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India was not India, when British ruled then. But Nepal was clearly delineated.

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Life is not about this that what you gain or what you like, it is about what you have become. when you die and How many people cry, it is the criteria that whether you have learned an art of living or not.

If you believe in god as savior, then why doesn’t he come to save you here and right now? If he takes you to heaven, then why doesn’t he take you here and right now? Innocent and Ignorant people have made an illusion which is baseless, therefore, they do not come to rescue you. If you read their stories, neither they were able to save themselves nor they will come to save you. Innumerable people have prayed to rescue them since the innumerable time, but no one came to rescue them up till now. Everyone is dying of diseases, natural calamities, poverty. Where is your so called rescuer god?

If your god protect by pleasing them, then i am 100% sure, the devil will also protect you if you please them. But reality is neither of them are here to protect you, if they are truthfully exists. Look at the history both they never came to rescue you. They came to learn from awakened man for their own purpose and salvation.

but whoever came, only the awakened ones came. But the point to be noted is that whoever came, they always made you awaken, aware, alerted, Guide you to a proper path for universal welfare, what is good and bad for you and others. They taught you an art of living.

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Your teachers, leaders, guru never taught you to become like them or you have no capacity. You have become a mark stamp. Lookout yourself into a mirror, You have become a good photocopy machine. They made you a computer memory box. You are collected only in the collection of information as knowledge, but you are supposed to rejoice in the knowledge. You were born for this unlimited happiness. But, they made you a Parrot. Every time what you do is duplicate and write same thing repeatedly. To print same things, you realized that you do not need these two eyes, so you have shut it long and have lived like a blind man. You speak the same thing repeatedly.

Open your eyes and see. What are you doing? Are you dead? i can very well understand so called your guru, clergyman, pandit, is already dead. what you learn from dead guru? what have you done good for this poor world to make it better? How much is your desire’s stomach size? How much more you need? Can’t you see others? Open your eyes now.

Where have you lost your imagination power? Where is your own creativity? It looks like you have killed it or locked it up somewhere in some zoo’s past. I can see your inner spirit has been leveled. Your growing body has aged about to collapse is still you are like a baby, like an old tired ox. When will you take a step ahead further? Your guru died without taking a step forward and such similar you are. Nothing new, only old. Repeating like a damaged brain. I know you are fear and doubtful of unknown new world to step. then why don’t you die? Why don’t you die drown in this water drop? Because value of your living existence is no more. This living life is for them vow to fulfill the purpose to liberate all suffering sentient beings. But You seem already dead.

In this existence, if you have already fulfilled your purpose for which you have come. Then, what’s the purpose of elongating life? You better die, you are just a load to Earth. Open your own cemetery or u need my help to open it?

else be the Bodhisattva of the Earth.

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In evil time, you see many animals in the body of human, many are serpent, many wolves, many bloody eye demons, many foxes, many blood suckers like leech, your spirit energy suckers who has put you in full tension, many disguises are shape changer who is inside this human body. You are in the cage of dictators. You are in the zoo created by lower beings. In your fear, they make profit. They feed you as if you feed animals, pigeons. They tell you what to do. They make you a machine who only takes orders. Their anger is their blind power. Their revenge is their answers. Slavery is their condition to become their allies. Judgements are based on whether they are slave allies or not. They are always thirsty, never satisfied. You will be confused who to trust and who not. Their reality normality is the illusioned world. Crazy are the rulers of this world. You know you are this categorical and They also make you crazy in time. In your pain, they find inner deep pleasure. They are dramatist – make story, they create heroes and villains. They play games of people war like Greek’s Gladiators. Their tongue is a knife. Their eye is hungry evil. In the mind, the the devil king dwells and orders the destruction. What are you? You are nothing, just a puppet, just like a pawn in a chess, a food, a frontline soldier in a war, you are just a game, they are the snake of the snake and ladder game. For Your education you have to pay, but they pay you for bloody war. In the bank loan, they keep a bond in place. While when you keep money, they do not have to keep a bond. Does this make sense? You will become senseless. Such opposite, contradictory is the system. They always eat and suck your innovative ideas, better dreams, beautiful imaginations. They kill all beautiful and brightness in life. Everywhere you see darkness and dirt. Whether communism or capitalism, you are confused in between and you don’t even know the reason why because of this total eclipse. In eclipse of darkness, some people suicide, some become evil like them to exist. Where is the answer? is there solution? is there a land where your children, dreams grow beautifully? You are about to die, still you are totally lost in heedlessness. This made this world dull. Where is the brightness?

This is the zero era. Let’s look at ourselves who is inside of us? If dirt is inside, then, remember that only lotus blooms in the dirt. Let’s plant a seed of lotus in this dirt. Let’s shed a light in the darkness. Let’s give a hope to a despair ones. Let’s give an art of living. Those who know an art of living, they know an art of dying. Let’s awake them, those who are still sleeping here.

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Everyone becomes aware of everything. They know you. you do not need a rule, regulations, constitutions and its protectors of the law in this human society. Because everyone living in this awakened world knows what is good deeds to oneself and other; everyone knows what is bad deeds to oneself and other. They do not harm others because they can feel well the pains of others. They help and donate cause of compassion so that you progress ahead in the path of spirituality. They eat once a time in a day. They do not have to collect for generations because living in this awakened world, where everyone helps each other, they distribute extra share to each other. No one is rich, no one is poor materialistically, living standard is just basic type to survive only. After all – nobody cares if you showcase your materials, because they keep value more in the quality of wisdom. They know very well that these clay materials are left down to earth, while karma, wisdom is the only thing goes with us. They constantly remind themselves that death is certain and we have to learn, take, give only good merits with us. In this level, You do not need to speak out from your mouth to make other understand. Instead, your wisdom understands it. Silence becomes the means of communication. Like you do not say to your child whether they are writing ? when they are writing. But the silence communication is of much higher stature, almost mystic. Until you don’t know, everything in the world is mystic. When your ignorance removes, nothing is mystic. To know mystic, you have to wake up, Else everything is just a dream and mystic never opens up to you. So, Practice 6 perfections at least, if you can do 10 little by little by cleaning the Perfection pots. Let’s make this world- awakened world, where even the Kings and Queens of heaven would better compelling desire to come to live down on earth with you and me together to practice compassion and forgiveness. Let’s create such world.

Let’s look at ourselves who is inside of us? If dirt is inside, then, remember that only lotus blooms in the dirt. Let’s plant a seed of lotus in this dirt. Let’s shed a light in the darkness. Let’s give a hope to a despair ones. Let’s give an art of living. Those who know an art of living, they know an art of dying. Let’s awake them, those who are still sleeping here.

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You were what you thought. You are what you think about yourself. You will be what you think. A thought is an information. Everything channelize as input, process and output. Whether you believe it or not, you are always programming yourself with information. You are telling yourself, you are always talking to yourself. Someone in you tell you what to do or not.

Everything is about the information, analysis, interpreted and concluded by the brain. To analyse, interpret the information is the most difficult for a lot of human being, no doubt. That’s why people follow what others tell them to do. Auto-suggestion is giving information to one-self purposefully, deliberately to stimuli yourself to your desired goal. Because you are your own master. With 6 senses, the transmission and communication of information input or stored in the deep mind migrate to conscious mind. It returns to you in the form of ideas, dreams, feeling, concept, principles, solutions, and thought. It nourishes you at spiritual and materialistic way.

Autosuggestion is the subconscious or deeply adoption of an idea that one has originated oneself, e.g. through repetition of verbal or recalling statements to oneself in order to change behavior or gain worldly items. To be progressive inlightenment, one has to read books, seek suggestions from everyone, approach multi-dimensional views and understanding, but decide yourself.

Buddha has long ago, not only suggested autosuggestion through an expedient means, but more on what information is to be suggested to self for liberation from suffering.

Q/A Session:

🌷Q: Isn’t anger, aversion, sadness etc all natural human emotions?

A: You call them ‘natural’ human emotions, but the mind by nature is very pure. This is a very common mistake.

The true, pure nature of the mind is so much lost that the impure nature of the mind is often called ‘natural’! The true natural mind is so pure, full of compassion, goodwill.

🌷I will give you an example. Suppose somebody close to me dies. It is natural for me to…Again you are saying the same thing! It is the wrong nature in which you are involved. If somebody dies, no crying. Crying doesn’t solve any problem. All those moments when you have been crying you are sowing seeds of crying. Nature wouldn’t see why you are crying, nature only sees what seed you have sowed and the seed of crying will only bring more crying..


🌷Que-Ans :Kalyanmitra S N Goenka ji🌷

1) I feel that our emotions can be teachers, that we can learn from our anger or our sadness. What is the view of Vipassana on this?

SNG : Emotions by themselves do not make us miserable. If we can learn how to observe our emotions, we come out of misery and therefore learn something from them. But if we allow ourselves to be overpowered by these emotions then we suffer.

One thing Vipassana teaches us is this: Emotion will arise; let me observe it objectively. “Look, this is an emotion: anger or sadness,” or this or that. “Along with this let me observe what sensation is on the body. Ah, this sensation is impermanent. Let me see how long it lasts.”

This is how we come out of our suffering.
(Vipassana international newsletter. September 92.)


Autosuggestion plays a role in mystical experiences - Church of ...EMILE COUE: Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion & The ...The Autosuggestion Sound Method™ Explained

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