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Unbalance of Heat & Cold is the first thing that happens in a observable phenomenon in our body system that results all bodily pain. Scientifically, heat produces vibration with certain frequency. Different frequency states created this so called physical world, you can call it String theory. If you are not enjoying therapy, then, do not do it. Negative Energy is nothing but an excessive energy generated in you which your are unable to handle it properly.You are happy or unhappy because you inform your mind rather than outside force, you’ve power to block your external forces that comes to dishevel your balanced life force.

i) Power in Hand: Put ur two palm on your kidney parts of stomach almost vertically on either side on kidney parts, but keep comfortably-only comfortable mind state heals pain. Then, next is to put two palm in navel zone horizontally. Temperature difference creates problem, so heat from your palm balances temperature with stomach. You can rub ur hands together before healing process in order to create a hotness. Energy passing from full energy sources to low energy body system or parts helps to balance energy, fixing broken temperature differences is also called Reiki.

ii) Sun Bathing: is readily available ubiquitous therapy, especially during winter season or fever time. Close ur eyes, sit comfortably. You can show your back spine part naked towards sun, this strengthens ur bone, by release of Vitamin D.

iii) Close to Nature: Depression, Negative thoughts, Anxiety, Boring Life, always needs refreshing method. Everyday, our body needs a direct contact with nature. Best way is to touch soil, grasses in a park or grassland consciously.Touch foot to soil, grasses slowly and consciously feel every grass’s leaves on skin. It helps your mind to live in present, not either in present or future. If your body is too hot, the cooler soil or wet, moisturized will be better. Close your eyes, feel the energy transferring in the form of heat or old is very important moment by moment. It is a also a meditation. To feel absorption of energy from earth and release of your energy to earth is a balance to attain equilibrium state.

-Drink Mountain Stream (real mineral chemical ingredients essential to human body is naturally available)
– Joint Exercise: Like Mind, our body also needs stretching. Anti-lock body.
– Writing: write ur feelings on a paper or in internet blogging sites, releases your stress ie. transfer such negative energy in act of writing balances your high energy forces into equilibrium.
-Travel: to new places or choose a different routes. it activates your inactive brain part cells as well as sense organs. same thing cause to disable optimum performance. Walking is the best method.
-Calligraphy: helps patience building, focusing mind from blur vision to more clarity. it helps in a vision development. to write in a certain font style is a different job than your regular acts. every fonts’ graciousness, high-low, angular, italic, bold etc.. sharpens your mental acumen by breaking down old-fashioned mental process and habits.



Rolling in Sleeping Position: Simple, Best Healing Method for Problems like Indigestion, Lethargy to Recharge Body system, Relaxation, Balancing Body metabolism etc. Do it and Experience Yourself if you “think” your present moment is “HELL”.



ROLL, ROLL N ROLL. For Balance, Left Rolls must equal to Right Rolls. If 10 meters left rolls, then, retreat rolling back to same position.


Recharge your body system to balance with Nature. Spread your fingers. Feel the Energy exchange between your hand, palm, fingers and Earth. Your fingers and Palms act exactly as data transferring USB.


Close ur Eyes n Feel the grass on your foot. Feel the energy charging and discharging from your foot to body parts. This Standing posture heals the Depression, Digestion, Muscular-Pains (Strain), Stress Reliever. Recharges your full body, balances your weaker inner n outer body parts.


GRATITUDE is the most important in life, that releases your unnecessary high energy and bring your spirit into perfect harmony and balance. This is my Life. I become what i think, not what others think about Me. I’m becoming much Richer day by day. I’m able to read more books every day. I’m capable of overcoming obstacles. I love Obstacles and Challenges. Every Obstacles and Challenges are making me more stronger ever than before. I will help poor people with Kindness, Compassion. Now, I forgive all people and i seek forgiveness from people. I Thank you my parents, friends, even enemies and known, unknown all universal forces of Nature for guiding me to the realization of true happiness one way or other. It is a positive auto-suggestion (self-teaching technique).

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European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), is here to find the “god’s particle”. Believe me human’s hunger for knowledge due to his/her frontal lobe brain is what driving everything. It means even if we find god, our insatiable quest for continuous reasoning on existence will carry on probably for infinitesimal time (if time is taken a linear from past to future). I’m certain and fully aware that even if human and god meet, they will have a wonderful conversation you may ever heard of, and i’m sure, our variable intelligent defying questions to so called god, will let him to re-think WTF u human are made up of? because we human can think, use logic, our sensual, crazy feelings will defeat god’s knowledge in the search & reasoning for existence of everything. Theoretical physicists and scientists are working on the “theory of everything”, in fact, this will be a mere answer to human’s quest. The greatest question we need to ask our religious text books or scientific minds is on what if there’s an “absolute nothing”, forget “dark matter”. It’s time to re-think on “absolute nothing” means no life, no planets, universe, i mean noble silence, the complete noble silence. ponder  about it. i’m in absolute nothing, the “super-space”, i think this is the most complex dimension, yet simple once comprehended, that has a life, may be a perfect world.

Aliens are not god, that’s for sure. God is something that drives you positively, so god is pervasive as a food for survival, gravity to walk on surface, air to breathe through, its actually an energy. God only works on to bring happiness in you even when you fail, others are just hungry for power and money.

don’t be fooled on “CERN project”. sometimes, you intuition has better understanding than science.

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