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If u’ve no problem, You have NO creativity. -Arjun Limbu (that’s me)

Everyone says, u need to be a CREATIVE person?
How many great mobile design ideas can you think  of 4,5 only?

With your limited mindset of ideas, the Samsung, Apple companies have no Job place. Creativity outputs an Innovation, Diversification & Association, and Act Differently in available or new idea, products or in concepts or ways of doing. For this, creative persons have unique thinking process, characteristics, habits.

Thinking process involves or seeks new, variation, seeing with different angles, new experiences, uncommon & crazy thoughts, thinking irrationally, imaginative, unimportant (for now), learn different things, observe multitude ways (Artistically-cartoonists, Design way, Color), comparison, do math operators [ Arithmetic (+,-,=,/); Logical (<>,!=, ==), Boolean (True, False). Because Creative people use those operators extensively to thinking process to fine tune collectively. Hollywood, Cartoonists’ imagination has always played a gigantic creation of what humans have achieved today and it will in future.

Many people avoid problems, but Creative People have a unique habits who always carry pen and notebook all the time because they know solution ideas come out of nowhere anytime. They always look for difficulties, problems to find simple, quick answers or process. They hate stereotypes, because of creative nature. Their interest are broadband interest. They are good dreamers, explorers, and minutely observers. Minutely Observing includes thinking potential solutions to a problem, by close observation and internalizing it. Internalization is very important, it is as if “A Vision that makes you wanna Jump Out of bed Early Morning each Day.” You do not necessarily have to be smart, sharp, but a minute observing habits is quintessential. They are soft spoken and humble, no matter what inside. Anger is another important behavior that is unhappy to current conditions, which therefore, research mentally for better alternatives, so it is quintessential nature for creativity.

Their circumference friends are surrounded with smart people who always talk about breaking current boundaries, challenges your ideas (but don’t look stupid-you maybe, but is a great exercise for your brain), and often enjoy a solitary state. They know in solitary, they know – thought processes are spaced wider between thoughts that produces new thoughts or solution. Literally, a degree of freedom of Thoughts and Speech should be allowed by embracing a solitary state, not necessarily doing a meditation. It is this reason, even a successful busy man somehow finds a solitary time for creativity, productivity. Therefore, Brain needs an idea as well as exercise (sharpens to make idea into reality, influence others, act successfully).

So, if you are jobless, it is a good time for creativity. Even a wrong doer like bank robbers use their creative ideas. You are also creative, you just need a LARGER “Challenge”. So, when there’s a challenge, always accept it. If you do any things creatively, enjoy and appreciate your mind and yourself, it releases good neuro-chemicals from brain in your body that further helps you, ultimately bearing a positive fruit in your life financially as well.


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Do you wish to achieve your mission with mind programming?
Do you want to ride a motorcycle or a car in a day?
Do you wish to teach others as motivational speaker, influential person?

A motivational speaker or any influential person exactly know, how to use mind programming.

It is only a real Life applicable tool that helps to transfer information recording into subconscious mind while your mind is conscious. Learn to program (your goal step by step with actions) in mind with or without experts. In understand it, it’s components: Hardware (Brain) and Software (Thinking process). While processing, it penetrates into depth by intervention process of rarefaction mind (freeing spaces between thoughts) to compression mind (more thoughts). You need free spaces in brain waves to learn new things. You do not have to do meditation to free spaces between thoughts, this mind programming helps you naturally.

After mind programming,  a person becomes better in mind, execute task perfectly. A programmed mind (PM), records information easily to subconscious mind permanently while you are conscious. Isn’t it amazing? Once a person learns how to swim, he never forgets. Similarly, a newly erudite car driver or motorcycle due to record in sub-conscious mind. Subconscious mind is the most powerful to be successful.

To mind, it develops creativity, more productive, time management, wise, hope, dream, in a person. It helps you to visualize your dream-the most important factor to make a goal into reality. Everything is a dream first, then, a reality is always second. So, keep dreaming, never lose a hope.

How to work on MP:
STEP 1: Step by Step Record information in Brain.
STEP 2: Automation (Repetition of recorded information or practice make automation that helps in building confidence, productivity increases, coordinates mind & body perfectly, you will discover a Rhythm in momentum). A very important Rhythm acts as a beautiful piece of soothing music in your performance. Therefore, factory working people are extremely fast and accurate. Sometimes, boring, regular job, repetition makes automation perfect.

Few Real Life MP Applications for you:
1. CANCEL Method:
If bad dreams, or thoughts or negatives come on you, close you eyes gently and immediately give “BIG” order to mind, ” CANCEL ,   CANCEL   AND CANCEL”. It relaxes you.

2. WAKE UP Time: If you are to wake up next day at 5 o clock, after you lie on bed, give order to mind, “5 o clock, 5 o clock and 5 o clock”, and imagine two handles of clock positioning at 5 o clock. You will wake up on time.

3. Perfect Sleeping Method: After you lie on Bed, Imagine a beautiful seashore where you are sleeping. Give order your mind, and”I’m sleeping, I’m sleeping, and I’m sleeping”.

4. SOLVING PROBLEMS: Asking a question gets the brain neural’s connection in working to find an answer. Instead of worrying about the problem, always start by asking why.

5.INFORMATION: Do not believe on first sight, hearing, sensing from our sense organs because it records in mind and it tries to link with information already available in brain. It portrays back to our consciousness in image form in micro-seconds.

A naive person becomes fool when he doesn’t achieve success by falling into pitfalls that laying between present zero and future hero person. This MP effectively makes a person from zero to hero even without noticing pitfalls. It is better to look foolish, instead of not trying.

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Poets, writers often truly relate our humane emotions (love, stress, happiness sadness, pain, tears etc.) with the heart directly. We make a heart shape with beautifully red colored paint. We also often listen to common expressions as,
don’t take deep in your heart?
Listen from your heart !
Heart breaks !

Scientifically, human is a bilateral organism physically, except that our heart is additionally located on left side of a body. Also, when we use left body part, the right brain activates to trigger it. Therefore, when this imaginary/visionary right brain’s vision, image, expectations fall down, our heart aches. So, it’s very true that there’s a direct and positive correlation between our heart and right brain.

It doesn’t mean that left brain has nothing to with right brain and heart. Left brain reads and calculates the information (amount of happiness, sadness) in comparative adjectives (large, larger, largest etc.) and when right brain receives that information, it reacts to it automatically by expressing in emotional form that is different from information. So, while expressing, right brain also distributes that emotional information to other parts of body eyes, skin, face and but heart is the center of all. This is a universal rule of human bodily nature.

For instance,

Scenario 1: while reading a newspaper, anonymous winning a million $$ lottery NEWS to you is nothing but just an information.
Scenario 2. But an announcement of winning a million $$ lottery to you is also nothing but just an information.

In scenario 1, your left brain does not calculate it, it just reads information. But in condition 2, now, your brain calculates. When left brain calculates, this information must be passed to right brain which excites it. When right brain is excited, then, it automatically transmits information in emotional form to all body parts by releasing neuro-chemical transmitters into bloodstream. When right brain activates, it expects something, so we imagine or create or dream of our need.

So, Information is non-active, when left brain reads only. If it calculates, then, it triggers the right brain in the emotion form as rapid reaction. Left Brain knows which information which information is necessary to pass to right brain. However, human can also use their emotional intelligence to trigger itself by exciting the left brain to calculation. It is the opposite of normal flow system of body system, but whoever can do it, can achieve the goal with Emotional Intelligence.


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Every living organism in universe, think in following pattern of thinking system.

Working System : Ideas, Information,  Thoughts and Actions.
UNIT                           : Any single element (living or non living) that performs a work in order to accomplish a  certain mission.
EYE                              : is the Main Goal of a system.
POWER                       : is any additives qualities in a unit like value, norms, efficiency in Eye.
COSTS                         : Positive (+), Negative (-), Neutral (0)
RESULTANT          : Final output produced in EYE after series of complex interactions, computations.

 1. LINEAR SYSTEM: Life things only a one-way traffic flow, unidirectional system. It has only one goal. It’s RESULTANT disregards other thoughts, it is tyranny ruler. However, the advantageous point is that this system is the beginning of a plan.

 2. LATERAL SYSTEM: It is a one more or multiple parallel or opposite system of thinking to linear thinking system. It has two or more components, so it is comparable with 3 element: Profit or positive (+); Loss or Negative (-); Neutral (0).
Expected RESULTANT: permutation and combinations of above 3 elements. Like: ++,+-, etc…

 3. RADIAL SYSTEM: To Linear system, this system has either only in gaining or giving aspects: Centripetal and Centrifugal.
A. Centripetal system: All units of working system flows into Eye, which costs to an eye.
B. Centrifugal system: Opposite to centripetal, however, it will costs as Centripetal system.

This is a system, I would like to introduce, as the real world working system is a super-complex and terribly unpredictable. Ultimately, the resultant is the focus of all units and EYE. Therefore, it is also the costs, benefits analysis; Profit or loss accounting. It assumes that Unit(s) is not necessarily a constant costs and power. It needs to be developed and advanced with time.

Mind Nutrients: Emptiness of Mind   Leave a comment

Human dreams, inquisitiveness of development for comfort, are ameliorating to touch the perimeter of perfection, to attain the pinnacle of an individual’s life; however, retarded by simple lack of mind nutrients. Brain is the central processing unit of this Body system and nurturing is essential. Multitasking, time factor are enervating mind potential. In addition to food, the mind emptiness will also invigorate us. Even, the task prioritizing, avoiding distractions will help to liberate mind from futile indulgence. Every early morning and before sleep, let our mind be refreshed with some simple mind nutrients.

There are Physical and Mental. Physical include simple exercise and mental includes mathematics, avoiding distractions, multi-tasking etc. Mind Nutrients culminate with alleviating concentration or Focus by emptying mind every morning and evening.

In early morning, both physical and mental nutrients, one should try to empty mind and postulates are asserted. First, meditate in the straight back sitting or standing pose as far as in silent environ. The silent vicinity would play a vital role. The “Complete Tree yoga pose” is an example” for standing posture. Later relax in sleeping pose with awaken mind with a deep breathe for today’s whole work. Slowly, gently and deliberately open your eyes and think about today’s myriad responsibility. Then, do some simple mathematical solving may be addition, subtraction, multiplication etc. to fortify mind for whole days. Then, in the evening session, don’t do mathematical problems because mind is usually chock-full with stresses and even nothing to perform tonight.  But, the physical exercise (yoga postures) will help to relax your stressed both mind and body.

On the other hand, one must understand well to affirm “why should I do this?” First thing, it takes only about maximum 10 minutes, tangible and home able. Second thing is that mind controls the physical body. Good mind good control on body. If you tremble or cannot stay in a Tree Yoga pose (one-footed stand with joined two hands straight above head), then, your mind is not controlling body perfectly. You must control your own body; controlling your body with mind will ultimately shape your mind in good stature. Focus is needed for control. Once masterminding focus, you can use ubiquitously.

Though, multi-tasking is a prolific ability, the simplicity in life is crucial. It is continuous information surpassing to brain nerves relentlessly and often excruciatingly. In life, creative thoughts also protrude from two things; one through work (pensively) and second from the empty mind (intuition). Empty mind allows huge information to flow in the brain nerves; no traffic jam. As far as possible, avoid distractions, multi-tasking but not fanatically. Don’t open television, radio and other gadgets at once; you may lose focal potency with a profligate multitask. However, through multitask paths also spawn new ideas; but, an empty mind brings focus to rethink about it further.

To get wisdom, introspect on both the solo- and multi-tasking personification. Life is SIMPLY to express, experience, experiment what u have; nothing obstinately.


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