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Is Buddha born in Nepal or India?

The world is researching and the people want to know. More than 623 B.C., there were many kingdoms in current Nepal and in India. There was no clear distinction between those two current countries.  But, it can be delineate the lines from the perspective where the mixture of India and Chinese people have lived together in this himalayan zones, one plateau to northern part and other totally vastness of flat land.

There is still the ‘Greater NEPAL’ concept, which is encompass a larger parts of India, which was in Nepal before. The British invasion in india and a part of Nepal, made a collapse of several Nepali regions extended far west to far east.

3 Things are most important to Remember where Buddha born.

  1. Buddha, particularly, siddhartha was born in Lumbini, Kapilvastu, Nepal. The physical body, and such things happens only in pure lands.
  2. Siddhartha achieved Nibanna, in India for now, which was Nepal, before British took a chunk part of Nepal under Greater nepal.
  3. Actually, the seed of buddha is inside each body of us.

The question is, “Is it worth fighting for?”.


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Vigorness is one the 10 quintessential Perfection (Paramitas), any sentient being at least a human being should earned.

Siddhartha Buddha is the softest material on the outer part, and but if you look at the deepest part. You feel as if you can win buddha through discussion or any other means, but buddha was never defeated.


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The Noble eightfold path is outlined as the path of ending suffering (dukha). It is also called ariya atthangika magga in Pali cannon. In practice, You yourself must strive yourself, if you wish to end your suffering (Magga) and for peace in mind and to your surrounding.

They are:
i. Right View or understanding (Samma Ditti) : The Buddha never intended his followers to believe any teachings blindly, but to practise them and judge for yourself whether they were true.The superior right view leading to liberation is the understanding of the Four Noble Truths. The right view of kamma and its fruits provides a rationale for engaging in wholesome actions and attaining high status within the round of rebirths, but by itself it does not lead to liberation.
ii. Right Thought / Intention (Samma Sankappa): A commitment to cultivate the right attitudes : the intention of renunciation, the intention of good will, and the intention of harmlessness.the intentions are right, the actions will be right. Cause and Effect start from mind. the Buddha recommends to counteract ill will, especially when the object is another person, is a quality called in Pali metta. The method of development is metta-bhavana, the meditation on loving-kindness. May he (she) be well! May he (she) be happy! May he (she) be peaceful!”.One can try developing metta towards all friends, all neutral persons, all hostile persons.
iii. Right Speech (Samma vacca): Speaking truthfully, avoiding slander, gossip and abusive speech.
iv. Right Action (Samma Kammanta) : Refraining from stealing, killing and overindulgence in sensual pleasure.
v. Right Livelihood (Samma avija): Avoiding making a living in ways that cause harm, such as exploiting people or killing animals, or trading in intoxicants or weapons.
vi. Right Effort (Samma vayama) : freeing oneself from evil and unwholesome states and preventing them arising in future.Complete or Full Effort, Energy or Vitality. Also called right effort or diligence. Consciously directing our life energy to the transformative path of creative and healing action that fosters wholeness. Conscious evolution.
vii. Right Mindfulness (Samma sati) : Developing awareness of the body, sensations, feelings and states of mind.
viii. Right Concentration (Samma Samadhi) : Developing the mental focus necessary for this awareness.

The Buddha described the Eightfold Path as a means to enlightenment, like a raft for crossing a river. Once one has reached the opposite shore, one no longer needs the raft and can leave it behind.

The question is the is it really the word “right”, but instead, the word “Balance” give much more perfect meaning. Because everything needs the balance understanding both the sides of a wider perspective. More to enunciate, unless you know the ‘wrong’, you will never understand what is ‘Right’.  Buddha is therefore teaching you the middle path understanding both sides with wisdom. The eightfold path is at the heart of the middle way, which turns from extremes, and encourages us to seek the simple approach.

Image result for seesaw balanceImage result for seesaw balanceThe Fulcrum is the state of the Right, even though it is not right at philosophical level, because the balance comes when u stay between understanding both right and wrong. So, Balance or True word is more appropriate.

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Earth is not only the World. Mind also has a world.

Why human are naturally selfish, bring forth conflicts?
It is because of multiple reality effects. They do not see other side. People generally tend to live in their own world and do not like other people to enter in their world. A marriage will only be successful either husband or wife needs to adapt in other’s world. If you draw a line between, then, a marriage could run but not necessarily a love will exist truly.

Did Anyone saw Multiple Reality?
Siddhartha Buddha was not selfish, because he saw the Multiple Worlds, Multiple Reality. Yes, of course, me also.

Multiple Reality effects conflicts. So, For Peace, understand ultimate reality with a peaceful dialogue process. A dialogue is a bridge to understand other side reality because world lives in a multiple reality.

In conflicts, people hold only their sight, side as the ultimate reality, which brings conflicts. Life is about statistical weight value process before any significant output which happens at super conscious level in a billionth of a second, so quick. What is the weight value do you give it to your circumstances?

Is there ultimate reality? It is a place where everyone gets equal satisfaction state of mind. When mind achieve this state, the body naturally adapts to the mind state.

Then, what is the Satisfaction? It is also the state of mind depends on your mind state. If you are close to achieving your Reality, then, you will be more happy, and other will remain unhappy because you win. You do not necessarily care about ultimate reality, but if you care, then other side of reality people will be happy too when you win. Only in the state of closeness towards the Ultimate Reality, most people will be happy (win-win theory).


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Nobody understands ur body, mind more than u; but, have you ever realize what you are capable of, which methods exist, does it costs.A human is a orgno-machine that has sensor like the way tech gadgets has.

So, Activate your x-sensor and become more powerful physically and mentally and see what Gigantic differences happens to your life. Our external senses takes you to your internal sensors as x-sensors. X-sensors are Extra-sensors that a life possesses and easily perceptible to and benefit from it for self-development with multiplying your “Internal Abilities“. It’s training is good for weak mind, school children that helps them in a realization of their own potential (power, skills, capacity by acquiring new skills – knowledge).

Barometric (Pressure):
Your body senses the pressure. systole and diastole. It helps balancing your bodily existence with environment. Swim deep under ocean.

Gyroscope (Oscillation) : Your body can sense the Stability n Instability, relies on orientation, movement with respect to speed.a U know ur center of gravity and apply it to others. U can stand on one leg, also u can make a pyramid of river stones by putting many pebbles one on top of other.The highest power is the power of “chi”. A deeper concentration and mindfulness practice is required.

Satellite (Telepathic): You can connect and receive a signal (information) from u into/from universe. Wisdom only comes when u connect yourself with universe. This is deep connection. More your mind is clean, empty, silence, more wisdom is to come to you, so stay in silence most of the time for productivity, but sharing is equally important to others after you’ve some wisdom. You are a transmitter as well as receiver of an information.
Practice method: Auto-suggestion, Positive Thinking and Prayers work which is mystic.

Wave-metric (emotion sensing): U sense exuberance, excitement, down, etc. U can feel high energy wave in a body when u r angry, biologically, a huge blood is pumped into body system. Eg. Fear, Happiness. This is shallow co  nnection. Once you absorb information of a bad news from ears, ur brain calculates in nano-seconds, and flows that negative energy into your whole body system. So, awareness or mindfulness practice is very important to subdue their effects as a reaction from you.

Thermometer: Senses body temperature fluctuations.
Auto-Healing: In a both body and mental wound, they are auto-healing, but takes time and care. Our spirit knows the perfect balance, but a difference in information gap between mind and body of the spirit’s path, led to accidents sometime. A high energy goes to low energy location to balance your uniformity of your bodily energy.

Apart from 5 school taught senses, which also can do more than u think of.

Eye: not only to see, but to observe. It has power to your stability of mind and body. U can hardly stand on your one leg if you don’t concentrate your eye on one thing outside. But u will be more powerful if u can stand on one leg shutting eyes, it helps you to under your gyroscope existence and balances your mind n body.

If you keep practicing to exert on your such x-sensors, you will be very powerful and extra-ordinary than your colleagues in a month.

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HIIT Is The Science-Backed Workout That Can Slash Your Exercise Time

  • Listen to your instructor and stay calm with good friendship with your peers. Ask questions on how to do.
  • Always start with 15-20 minutes of FITNESS: Stretching (Warm up) is the foremost practice before lifting: Bending (forward and side wise), Chin up, Push up, Twisting, Skipping, Jumping, Running, to make your body warm enough not to get muscular sprain or strain or rush of blood movement to/from heart. It is same for male, female or children.Good for digestion, stress reliever, mindfulness training, Mental healthiness, Depression, Socialization.Winter is a good time to reduce your fat body. Don’t use other tech heaters, better jump, skip.
  • Don’t mix all in a day (Like don’t do  biceps and triceps in the same day).
  • Take rest intermittently, and drink water, but don’t eat within 2 hours before gym works.
  • Don’t do this First, if ur cholesterol level is high, it might give u a heart attack. First Burn your fats, calories with simple warm up exercise
    • Squats: 20 seconds                   Rest: 10 seconds
    • Jumping jacks: 20 seconds    Rest: 10 seconds
    • Push-ups: 20 seconds             Rest: 10 seconds
    • Lunges: 20 seconds                  Rest: 10 seconds
    • Jumping jacks: 20 seconds     Rest: 10 seconds
    • Push-ups: 20 seconds              Rest: 10 seconds
    • Lunges: 20 seconds                   Rest 10 seconds

    This is the basic 4 minute protocol you should repeat the circles 4 more times for a total of 20 minutes. This is easy and fast way to finally burn fat and strengthen your body. Don’t think twice start this circuit immediately.




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Smart People are always mindful of the most things than ordinary people. Live on a present moment that makes you happy, living in past or future is the suffering. Take a deep breathing if u think ur mind slips into either thinking  past or present.

What happens to un-mindfulness?
Mindful less people live an animal life, mindful people live spiritual life, so does success follow him. Stupidity is being not mindful. Problems in life comes to people with less mindful and acts stupidity and failure follows them naturally. Fatal Car accidents are result of being not mindful or being mind-full.

How to increase Mindfulness? 

  • Close your eyes. When u inhale cold air and exhale warm air, concentrate on it, it’s oxygen goes into brain freely when u concentrate that empowers your mindfulness. It takes 15 seconds, how good Mindfulness is.Oxygen reminds who you are? Oxygen balances mind n body (Those who lost this balance needs a mindfulness practice).
  • Another way is to WALK BACKWARD, there is a fear, but on the opposite side, there is a mindfulness practice, choice is yours. Do not walk the same route, don’t do same thing every day, do the same things differently, it activates your brain to be mindful when you do it differently.
  • Doing different jobs, activates your different brain nerve. Because sleeping mind wakes up with new things. Repetition makes life and brain boring.
  • Drawing Art and Practicing Calligraphy: Precision and Accuracy are excellence of mindfulness. Find mistakes while comparing with original, and Re-do again with Mindfulness. Mistake is the dysfunctional and idiosyncrasy of mind and body coordination relationship.

Who needs it? For your proper decision making, reviving or recalling memory, best medicine for Dementia, Good for students appearing in exam or children who can not concentrate, Mental issues, long hours of drivers, if u think present is the worst moment, when u need focused mind in you. A delay worker, procrastinator, who thinks busy, wrong life people.

Who teaches it?  Vipassana meditation is the best technique, it has its centers all over the world. See if it in your country, google it (https://www.dhamma.org). Those centers are not religiously bounded, and a wonderful technique taught in a tradition by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, who achieved enlightenment through mindfulness meditation.

What is Mindfulness? Purposefully Pay attention to present moment WITHOUT BEING JUDGMENTAL (Do not react) as it is, rather to worry much on gone “past” or un-happened “future”.

Where to do? Do when u are clueless, feeling anxiety. Do at Office Chair, Traffic Jam (observe your breathing), Eating (when u eat b mindful of taste, texture, your hand touching spoon and flexing hands to put spoon to mouth, see opening of your mouth, touch to lips by spoon), Sleeping, Waking up (think of ur sleeping posture), home. Keeping on doing wherever possible, Stress reliever.

Image result for buddha life and mindfulnessIt’s a human idea, not necessarily buddhist or any sect. B Human, my friend.


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Image result for mindfulness practice

Image result for mindfulness practice
EVEN IN MIND FULL – PRACTICE MINDFULNESS (Everything will be clear each object by object; each subject by subject)

Image result for buddha life and mindfulnessRelated imagehabits
B Mindful of Your Habits- For success in Life.

Image result for calligraphy handwriting a to zImage result for calligraphy handwriting a to zPRACTICE CALLIGRAPHY- Precision and Accuracy are Pillars of Mindfulness.

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