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R u     bored?                     U think u r not Smart, Smart or Over smart?
watching tv?     do u know Brain exercise?    Do u know 98 % brain is inactive?
Is there a solution 4 dementia? Yes.        Do different or new things everyday.

Baby, its time to change ur thinking pattern. Scientists work with 100+ independent researchers to investigate new areas in cognition and cognitive training. Your life condition is because of brain use power. U r far more capable than wat u think.

BRAIN-TRAIN: SPEED, MEMORY-RECALL, ATTENTION is the most important in life.

FUN 9. how-many-numbersFUN. 8 brain-train-arjun

FUN 7.14642484_1048856385241169_7223409654311306591_nFUN 6.ARJUN Brain train
FUN 5. can_you_find_the_mistake_logic_puzzles_1             FUN 4.bigest-number
FUN 3. number

FUN 2.
FUN 1.

ANSWERS: 0+4=4; 8-4=4,5+4=9

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In General, you can not stop ageing in this fleeting time. What if this morning, you come to know if this is your last day, what am i going to do? How much more money do i need to accumulate in this day before this day is attacked by darkness and this darkness will consume u completely and you die? How much anger should i arise in my mind and for how many number of people, and who are those people? Quickly try to find those people, make a bullet list of name, because time is fleeting. Or would you be seeking other things in life?

First understand biological communication system which naturally starts from our sensation 5 organs (eye, tongue, nose, skin, eyes), ignorance. Ignorance is defined as the wrong act done or harmful incident happened with unintended. Your ‘Act‘ is most important to you and reflect back as a mirror in your life, So, act for your own salvation. If you don’t act, time will drag you. Your current worst situation is nothing but just the effect of your bad past cause which you may have not recalled it. If you are the reason, then, why would someone would come to rescue you, because that ‘someone’ is also thinking busy in his troubled life. So, workout for your own salvation, No one will come to salvage you. Imagining someone will come to rescue you is a sign of mental weakness, concentrate a nostril breathing (incoming cold air, outgoing warm air) will help u clear mind.


Your Birth has taught you that not to reminiscence about your previous lives, because you owned many delusions, accumulated sins (improper use of your sense organs for your own benefit). Your Death will teach you that again not to remember about this life for another life, because you may go to depression knowing such accumulated sins. Therefore, your re-birth means “fresh” restart your life, so, don’t ponder upon either past or future, just keep working or act with compassion, forgiveness to all living things in this uncertain life so work out for your own salvation properly, you will be happy immediately. But, what is a source of happiness?

With your eyes, see things as it is. Do not see worldly material thinks to steal. Do not see with sensual pleasure. See with eyes, only the natural beauty and everything is impermanent. Nothing lasts forever. This earth is our rented house only. With your mouth, speak only welfare of all lives. Speak truth with the right speech. Your wise words of encouragement. don’t speak evil. Similarly, use all everything you own, wise it properly.

Once two person of same village were supposed to be blessed by god for next revival. 
First person demanded, “God, i just wish i keep receiving all the time”  &
Second person requested, “God, i just wish i keep giving all the time”. 
God said, “So, shall be it !. They died and revived in the same village together.
First person born as a Beggar, and Second person born as a Richest man.
God blessed the second person with so much of wealth, so that he could keep giving all the time.

LESSON IN LIFE: Just B Generous like the second person in Thought because mind is the generation of every cause and effect.

If you are going to die by this evening, the only happiness you gain is only by ‘sharing’, not by ‘gaining’. When you share, it is nature that you will gain something. Share happiness- gain happiness, reflection as mirror. Sharing happiness means to make other happy by raising happiness in second person by any means that makes him/her happy. Enjoy smile evoked from your act, observe what is the work that you would like to do that makes the next person happy? Some people might need scholarship, some people might need food, some children might need outdoor, some people might need money. By helping them to fulfilling their expedient needs (or whatever), and immediate delivered true ‘smile’ on their face or observe & listen carefully with tears full of eyes of true gratitude.

The Buddha, self-enlighten person, who did salvation from suffering, also couldn’t stay happy even after achieving enlightenment. His happiness was there when he showered the self-salvage path way to all suffering human being. He didn’t hide, he enjoyed for 7 weeks in himself in enlightened state. Later, when he saw such a many people suffering, he propagated to everyone. Even such an enlighten person was not happy, happiness is such a thing.

Once Buddha was asked: “What have you gained from Meditation?” He replied: “Nothing.” “However”, Buddha said, “let me tell you what I lost : Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of Old, Age and Death.”

This true smile, true gratitude they’ve expressed to you, these people’s true expression are for you, not even to the god. Imagine, how great are you?  Work out and experience it, feel their happiness, catch their gratitude vibes and waves of happiness for u, you will be automatically sense happiness. The third law of newton’s motion- Every action has equal and opposite reaction, the same happiness will reflect back to you what you give. This is a only the source of “true happiness“.


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The pilot and co-pilot of a Boeing 747-8 flying from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska, were passing near the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka when they observed a fiery reddish glow over the Pacific. With no other planes in the area at the time to confirm the sighting, they took pictures of and reported to Air Traffic Control, then completed the flight to Anchorage. So … what was it?

                                        PICTURE TAKEN BY PILOT IN OCEAN.

Observe at Google Earth, Most oceanic surfaces are all pasted by Google Earth with haze.A blanket of path file is drafted with elevation and blue color is purposely used to look like ocean to ordinary people.


Some people believe that red color of sun is absorbed by ocean.In dark night, where do an ocean gets light?
why do google earth has to paste ocean floor in a haze carpet written google, google everywhere?

It is because there are more cities in Ocean, than on planet earth. These advanced civilization living to protect themselves from any asteroid hit as water absorbs energy. We now human, our ancestors were in fact, left over to Earth’s surface by advanced societies with nothing due to selection. Our ancestors were of no or little use to these alien species, some of whom are similar or close to human beings.Since 1950s, we are advancing exponentially, on which aliens are responding to our growth and scientific advancement.


Look at above floor of ocean hills, mountains flat on top, hundreds of them are there.


Who created such a parallel pathways deep inside ocean?


Who made that perfect box?

alien base

They Photoshoped.

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T H E      M Y S T I C     L A W     OF   L O T U S     S U T R A

Lotus Flowers send the cylindrical stalks of both the leaves and flowers from the muddy bottom of the water high into the air. The flowers and the leaves all appeared to be reaching for the sun. The flowers closed in the late afternoon.During the night, the flower closes and sinks, like a cleansing, and then emerges with the light, a renewal. (Never give up, when things are difficult in life, next day again re-emerge to touch the sky (buddhahood), keep practicing mystic law every time-never give up for enlightenment that gives only happiness to you and others- the extreme state of wisdom and compassion. Hollow stems, but tough outside and flexible stem symbolizes our resilience and compassion towards negative forces).

In fall, the Lotus leaves wither, the seeds within the pods ripen and eventually bend down to release the seeds. During winter, the plant sleeps beneath the water’s surface with dormant roots. The Lotus seeds can survive an incredibly long time in a dried-up body of water and have germinated and grown into plants after more than a thousand years of dormancy. (All life forms are like Lotus flower in the winter, need a warmth from the Nichiren Diashonin’s Buddhism. Even while going to dormant phase of life cycle, human should spread seeds of its’ importance of Buddhism).

According to a traditional story, the more muddy and opaque the water, the more beautiful the Lotus flower when it emerges. (More is the worst life conditions you have, more beautifully you will attain buddhahood, if you follow Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, like Lotus flower).


Lesson and Song: written by me (ARJUN LIMBU, 24 July 2016)
It is in the process of Publication

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo !!! (background-Chanting)

I’m a Lotus Flower.
Do not Pray or Chant, Just because You are Told to Do so,
Understand Nobility Nature First.
Discover Wisdom at both the Intellectual & Experiential Level
With Wisdom, Naturally Compassion Emanates Profoundly from Heart.
Like the way, While Lotus Blooms &
Spreads its Sweetest Subtle Scent to its Surrounding.
Be & Act, Like a Lotus Flower in Every Moment of this Apparent Life.

My Dormant Lotus Flower Nature, Buddhahood,
Has lived, Wandered Everywhere in the Deepest Darkness for Countless Kalpas.
In Each Kalpas, Yet I Couldn’t Find Even a Tint of Light.
Still Living under Futile Defilement, Murky Watery underneath Ecosystem.
Nothing Is As Painful As Staying Stuck Somewhere You Don’t Belong.
So, My Lotus Nature is Still Seeking for Some Sign
of Sunshine in this Absolute Darkness. In my Core, I’m a Lotus Flower. I Know.

In my Heart, I know, There’s a Place Somewhere Full of Light & Happiness.
Sun !! I heard You shed Light in Whole Universe. Who are You? Where are You?
What is Your True Nature? Please, Just Shed a Glimpse of Light on Me.
Just Show me the Truth Path, where to Emerge onto.
I will chisel the Darkness, Haze & Rise towards You.
Like the way, Discovering a Light,
the Lotus chisel through the Hazy Pool to Reach out Towards the Shining Light.
Because I’m a Lotus Flower. I Know.

Today, Truly understanding Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo !
I Found the Lion’s Mighty Roar in Me, which gave me Courage
to Confront Any Challenges with Noble Calm Composure.
So, I Thank you to Thunderstorms, Huge Ocean Waves Assailing the Little Boat
of my Life, Coz of You, I’ve found a Tranquil Seashore;
A Rich, but Destitute Vagabond has found an Eternal Home.
Now, My Deepest Compassion will always be Permeating Everywhere in my Presence
Coz I’ve Found its Root causes; Found a True Buddha here in Me.

Today, My Eyes, Full of Tears have Washed away
All my Expedient Darkness & Provisional, Delusional Prejudices.
Like the way, With Faith in Light, Succumbed Lotus Flower Emerges
Washing Itself on Pond & Discovers Free, Fresh & Open Air.

Practicing the Middle Way, Gained True Insight of the Glistening Noble-path.
Perceived the Core of the “Truth as It Is”, Encountered the  “True” Dhamma.
Yesterday is cleansed into Purity Today. Tomorrow will be More Purer.
Now, I’m Escalating from the Lower Worlds to the Pinnacle.
I will Resurrect Myself in the Same Direction, Every Time if I Fall.
Learn to Live this Life Wonderfully: Either in Sorrow or in Happiness.

My utmost thank you to all those
Known, unknown-All universal Forces, For Coming to my Life,
in Different Colors, Shapes, Sizes & Forms as A Guiding Star today.
Like the way, Warm Sun shows up to help Bloom the Potential Lotus Flower.

Now, I See many Other Dormant Lotus Flowers
Perplexed & Wandering in the Murky Pool, Seeking to Bloom.
With a Full Wisdom proliferated within me, Saintly & Diligently,
I Determined to Radiate my Brilliant Virtuous Compassion.
Like the Morning Sun come to Awaken the Lotus flower,
To Awaken those Sleeping Sentient Buddhas. Like I was in the Same Water Pool.
Now, I can See, We are All Lotus Flower. We are all The Lotus Flower.
I’m a Lotus Flower.

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo !!! (background-Chanting)


Scientific Botanical Nomenclature:

Kingdom: Plantae—Plants
Subkingdom: Tracheobionta—Vascular plants
Superdivision: Spermatophyta—Seed plants
Division: Magnoliophyta—Flowering plants
Class: Magnoliopsida—Dicotyledons
Subclass: Magnolidae
Order: Nymphaeales
Family: Nelumbonaceae—Lotus-Lily family
Genus: Nelumbo adans—Lotus
Species: Nelumbo nucifera—Sacred Lotus      (For Christianity: Nucifera is the opposite of Lucifer)


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Earth is rather a Prison than a home. In sky above, a dome shaped covering, the Firmament, has always been a theorized, and following photographs taken by me also supports the Dome shape covered by transparent substance.

Is our earth really a flat rather than spherical?

Is there no escapade from Earth? So, are we being enclosed in a big transparent chemists’ laboratory vessel and cultured like the way microbiologists culture the microorganisms in the transparent glass petri-disc shape in a more or less constant temperature. May be for those researchers, our 2 million years’ of human history along with succession of species after evolution of species from a special amino acids chemical soup, is of great interest and research to them. May be the time span is about 2 days to 7 days for them, like microbiologists culture microoganisms in 24 hrs, providing them a suitable temperature and pressure.

Observe the sunlight reflection on a earth’s sky proving a dome existence above sky.

DSC05319Photocopy (c). Author E-mail:


Photocopy (c). Author E-mail:

DSC05321Photocopy (c). Author E-mail:

The above


Photocopy (c). Author E-mail:


Photocopy (c). Author E-mail:

Is our Earth truly Flat?

Buddha   2 comments

May be this world is a prison, that’s why we always strive for enlightenment. Especially, when you r in a deep shit, u always desire to overcome suffering at least, right?

In any so called religions, i never like the “ism”, especially in the Buddhism- only the word Buddha is Perfect, that is inherent in all life forms, no matter what their origin, sex, color, or follow any sect. It is rather a Law of nature simply. Like, when anger arises, it creates a negative atmosphere in surrounding, and with happiness, it creates a peaceful ambience, and this ubiquitous law of nature pertains and pervades in all life. I’m not a blind faith, and believe only that transforms me into a better person at both logical and experiential level. A better person means to achieve the pinnacle of success or my virtues without harming others at least even living as earthly person because i need good fortune as well. To propagate a positive vibe is also to dispel the fundamental darkness, so i’m writing particularly this issue.

New York – Vipassana Acharya S. N. Goenka addressed the delegates to the Millennium World Peace Summit as they gathered in the United Nations General Assembly Hall today – first ever gathering of religious and spiritual leaders in the UN. Mr. Goenka’s speech, in the session entitled Conflict Transformation, focussed on the themes of religious harmony, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Mr. Goenka said, “Rather than converting people from one organized religion to another organized religion,we should try to convert people from misery to happiness, from bondage to liberation and from cruelty to compassion.”

In practicing Buddhism, i like both Vipassana Meditation as well as the Nichiren Daishonin (the Lotus Sutra). It is very truly expounded here that the 5 sense organs+mind are the primal sources  of the purification and pollution of an individual. Our sense organs- eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body receives/send information (evil or good emotional feelings) to/from brain and surrounding. It ultimately manifests a person of good and bad nature or transforming one’s virtues. This is the law of nature that every living are confined in.

The heart of the Buddha’s lifetime of teachings is the Lotus Sutra, which manifests in our behaviour and character, the most valuable treasurer as a human being. What matters most is one’s heart. The wonderful qualities and character as a person will even inspire and move the hearts of people who are not practicing this faith. It is rather a human thing than imaginative. So, Lesson is unless we change our behavior to good by experiencing a true state of peace and tranquility amidst continual struggle against evil.

Mr. Toda, Soka Gakkai says to youth that, “sometimes you’ll encounter situations where things don’t go as you would like. when that happens, voice constructive opinions. speak out confidently and articulate your views. Respect people of character and integrity, and stand up bravely to the high-handed and arrogant. That’s what youth need to do. some people become increasingly self-centered as they get older. often leaders grow lax and corrupt when they rise to high positions and there is no one around to guide or correct them. The leaders in our organization for kosen-rufu need to be exceptionally self-disciplined.”

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Do you like a War? of course, Not, but,

The “ever-ready” -USA, China and Russia countries are not afraid for the WW3 as they know they may not win,but they know with they can bear suffering and enjoy giving a worst suffering to each other. USA and Russia are two countries that instigates a war with their invisible presence in the name of dictatorship oppression or hedgemony happening in other countries.

In fact, these countries’ leaders are acting as dictatorship in place of peace process. The word “Democratic” or “Republic” doesn’t make any difference to public, as dictators always have been oppressing people in some way. In a nation, people diversity is very natural, however, they need to understand that “If u a group needs a space, then, so does other groups”.I want to know why MUSLIMS are targeted in media badly? When only 2% of crimes are conducted by them, where 98 % are others. U want to WW3 by instigating to attack US Soil by ARAB nations like the Pearl Harbour.

Winning by War is a Dictatorship, Win with Dialogue is a Peace Process- Arjun Limbu (that’s me). A peace process formula to all for now on wards-

Rule No. 1 : Each human holds a right to choose a religion. Do not force others to choose or reprimand others’ religion (Just follow what you like the best). Dialogue is better than war.

Rule No. 2 : Human wants to be like a Free bird flying in 3 dimensional atmosphere. So, let their inner dreams, desires and capacity to germinate.

Rule No.3: Human should value its virtue rather than anything. Everybody should understand it. It expounds the meaning of Helping others. Earning good Karma. Everything is weighed as good or bad. Financial interest makes life comfortable, doesn’t give happiness totally.

Rule No. 4: If there are ever occur WW3, there are 190 nations worldwide. All other nation should unite and start a dialogue against it because there’s no point of WW3. Only 3 people’s decision can not bring millions of human loss for no apparent human development. What have we gained from WW1 and WW2? Nothing but pains and sorrows. If there again ever be war, then, the front-liners should be President, Vice-presidents, Government administrators, then, Military leaders and then, Public. Will they be ready? it is easy to place others in front-line of a war. Display your prowess of forgiveness, empathy and compassion. Not in raging a war.

5. Few people that can be easily counted on finger tips (politicians, finance leaders etc..), their ego & greed make WW3. 99% public, normal people do not like war. Now, these people should wake up.

I just want to say, “People Wake Up”.


The ultimate truth is that “There is no real threat from each other. But, the fear hidden elusively inside in mind, will bring forth WW3”.

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