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   Is the Father of Western Philosopher, the Socrates, the follower of Buddha’s education?

The timeline is the most important to put for the efficacious truth of Western and Eastern Philosophy. Both looked at the mind to be researched, rest physical world are just a mirror, projections or bi-products of our monkey natureof mental thoughts, logics, ideas, concepts on politics, morality & ethics, consciousness, independent, reincarnation, courageousness, knowledge, virtues, etc.

Looking the widely accepted timeline is the Birth Period of Jesus has separated the BCE and CE (AD). The Eastern Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama – Many modern scholars believe that the historical Buddha lived from about 563 to about 483 BCESocrates (469/470-399 BCE) was a Greek’s profound philosopher and is considered the father of western philosophy. The trade route from China to Asia Minor and India, known as the Silk Road, had been in existence for 1,400 years at the time of Marco Polo’s travels (c. AD 1270–90). It came into partial existence about 300 BC, when it was used to bring jade from Khotan (modern Hotan, China) to China. By 200 BC it was linked to the West, and by 100 BC it was carrying active trade between the two civilizations. At its zenith in AD 200 this road and its western connections over the Roman system constituted the longest road on Earth. The most important timeline to note is the Partial existence of the Silk route of 300 BC, means it was existed long before.

In both Eastern and Western hemispheres’ countries, there was a heavy influence and blinded deeply of ‘agency (institution)’ and god influence in a society. Countries, People were in distressed, depressed, controlled by closed minded elites, where individuality was lost. Both Buddha and Socrates, who have a profound intellectual influence to open their mind ‘wisdom’ on an ancient and modern society.

The Great Emperor, Ashoka, ruled form 268 BCE to 232 BCE and became a model of kingship in the Buddhist tradition. Jesus, who himself was the Buddhist monk. We know that that Buddha had sent his disciples to different directions and we can assumed to correlate that some disciples or householder follower or buddha’s words must have somehow passed to all the way to the Rome, and Greece through Oral tradition at least, by walking the improperly developed the Silk Route, which later when many people used to travel through silk route became a solid route. It is my hypothesis is that When road was improperly recognized as the silk road, people used to travel, so the messenger of buddha’s knowledge from the east to the west could be any buddhist monk, or merchants, who circulated not only the silk and culture, but such a profound knowledge of Buddha. The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative trade in Chinese silk carried out along its length, beginning during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). When Socrates came in contact to hear such words of enlightening education that could break bondage of social and mental to open consciousness to realize oneself and ontology. Socrates must have certainly been delighted, and little did he know more, he went onto research more through discussion and analysis, which is also buddha’s path towards wisdom. Right then, he was hungry for intellectual knowledge to taste the wisdom and give it to people who came in contact to him like Plato as students. Socrates’ thirst of seeking mind was his ability to explore more on the path towards consciousness.

Within the Metaphysics, Plato, the student of Socrates, stated that Socrates was occupied with the search for moral virtues, being the “first to search for universal definitions for them”. Such a universal definition of moral virtues only comes from the enlightened one, the Buddha.

Looking at time frame, from my study analysis of both time-frame and their philosophy, it appears to me that Socrates, like Jesus, was the follower of Buddha’s education. Socrates is a son of a stone mason, so who could easily come in contact with disciples and open to new ideas by coming in contact with whoever travelers in town. Socrates frequently says his ideas are not his own, but his teachers. So, the buddha’s disciple, merchant or hearers of buddha’s education must have somehow come in contact to him is my hypothesis.

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Who M I?   Leave a comment

In the World, I am one of the 7.6 billion people on Earth today at May 06, 2017. But, who am I? Today, i’m finding myself looking at the Mirror with the Third eye, The Wisdom’. The third eyes research and test the hypothesis based on the Scientific, Behavioral (Personal and Social Implications) and Knowledge (Rational).

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This assimilation of ‘I’, made a family, society, then, countries. Who is reading it? Who has gone to Job, school, met someone or plan, apply something. of course, the answer is me. But who am I? The answer is my body or my mind. Body is the follower of Mind. This non-physical, mystical mind operates body. My identity, existence and operates from the Respiration. No Respiration, there’s no ‘I’.

Scientifically, Air (oxygen) comes in to give you life (Generator) and enliven all your body cells. Oxygen operates bodily function (Operator) and Oxygen burns through the chemical oxidation reaction (Destroyer). So, this Respiration is GOD, god. Without respiration, there’s no ‘I’ or ‘Me’, here i bridge the religious true sense of God and science at the rational level in this educated society. Oxygen nourishes neurons and excite it, without oxygen neurons die.

Behaviorally, This incoming cold air from outside and outgoing warm air is the balance of temperature, this balance keeps the mind and body in condition. Unbalance of temperature, and unbalanced lungs pumping movement is the sign of the body that you are unbalanced due to Stress. Oxygen helps to people with dementia, memory retrieving process, helps from fatal driving accidents. Sleeping person breathes less oxygen and angry person consumes more oxygen. Observing oxygen helps awareness of mind to make proper decision. Oxygen helps in mindfulness, either u r boss, leader or employee.

Knowledge, This is the reason why the Buddha, Siddhartha, observed and aware of this respiration (in-coming and out-coming), led to achieve the enlightenment state of mind. Abhidhamma (the highest analysis of everything) appeared after enlightenment.

Conclusion:  When trouble or feeling lazy, just experience by taking deep breathing a bit fast and deep. Experience it.

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Naive People from all over the world go first to take medicines “immediately” from chemist and visit doctors, who easily prescribe it. Even, patients are also addictive in nature that after paying a visit to doctor with a fee, if they don’t prescribe any medicine, patient assume that visited doctor is not a good one. It is also responsibility of a doctor that is the medicine necessary? On the other parts, the pharmaceutical companies billion dollars investment have bought hospitals, doctors to recommend their medicines. What a match up and patch up between all of them. We conspiracy theorists know the money game and game changing techniques.

Antigens are any foreign substance that are not of our body system that when enters into body system through any processes and dysfunctions a normal body. Antigens affect human body due to body’s low immune system, and/or the external factors like weather, when weather changes your bodily immune system dilates and antigens finds a suitable place to invade.Antibodies, also called immunoglobulins, Y-shaped molecules are proteins manufactured by the body that help fight against antigensAntigens can be bacteria, viruses, or fungi that cause infection and disease.

So, the question is, “Do We really need to consume antibiotics or any medicines?”
First the answer is “NO! most of the time”. Consume only when necessary. Reasons why you shouldn’t –
*Like in Fever, Cold, Cough, Small Cuts, Minor Injuries try to develop your own immune system and fight with it.
* Antigens
 naturally stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies inside a human body. Our body is a self-remedy producing biological machine, and let it work. If you feed from outside, then, one day, your body will think that it does not have to produce itself, then, lifelong you need to keep feeding yourself from mouth, IV plant.

Conclusion: External Medicine is not always necessary like food, air and water. Our body is a self-healing biological greatest machine. Sorry, Pharma-industry!

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Third Eye   Leave a comment

Many things have been said and talked about the Third Eye, by religious and scientific communities. So, i thought to write to clarify everyone.

But what is it?

Third Eye is simply the source of wisdom which comes after the purification of conscience, the deepest level of mind, instead of more physical location. It comes from reading, analytic contemplation and experiences. Your two physical eyes cannot see, then, your mind penetrates at the metaphysical level (beyond quantum) and find a satisfying answer, path, ways.

Wisdom comes when your mind is totally empty or a state when your mind is not holding onto something, or a state of single pointed mind. All your problems will get absolved or your mind will burst up with creative ideas, solutions, happiness. you will feel like you are actually alive, your life will be thrilling, and your real physical eyes will have a power of force to do something. Your energy will be revitalized because you have found an answer which you’ve been looking for years. You feel as if you are rejuvenating every moment. Energetic particles all runs throughout your body, no one can stop you, all lethargic will be a thing of a past. All your mind parts will start working, connect nerves to nerves, neuron to neuron, electricity fires in all brain parts, many biological parts get repaired, due to neuro-plasticity- physical brain changes which ultimately changes your thinking pattern and processes. No one can stop you challenge you at physical or mental or beyond at any scale.

Many at times, you may have experience that an answer comes from within you as an insight, that helps you and keep you out of problem. It is not God or any spirituality. It is your wisdom, the third eye, nothing else. It is you, yourself, inner-self, beyond two physical eyes. Nobody can anoint and give you a third eye by the grace of whoever or whatever. A wise person may show you a path only.When your third eye opens (i.e. you get wisdom), you will be able to see many things, and compassion arises towards all beings, you forgive more and more, love more and more. Most importantly, you will know who you are.

How to keep activate the Third eye?
Try to learn something new, your mind will be nourished with rich information. Do Vipassana Meditation as it needs the concentration.

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Purpose of Life   1 comment

Even the richest people do crazy, nonsensical ostentatious pose, are also not happy with their worldly toys, Why? because mind doesn’t naturally need it. And, economically poor people desire for money to flaunt themselves among friends. Observe the level of mind and what is your level of mind. But, then, what is the purpose of my Life?

The Purpose of life is to open, raise oneself towards the complete, highest consciousness state of mind. Imagine, if you can use 100% of your brain capacity. Even science can’t imagine, what would happen if you can.

Every time, your mind is nourished with new knowledge, information either good or bad experiences in life; everything adds up to help you to make a complete alleviated state of mind or in other words, make you more wise with wisdom.  More your mind is alleviated, you treat people more with true compassion, forgiveness and smile at their attitude like of little children. Human need to experience the power of mind.

What happens to Mind?
When your mind is thirsty, you feel fatigue, lethargic, finds no value of existence, you feel complete emptiness, you lose yourself. It is a mind state either much low or a time to open the higher level of mind. It is a stage where, your mental state do not match with mental state of your surroundings.

Then, What is Blocking?
You may enjoy the worldly affairs with less hardship because we are bound to be the prisoner of the sense organs. Like our sense organs, the religions, books, Academic certificates, Knowledge, imprisoned in impression towards something/someone, are the prison bars. Intellect is lower than the consciousness of mind. Intellect is dry science, but consciousness is rather the juicy, rich experience.

The open-minded people are one who has broken the prison bars and will approach to the highest level of consciousness mind. So, be open, independent view, be augmentative towards new areas. Walk up to fresh air, green hill, then look at the city. And, sit comfortably and just observe on incoming breathe and outgoing breathe. Oxygen goes to your brain nerves and nourishes to refresh deactivated parts which will help you to raise your consciousness and awareness of everything is a consequence. So, Always take a deep breathe, if you have not found the Purpose of Life.



Congratulations! Your level of consciousness has risen as you have read this article.  As new ideas push the morphogenetic field outward, new attractor fields are built, breaking through old thought forms and beliefs driven by force and new belief systems are created. As more of us think about this topic and these considerations, larger and larger fields are created.

The End of War   1 comment

Neither the dead nor alive people have ever experienced
“The end of war” through Rage of War.

It’s a time to realize that if a war is truly the path of protection, security as promised by Politicians, then, study the war history and ask yourself, ‘has it never given a protection, security?’ There has always been a loss on both sides of a war. If there is also no security in war, then, why public support war? Why can’t you understand this? There is no real threat in this world.

Normal people are busy in making money for bread and butter every morning and evening, they do not have time for such mental problems; only politicians play this game. Look at Hillary’s email in creating a falsehood enemy by funding few ignorant, poor people; look at Bush who killed thousands of innocent people in the name of false ‘weapons of mass destruction’, therefore, Bush is supposed to be hanged instead of Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately, people were not ready to listen to Saddam, now on Contrary, Mr. Bush is smiling at the sheep nature of people and walking freely. People ! It is time to wake up.

There were no need of World war I and II. And, here or in future, no need of WW III either. The leaders of the world have already developed the underground security for themselves when there will be WWW-III and the earth surface will be unable to live like in Mar’s surface due to extinction of life forms by nuclear war explosions for small ego in the distant past. So, how many times in this history of human civilization on earth needs to understand that this war is not the solution? Again and again, there were wars and all wants to gain control over people by becoming the Global Authority.

Remember, If you feel insecure, then, others are also insecure; and in this name of security, an empty imaginary threat builds up in our peaceful mind. This is the control game played by rich people, and politicians. You support the war in the name of your country, your people, color and in contrary, in other times you talked about the humanity, peace. What the hell is wrong is you People !

The military investors make money out of it making bombs, bullets. Your Political leaders are attached to their ego, power, politics. Countries say annual negative economic debt, i ask who the hell is the creditor to your country- god or aliens? After all it is the human, instead why not distribute the food in equitable way. Is nation’s economy larger than humanity? They have investment money for the military warheads, but no money to feed the poor people. Your leaders need to change mind, peace is possible. Food will be available. Your children can grow only in peace. Peace grows from inside, not from outward material world. Material world only comforts living.

So, is there a solution for a complete peace?
If your leader does not have an ability to settle a dispute through dialogue, then, it is a perfect time to search another leader, for his/her incompetency.

Yes, the dialogue to find the reason in the round table. What is the thing in the world that cannot be absolved. Don’t fight like child, you are grown up. Remove the boundaries, any barriers to keep the humanity first. Death is a certain.  Be compassionate as said by Buddha. But, i know people will never change. Share food, Be Generous. Forgive ignorant people. Do not Attach too much your hunger for worldly things. I see no wrong with the people and the World. I see no Threat in the world. People just need to show a true compassion, forgiveness and make them believe that there are still good people on Earth.

Finally, one day, when the buddha’s education is experienced by each sentient beings.



war quotesको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

war quotesको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Religion Definition   Leave a comment

Does your religion give a peace in mind to yourself and others?
Does your religiion have a clear path step by step?
Does your religion show you on how to become a perfect human?
Which religion or sect now actually gives you a proper answer based on direct experience and fit at behavioral, scientific and intellectually correct?
Does your religion teach to be compassion, forgiveness?
Does you religion is an instant result-oriented of your action?
Can you experiment on yourself for the happiness of all sentient beings?
Does your religion explain cause and effect, because nature is based on it?
Does it let you free, independent, instead of imprisonment?
What is the true, unblemished definition of a Religion?

Religion= Real + zation + legion
Real = True, Pure, Natural, Universal law that is applicable at varied level, scale. Not imagined or supposed. Real should be the behaviroal, scientific, intellectually correct.
Zation= an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact:
legion= a group of people who follow this real understanding.

Originally, the definition of a “Religion” so called now, has common, pure understanding throughout the World. But, later, people due to their geographic, language differences over time with their capacity of understanding, developed a tag, logo & flag and drove a legion as a sect, group as separate. So, people be human. Wake up people.

Buddha says, “Do only the good deeds, Avoid the bad deeds; It is eternal buddha’s education”. There is in fact, no as such buddhism. How can such eternal and universal education be a sect? Buddha’s education perverse everywhere. So, all sentient beings need to research yourself if his education changes your life instantly. It is a compulsory education to be taught in schools to make a pure, complete human for the peace and prosperity of a human civilization and rest sentient beings.

Is this the Physics subject is finding the natural, universal law? Will it decipher the religion one day. Unfortunately, science can only perceive, but cannot taste it and unless you taste it, you will not know the real thing. So, instead of science, the conscience is very important to taste it. For conscience, the human form of existence is of great and fortunate enough. So strive towards it. So, far from my study, the Buddha who has realized and awakened himself, and taught, showed path towards his stage and encourage us to understand this universal fact, which the einstein quoted clearly.

Einstein on Buddhism

Religion integrates, collects, assemble, bring together human with its compassionate, forgiveness, friendly knowledge and skill. If your so called religion doesn’t unite people, and help in need, you need to change your understanding.




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