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The word swayambhu has a deeper meaning, so please do not use ‘MONKEY TEMPLE’ in publication. I’m against it. The rephrasing diffuses the true meaning that oust general human being from reaching to the truth to their potential, understanding of self, yourself.

Legend says that once the Kathmandu valley was a lake in which Swayambhu hill existed as an island. On top of that hill stood a natural crystal stupa.

Swayambhu, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, goes back to ancient times. The earliest written record of the Great Stupa of Swayambhu is a 5th century stone inscription. Honored by kings, monks, and pilgrims alike, the stupa has been restored and repaired on numerous occasions. In 1349 it was damaged by an invading Muslim army and later repaired by King Saktimalle Bhalloka. In 1505, the yogin Sangye Gyaltsen added the wheel and spire to the stupa’s dome. In 1614 the 6th Shamarpa had shrines built into the stupa in the four cardinal directions.

Kirateswor Mahadev   Leave a comment

Historians have been able to find the names of 32 Kiranti rulers beginning with Yalamber who is even mentioned in the Mahabharata. A Kiranti army is said to have fought in the epic battle. Legend has it that when Krishna asked the Kiranti King Yalambar whose side he would take, the bold king replied, “The weaker/losing side.” On hearing this, Krishna is said to have beheaded the Kiranti king with such a terrific blow, that Yalambar’s head reached the Nepal valley .It is believed that the mask kept at the Akash Bhairav temple in Indrachowk belongs to Yalambar.

One of the kirati people attained the highest state through meditation, much above god level, but couldn’t able to attain the buddhahood state. Your definition needs more explanation. Kirati historical documents were burned at the singha durbar library inciendary. Also, Limbu, Kiratis are not from as you mentioned sindhu valley, but it is rather that Limbu, kiratis’s population, power, extended larger upto their sindhu place and beyound. Originally, Kiratis are not from sindhu. Kiratis were in Nepal long time even before Yalamber king. Look at the smell of Kathmandu valley soil, i smell only the kiratis.

If you read, Hindu’s god are rapist, psycho, culprits but potrait in a good manner. Human are so much slaved that they rely on such futile things. Even there’s no such things as someone will do something for you. Kirati people believe in the Karma, action, compassion, respect, meditative, powerful, cognitive, skills oriented.

Kirateswor mahadev is now the pashupati temple. It is not a Hindu temple by religion. Culprits in the game of religion, hindu omits the Kirateswor word before saying mahadev. In this way one day, these so called hindu people will claim that Jesus is also their one of their god. Trust me.  Now, in india, many of buddha’s monuments, pristine locations have been intentionally replaced with so called defiant, obstinate hindu, who are in the false view and should change for better. They must admit that they in fact have nothing.


“Hangsam sibji” was the name of kirati who achieved the of the highest state of human state through meditation.

Why only these psycho fanatic group hindus are only allowed? To god, everyone should be allowed. In fact, i prefer the Buddha’s words.


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