesus early years and said that Jesus had settled in Sindh among the Aryans and he wanted to perfect himself. The BBC made a documentary entitled “Jesus Was A Buddhist Monk, ” and it looks at the theory that Jesus was not crucified and when he was in his 30s he went back to the place he loved.

The documentary said that Jesus escaped death and went to stay in Afghanistan with Jewish settlers. Local people were said to have confirmed the fact that Jesus had spent many years in the Kashmir Valley and had remained there until he passed away at the age of 80 years. If Jesus did spend 16 years when he was a youth in the region, along with the last 45 years of his life, he would have spent around 61 years in total in India, Tibet, and regions close-by. There are locals who believe that Jesus was in fact laid to rest at the Roza Bal shrine in Srinagar in Kashmir.

Jesus A Buddhist Monk Hemis Roza Bal

i don’t know what Jesus or Issa taught. In history what’s written later and how new generation churches are teaching in religion market. But, Buddha’s words are so clear, practical, useful, wise, and scientific.

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ANAPANA   Leave a comment

Anapana is an ancient word which means respiration.

Anapana meditation is the moment by moment awareness (attention) of the breath coming in and going out as it is.

Meditation helps children better understand themselves and how their minds work. As children learn to calm and concentrate their minds, they gain mastery over their impulses and actions.


Meditation Technique

  1. Sit in comfortable position with your back and your neck straight.
  2. If you wear glasses take them off.
  3. Keep your eyes gently closed.
  4. Keep your mouth closed.
  5. Focus all you attention on the entrance of the nostrils.
  6. Remain aware of the natural breath as if comes in, as it goes out.
  7. Don’t try to control or count the breath.
  8. Don’t add any word or imagination of any kind.
  9. When the mind wanders away, bring it gently back to the awareness of your breath.

Try to remain aware of each and every breath that comes in and goes out.

Benefits of Anapana Meditation

  • Improves concentration
  • Increases alertness
  • Develops control over the mind
  • Memory becomes clearer
  • Improves decision-making ability
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Agitation, fear, tension, nervousness and stress decrease
  • Increases ability to understand others and to express oneself
  • Mind becomes healthy, wholesome and strong
  • One becomes full of good wishes for others.

In order to feel these benefits in your life, practice for 10-15 minutes, twice a day.


Minute changes in the definition of Anapana. Thank you, please practice and experience yourself.


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