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The pilot and co-pilot of a Boeing 747-8 flying from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska, were passing near the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka when they observed a fiery reddish glow over the Pacific. With no other planes in the area at the time to confirm the sighting, they took pictures of and reported to Air Traffic Control, then completed the flight to Anchorage. So … what was it?

                                        PICTURE TAKEN BY PILOT IN OCEAN.

Observe at Google Earth, Most oceanic surfaces are all pasted by Google Earth with haze.A blanket of path file is drafted with elevation and blue color is purposely used to look like ocean to ordinary people.


Some people believe that red color of sun is absorbed by ocean.In dark night, where do an ocean gets light?
why do google earth has to paste ocean floor in a haze carpet written google, google everywhere?

It is because there are more cities in Ocean, than on planet earth. These advanced civilization living to protect themselves from any asteroid hit as water absorbs energy. We now human, our ancestors were in fact, left over to Earth’s surface by advanced societies with nothing due to selection. Our ancestors were of no or little use to these alien species, some of whom are similar or close to human beings.Since 1950s, we are advancing exponentially, on which aliens are responding to our growth and scientific advancement.


Look at above floor of ocean hills, mountains flat on top, hundreds of them are there.


Who created such a parallel pathways deep inside ocean?


Who made that perfect box?

alien base

They Photoshoped.

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Mind Control   Leave a comment

Do you believe that all human being are being controlled through MEDIA?

mark zuckerberg oculus gear vr samsung

It is done in a hypnosis (people use video marketing techniques) or passing info in a funny or entertaining way. Controllers use sound, visual and education method where, visual is the most effective way because they know “seeing is believing”- a human psychology. With tech development, Smartphones, Internet and TVs have been the best approaches. In internet NetFlix, Youtube, Hollywood movies are used strongly and effectively.

The greatest conspiracy is the fact of existence of ALIEN species, actually it does. However,our leaders know that public are not ready to a real encounter or their massive interventions. Therefore, we are being controlled mentally to accept aliens slowly and deliberately through Hollywood, NEWS, Youtube. Hollywood made alien pictures, movies and we are slowly poisoned in mind to accept aliens. Their existence information is repeated changes our mind from NO to YES.

If controllers wanted, they could completely wipe out aliens’ news, theories, etc. from youtube, but they do not want to do because such flow of info to public is also the slow poison to accept aliens slowly. Also, the imprints, signs of mega structures of alien existence on moon, mars, the NASA always denies their existence, in fact, NASA could have responded like “Yes it may be a sign of alien existence and their possible activities and NASA wants to know”. Because they already know Aliens exists.

Our leaders know its not the perfect time to reveal the fact to public. Human are slaves unknowingly mind controlled through media use as an “Attraction”. They use time effectively. They slaved us in business, agro, technology, ETs. Be careful.

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Life Beyond Rainbow   Leave a comment

Is the life that we have been seeing with our naked eyes?  Our belief system compels us to trust on our majorly 5 senses where an eye’s visibility capability highly grant about existence of reality and its surroundings. However, I do not agree totally.

I believe truly that there are other forms of lives: similar/dissimilar to us even in “other phases”. Potentially, other phases are within our surrounding simultaneously living with us together in different electro-magnetic waves and other dimensions, apart from visible rays range, the Rainbow waves. The sun’s electromagnetic spectrum has a wide range with multitude ways of possibilities where life in any form may exist. Those forms of life, you can call paranormal or alien etc.

When a person pass away, we can only see his physical body. A soul finds different wave length to exist on. So, there are enormous chances that there are ways to connect and communicate with them in their wavelengths. Maybe a sorcery or shamanism practices are few paths.

So, the “Soul” exists? Whatever you name for it, yes it exists. To describe it better- A soul is a different form of life than human that adapts to different phases or wave-lengths. It can be confirmed by physical laws of nature, “ Law of conservation of Energy” that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can simply transfer from one form of energy to another.

Therefore, our visible eyes may eludes us, our currently unyielding scientific minds, technologies may figure it out of such phantom life forms those lives live beyond rainbow. We are not alone in this universe.

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Alien ID   Leave a comment

Humans have ID cards, right? Do you know of Alien ID cards?

Recently, I’ve found that there’s a system governed by USA that Alien’s are given an identity card (ID) and very openly coming on the ground in flock of normal human people. You can find it in one of the real reference in the following application form asked by Tourism Cares, an organization based in USA.

In above link, you can see a file opening as astonishing as below

Alien id, Arjun Limb

I also have a deep feeling as a theory that Tourism cares is developing an alien travel in Nepal as easy as possible too in near future.

The normal diurnal human living system will be soon disturbed by divulging of such conspiracies in future by Illuminati. World is not what we are taught in the text books and have not been opened to general public that is even known by great institutions like NASA.

The hidden world creatures are appearing slowly that human can ultimately digests their appearances on surface of earth and sky to live together or to rule out human ultimately by making this Earth their home. In this universe, Earth is the most habitable place and those hidden species can survive without any difficulties for millions of years to come, which is a safe-guard for their future of their species.

They also know so well that to be a human is the best stage of species evolution biologically as well as spiritually. With their advance technology, there is no reason to stay in this solar system, they should find safe, less conflict with humans by finding other planets in the solar system. They do not like human species to be more demonic than them, but human being are when they need to. I know these guys will look at my writings.

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