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The Buddha’s teaching was not merely for monks and nuns, but also for householders, many of whom used to come to him to learn Dhamma. One group came and said: “Sir, we are not prepared to become monks or nuns; we have to live as householders. Will the technique work for us? Can we also get liberated?”. He replied, “Certainly, it is a technique for all.” Monks and nuns do not have any worldly responsibilities. So they can give their whole life to this purpose, and the results come sooner. Householders cannot avoid their multifarious responsibilities towards their family members, relatives, and society but the teaching also works for them.

The Buddha gave a discourse to this group, explaining how to live a wholesome life. He listed thirty-eight welfares to be acquired by a family man or woman, each higher than the last.
What are these *Thirty-Eight Welfares:*
1. Bala-asevana – not to associate with fools
2. Panditasevana – to associate with the wise
3. Pujaneyya puja – honoring those who are honorable
4. Patirupadesavasa – living in a suitable region for safe practice
5. Pubbekatapunnata – having done meritorious deeds
6. Attasammapanidhi – right self-guidance
7. Bahusacca – Extensive learning
8. Sippa – knowledge of the arts and sciences
9. Vinaya – to be highly restrained by a moral code
10. Subhasitavaca – to be well-spoken, eloquent
11. Matapitu-upatthana – to support one’s parents
12. Puttasangaha – to cherish one’s children
13. Darasangaha – to cherish one’s wife (or partner)
14. Anakulakammanta – to make one’s livelihood wholesomely
15. Dana – to be generous, charitable
16. Dhammacariya – to behave in line with the Dharma
17. Natakasangaha – to cherish one’s family
18. Anavajjakamma – to act blamelessly
19. Papavirati – abstinence from evil
20. Majjapanasannama – abstinence from intoxicants
21. Appamada – heedfulness in the Dharma
22. Garava – to be respectful
23. Nivata – to be humble
24. Santutthi – contentment with what one has
25. Katannuta- gratitude
26. Dhammassavana – the opportunity to hear the Dharma
27. Khanti – patience; forbearance
28. Sovacassata – easily corrected
29. Samana-dassana – to see monks and nuns
30. Dhammasakaccha – the opportunity to discuss the Dharma
31. Tapa – self-restraint; austerities
32. Brahmacariya – to live the holy life
33. Ariyasacca-dassana – to see the Noble Truths
34. Nibbana-sacchikiriya – to realize nirvana
35. Akampitacitta – having a mind unshaken by worldly events
36. Asokacitta – having a mind free from sorrow
37. Virajacitta – having an undefiled mind
38. Khemacitta – having a secure mind.

When he came to the highest, he said: Facing the vicissitudes of life the mind is not shaken; it is without grief, without impurity, without insecurity: this is the highest welfare. Everyone has to meet vicissitudes in life but the mind should not get agitated; it should remain stable and balanced. Then there is no crying, no unhappiness, no impurity nor any feeling of insecurity in your mind.

One always feels secure because one is on the path of Dhamma; nothing can go wrong.
This is the highest welfare: Equanimity with all the vicissitudes of life.
S. N. Goenka
(adapted from the Day 8 discourse)

*The eight worldly vicissitudes (lokadhamma) are: labha (profit) and alabha (loss), yaso (fame) and ayaso (ill repute), Pasansa (praise) and Ninda (criticism), Sukha (pleasure) and Dukkha (pain).

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Does your religion give a peace in mind to yourself and others?
Does your religiion have a clear path step by step?
Does your religion show you on how to become a perfect human?
Which religion or sect now actually gives you a proper answer based on direct experience and fit at behavioral, scientific and intellectually correct?
Does your religion teach to be compassion, forgiveness?
Does you religion is an instant result-oriented of your action?
Can you experiment on yourself for the happiness of all sentient beings?
Does your religion explain cause and effect, because nature is based on it?
Does it let you free, independent, instead of imprisonment?
What is the true, unblemished definition of a Religion?

Religion= Real + zation + legion
Real = True, Pure, Natural, Universal law that is applicable at varied level, scale. Not imagined or supposed. Real should be the behaviroal, scientific, intellectually correct.
Zation= an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact:
legion= a group of people who follow this real understanding.

Originally, the definition of a “Religion” so called now, has common, pure understanding throughout the World. But, later, people due to their geographic, language differences over time with their capacity of understanding, developed a tag, logo & flag and drove a legion as a sect, group as separate. So, people be human. Wake up people.

Buddha says, “Do only the good deeds, Avoid the bad deeds; It is eternal buddha’s education”. There is in fact, no as such buddhism. How can such eternal and universal education be a sect? Buddha’s education perverse everywhere. So, all sentient beings need to research yourself if his education changes your life instantly. It is a compulsory education to be taught in schools to make a pure, complete human for the peace and prosperity of a human civilization and rest sentient beings.

Is this the Physics subject is finding the natural, universal law? Will it decipher the religion one day. Unfortunately, science can only perceive, but cannot taste it and unless you taste it, you will not know the real thing. So, instead of science, the conscience is very important to taste it. For conscience, the human form of existence is of great and fortunate enough. So strive towards it. So, far from my study, the Buddha who has realized and awakened himself, and taught, showed path towards his stage and encourage us to understand this universal fact, which the einstein quoted clearly.

Einstein on Buddhism

Religion integrates, collects, assemble, bring together human with its compassionate, forgiveness, friendly knowledge and skill. If your so called religion doesn’t unite people, and help in need, you need to change your understanding.




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What is Happiness?

Happiness & Sorrows are nothing but “effects” of your past action. So, life is “cause & effect”. there is no god. god is nothing but simply upholding good qualities, so a human can become a god.

There has been great wars, pains and sorrows in the past and it will be in future. However, there was no god who came down to earth to rescue you. One time India’s great warrior Ashoka, also couldn’t find happiness in winning all small states.

Siddhartha Buddha after attaining enlightenment, he just enjoyed 2 weeks in that state blissfully. But it was also temporarily. He found “true happiness” only in helping people to liberate like him.

Buddha attained Nirvana through meditation. His very last words were,

“Behold, O monks, this is my last advice to you. All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work diligently for your own salvation.”

pencil-arjun-limburelationshippeace6do-good-for-othersThe Science Of Gratitude

Hungry Souls   Leave a comment

Our hungry soul is looking for a high positioned job, abundant money, a few owned car, a flamboyant house and we believe, i’d be very happy in this life. But have you ever seen such people happy? in fact, I do not own worldly neither of all above. But still my hungry soul is in search of something different.

No doubt, in a soliloquy, a person always is always in search of unsurpassed heavenly happiness, the ultimate purpose & meaning of life existence. Our hungry soul is like a thirsty deer’s mirage illusion of water, while running far distances in vast desert.

In search we entangled ourselves into swinging back and forth between both high and low lives that reverberated with high and lows feelings as our hungry soul is looking for a bodily and mental resting place, even though we know, “There’s no such place actually to rest, we need to keep moving”. But where and how far? I need to make a decision and find a Resting house for my hungry soul.

i had glanced at dogmatic, conflicting religious books, educated formally, saw few mystical & magical powers. i needed something that pervades my simple hungry soul with a real happiness. A simple person spends most of his life in making a life to survive for food, education, house and few momentary amenities surrounding to display flamboyantly. Everyone’s soul actually needs a Resting place in midst of densely populated society and hungry fulfilling desires. In such an intermediary and transient playful mind, I’ve found an answer how we, human need to live a life by understanding basic rules of happiness as follows.

  1. Life is a Mirror and Third Law of Newton’s Law: Since happiness is our goal, so, no matter what i will not be a greedy, anger, anomaly, hatred or at least no increase them for now; & learn to forgive, care and love. Love & care nurtures. Everybody needs a space, so i will respect others’ soul, interest, thoughts, capacity. All my actions will have an unconditional Love. Be the first to apologize. When you act or pray, do with 100% determination.
  2. Circle of Love: Encompass yourself with positive forces (good books, movies, friends) that inspires, aspires my soul.
  3. Today and Now: Yesterday is gone, i’m a new person today and i’ll be better tomorrow.
  4. Every individual’s action is a reflection of a society structure. so i will make a positive vibe reflection in society of kindness, empathy and forgiving nature as an individual effort.
  5. Intellect solves Problems;
    Knowledge expands Horizon;
    Experience gives you a realization;
    Love Nurtures;
    Forgiveness Heals & cleanse Soul;
    Faith gives you a Strength
    Trust gives you a Bonding;
    Patience teaches to remain Strong;
    Hope gives you a Second Life of chance.
    Every new Second of minutes is to change Mistakes.
  6. If my actions, thoughts hamper any other living or dead soul, i will be unhappy. The first victim of my actions originated first from my thought processes. But i want to be a Happy and Share my Happiness to others.

Until i find a satisfaction to my hungry soul, i will keep blogging. what do your hungry soul is looking?

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