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Always B positive, hopeful in Life.
Keep Thinking- You can achieve what you desired for.
For any negative, shout in mind “cancel ! cancel! cancel! closing eyes.
Why – Because

A radio tuner knows how a frequency button in old radio used to catch certain frequency which in turn play a certain FM channels in your city.

I know exactly how our life works – especially cause and effect. In life, everything is Cause & Effect.  one day a man said to a monk, “Why didn’t you protect yourself when that person said a lot of oppressive, abusive words?”.  Monk calmly responded if someone gives you a gift, you accept it humbly; similarly, i didn’t receive his gift. And why should i think of any gift which i do not own.Frequency-mind

Our minds are transceivers, able to receive and send signals into the “quantum soup” of the zero point field by way of the highly coherent frequencies of our thoughts. The higher the frequency of our thought/brain wave, the higher our consciousness. The level of our consciousness is what makes our reality what it is and what it will continue to be. If you are seeking change, set an intention, declare a path (align your behaviors with your desire), then detach and allow the universe to handle the details.

Like a Bat use frequency, human also possesses such power within us. In developing countries, where traffic lights are not of use, each drivers use their brain frequency waves and understand’s other drivers’ psychology to evade accident very fast like Bat does with proper use of frequency. It is a wireless communication of human power, Bat, Elephants and other animals use it extravagantly at deeper level. Animals senses any small changes in nature that are good or bad to all living organisms; swarming of birds are some signs, barking of dogs etc. because their active senses in a frequency of all signs of activities, which human is also far capable of, its just that in our human mind part is in dormant stage.

So, Learn to Tune into your Dream Frequency, begin by dreaming. There’s nothing wrong in dreaming. Because our thoughts produce certain wave that has certain frequencies. Actually everything is nothing but frequencies. I think, String theorists will be happy to learn about it.

i studied science and i know it. Well i’m still dreaming to be a great intellectual man with philosophy and much money with happiness. Nothing can extract my happiness, because i smile when i like. And i like to smile every time.frequency-arjun-limbu

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Do you wish to achieve your mission with mind programming?
Do you want to ride a motorcycle or a car in a day?
Do you wish to teach others as motivational speaker, influential person?

A motivational speaker or any influential person exactly know, how to use mind programming.

It is only a real Life applicable tool that helps to transfer information recording into subconscious mind while your mind is conscious. Learn to program (your goal step by step with actions) in mind with or without experts. In understand it, it’s components: Hardware (Brain) and Software (Thinking process). While processing, it penetrates into depth by intervention process of rarefaction mind (freeing spaces between thoughts) to compression mind (more thoughts). You need free spaces in brain waves to learn new things. You do not have to do meditation to free spaces between thoughts, this mind programming helps you naturally.

After mind programming,  a person becomes better in mind, execute task perfectly. A programmed mind (PM), records information easily to subconscious mind permanently while you are conscious. Isn’t it amazing? Once a person learns how to swim, he never forgets. Similarly, a newly erudite car driver or motorcycle due to record in sub-conscious mind. Subconscious mind is the most powerful to be successful.

To mind, it develops creativity, more productive, time management, wise, hope, dream, in a person. It helps you to visualize your dream-the most important factor to make a goal into reality. Everything is a dream first, then, a reality is always second. So, keep dreaming, never lose a hope.

How to work on MP:
STEP 1: Step by Step Record information in Brain.
STEP 2: Automation (Repetition of recorded information or practice make automation that helps in building confidence, productivity increases, coordinates mind & body perfectly, you will discover a Rhythm in momentum). A very important Rhythm acts as a beautiful piece of soothing music in your performance. Therefore, factory working people are extremely fast and accurate. Sometimes, boring, regular job, repetition makes automation perfect.

Few Real Life MP Applications for you:
1. CANCEL Method:
If bad dreams, or thoughts or negatives come on you, close you eyes gently and immediately give “BIG” order to mind, ” CANCEL ,   CANCEL   AND CANCEL”. It relaxes you.

2. WAKE UP Time: If you are to wake up next day at 5 o clock, after you lie on bed, give order to mind, “5 o clock, 5 o clock and 5 o clock”, and imagine two handles of clock positioning at 5 o clock. You will wake up on time.

3. Perfect Sleeping Method: After you lie on Bed, Imagine a beautiful seashore where you are sleeping. Give order your mind, and”I’m sleeping, I’m sleeping, and I’m sleeping”.

4. SOLVING PROBLEMS: Asking a question gets the brain neural’s connection in working to find an answer. Instead of worrying about the problem, always start by asking why.

5.INFORMATION: Do not believe on first sight, hearing, sensing from our sense organs because it records in mind and it tries to link with information already available in brain. It portrays back to our consciousness in image form in micro-seconds.

A naive person becomes fool when he doesn’t achieve success by falling into pitfalls that laying between present zero and future hero person. This MP effectively makes a person from zero to hero even without noticing pitfalls. It is better to look foolish, instead of not trying.

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