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GIANTS ON EARTH   Leave a comment

We all have read, heard about Gulliver’s story.

I see human are very naive or educated in a limited concept. Wake up, eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep, earn money, make children is the normal. This normality is the disease that stops your growth of mind. Like a horse’s harness for control on mobility, our education system and mind system locked. Let’s open a heart and mind to new ideas, history. y not taught in school with recent, update education system?

These Giants Built Egypt pyramid, easy answer. Big size, Muscular, Spectacular, Warriors intelligent build Pyramid.

600 Million Year Old Fossils Of Tiny Humanoids Found In Antarctica, Anthropologists Baffled

Giant Axes found in Sumer
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UFO hunters claim this could be the skeleton of a giant alien on Mars.

Mermaid Skeleton

Mermaid Skeleton in National Museum in Copenhagen
mermaid found in bulgaria I dunno about this.... but its cool...MERMAIDS???????

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Earth-Dome   Leave a comment

Earth is rather a Prison than a home. In sky above, a dome shaped covering, the Firmament, has always been a theorized, and following photographs taken by me also supports the Dome shape covered by transparent substance.

Is our earth really a flat rather than spherical?

Is there no escapade from Earth? So, are we being enclosed in a big transparent chemists’ laboratory vessel and cultured like the way microbiologists culture the microorganisms in the transparent glass petri-disc shape in a more or less constant temperature. May be for those researchers, our 2 million years’ of human history along with succession of species after evolution of species from a special amino acids chemical soup, is of great interest and research to them. May be the time span is about 2 days to 7 days for them, like microbiologists culture microoganisms in 24 hrs, providing them a suitable temperature and pressure.

Observe the sunlight reflection on a earth’s sky proving a dome existence above sky.

DSC05319Photocopy (c). Author E-mail:


Photocopy (c). Author E-mail:

DSC05321Photocopy (c). Author E-mail:

The above


Photocopy (c). Author E-mail:


Photocopy (c). Author E-mail:

Is our Earth truly Flat?

4 Elements of a Matter   Leave a comment

Many Religions, old philosophers, including Aristotle believed that all the matter in the universe was made of four basic elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Even in the Limbu religion called Mundhum, these five matters have been stated to be existed after when the universe was just evolved from the noble silence in the deep space or it has stated motion in Space. This Limbu religion is so true that its philosophies and scientists have even calculated and understood the motion in space when universe was created. After which a consciousness was borne. These elements were acted on by two forces: gravity, the tendency for earth and water to sink, and levity, the tendency for air and fire to rise. I thoroughly understand and appreciate their insight in understanding the matter. However, I would just like to highlight yesterday’s thoughts in today’s perspective and come to following conclusion.

  1. Aristotle means to say that any matter has states of matter quality in its nature as Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma States, as ascribed by today’s physics.
  2. The gravity and Levity is meant to be the properties it hold of temperature due to heat. In Aristotle’s sense, Earth and Water means gravity, his explanation is meant to relate straight that for example, let’s take a water as a matter, its nature in low temperature keeps molecules close together enough to claim gravity nature, on the other hand, the same water with higher temperature changes to gases and super heat will transform into much higher states of a matter, called Plasma state.
  3. Aristotle believed that matter was continuous. I think Aristotle is trying to explain that there exists The Law of Conservation of Energy. My argument is that matter is never a continuous, however the energy can be, because it propagates from one form to another form, where matter is never continuous. Therefore, throughout the history, still, there’s a debate in scientific, religious circle whether Universe is essentially static and unchanging universe, the question of whether or not it had a beginning. I strongly believe that it is ever changing than anything else. Only the way we observe the universe from one dimension of a time is letting us to perceive from this disposition. Theory of relativity of time is directly proportional to velocity, therefore, the greater the speed of velocity, it will be easier to observe that universe is not a constant, it is rather continuously changing. The every dT, the instant change as miniature as possible in time difference travelling in a vast space of universe is enough to feel it.

It also makes me to ponder whether the soul of a life is nothing more than energy, which exactly follows the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Yesterday was a symbolic representation, and today is the age of science, which I am just trying to correlate, which by means should not remain confuse about it along the arrow of time. My conclusion, Like Aristotle and Limbu religions that they had understood the very best of science in his time, in his dimension.

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Earth and Technology   Leave a comment


Since Industrial Revolution, the earth’s system has been degrading everyday, where the climate change is taken seriously in this century than ever before. Ultimately, the “Tree” is the main basis of issue for conservation and preservation overall, as it is intimately associated with biodiversity and climate change perspectives. Many innovative ideas have emerging to preserve earth somehow in any economic activities. How to gather the simple, new ideas of technology into preserving the earth somehow?

For the sustainable development, both earth and development have to be taken as one way train. This is the time that human should use the earth’s resources at its best before any unprecedented catastrophe. Therefore, one of the best options is to use as much as electronic systems in every institutions instead of paper at its best in order to save the earth’s resources. For example, the popular international programs like “ONE CHILD PER LAPTOP”. There are thousands of schools, and hundred thousands of school children, which means huge amount of papers are required for academic books and exercise books. It means to cut down hundreds and thousands acres of forest land to be cut down. A forest takes at least 10 years for any economic activities and easily chopped in few seconds for making papers, fire woods etc.

Ultimately, it is the destiny of the development and the whole world will one day accept it and it will be wise-decision. If this scheme is implemented to huge extent, then, we are the environmentalist; not only those who gathers academic certificates. The current rate of forest degradation will plummet with increasing wise-use of developed technology. As far as possible, let us reduce the use of earth’s resources.

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