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Origin of Philosophy   1 comment

   Is the Father of Western Philosopher, the Socrates, the follower of Buddha’s education?

The Timeline is the most important to put for the efficacious truth of Western and Eastern Philosophy. Both looked at the mind to be researched, rest physical world are just a mirror, projections or bi-products of our monkey nature of mental Thoughts, Logic, Ideas, Inquisitiveness, Concepts on politics, Morality & Ethics, Consciousness, Independent, Reincarnation, Courageousness, Knowledge, Virtues, etc.

Looking the widely accepted timeline is the Birth Period of Jesus has separated the BCE and CE (AD). The Eastern Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama – Many modern scholars believe that the historical Buddha lived from about 563 to about 483 BCESocrates (469/470-399 BCE) was a Greek’s profound philosopher and is considered the father of western philosophy. The trade route from China to Asia Minor and India, known as the Silk Road, had been in existence for 1,400 years at the time of Marco Polo’s travels (c. AD 1270–90). It came into partial existence about 300 BC, when it was used to bring jade from Khotan (modern Hotan, China) to China. By 200 BC it was linked to the West, and by 100 BC it was carrying active trade between the two civilizations. At its zenith in AD 200 this road and its western connections over the Roman system constituted the longest road on Earth. The most important timeline to note is the Partial existence of the Silk route of 300 BC, means it was existed long before.

In both Eastern and Western hemispheres’ countries, there was a heavy influence and blinded deeply of agency’s (institution) god influence in our society to slave people with Fear and Greed, it is Control of people like herdsman does. Countries, People were in distressed, depressed, controlled by Closed Minded Elites, where individuality was lost. Both Buddha and Socrates, who have a profound intellectual influence to open their mind ‘wisdom’ on an ancient and modern society.

The Great Emperor, Ashoka, ruled form 268 BCE to 232 BCE and became a model of kingship in the Buddhist tradition. Jesus, who himself was the Buddhist monk. We know that that Buddha had sent his disciples to different directions and we can assumed to correlate that some disciples or householder follower or buddha’s words must have somehow passed to all the way to the Rome, and Greece through Oral tradition at least, by walking the improperly developed the Silk Route, which later when many people used to travel through silk route became a solid route. It is my hypothesis is that When Silk Road was improperly recognized during its initial developing phases, people used to travel and during this time-the messenger of buddha’s knowledge got propagated from the east to the west. Those Messenger could be any buddhist monk, or merchants, who circulated not only the silk and culture, but such a profound knowledge of Buddha. The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative trade in Chinese silk carried out along its length, beginning during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). When Socrates came in contact to hear such wisdom words full of enlightening education that could break bondage of social and mental’s limited sphere to open consciousness out to realize oneself and ontology of existence itself. Socrates must have certainly been delighted brightly, and little did he know more, he went onto research further through discussion and analysis, which is also one of the buddha’s path towards augmenting wisdom. Right then, he was more hungrier for intellectual knowledge and brightness to taste the wisdom and shared it to people who came in contact with him like Plato as students. Socrates’ thirst of seeking mind was his ability to explore more on the path towards raising consciousness.

Within the Metaphysics, Plato, the student of Socrates, stated that Socrates was occupied with the search for moral virtues, being the “first to search for universal definitions for them”. Such a universal definition of moral virtues only comes from the enlightened one, the Buddha.

Looking at time frame, from my study analysis of both time-frame and their philosophy, it appears to me that Socrates, like Jesus, was the follower of Buddha’s education. Socrates is a son of a stone mason, so who could easily come in contact with disciples and open to new ideas by coming in contact with whoever travelers in town. Simple and honest Socrates frequently says his ideas are not his own, but his teachers. So, the buddha’s disciples, merchant or hearers of buddha’s education, must have somehow come in contact to him is my hypothesis.

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If you read the book Abhidhamma propounded by Buddha, who lived before Socrates, and Jesus Christ. This book is nothing but all about Mind. This is the first detailed book documented ever in the human psychology. Socrates came later.

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Purpose of Life   1 comment

Purpose of life is to create; Meaning of life is to understand why.

Even the richest people do crazy, nonsensical ostentatious pose, are also not happy with their worldly toys, Why? because mind doesn’t naturally need it. And, economically poor people desire for money to flaunt themselves among friends. Observe the level of mind and what is your level of mind. But, then, what is the purpose of my Life?

The Purpose of life is to open, raise oneself towards the complete, highest consciousness state of mind. Imagine, if you can use 100% of your brain capacity. Even science can’t imagine, what would happen if you can.

Every time, your mind is nourished with new knowledge, information either good or bad experiences in life; everything adds up to help you to make a complete alleviated state of mind or in other words, make you more wise with wisdom.  More your mind is alleviated, you treat people more with true compassion, forgiveness and smile at their attitude like of little children. Human need to experience the power of mind.

What happens to Mind?
When your mind is thirsty, you feel fatigue, lethargic, finds no value of existence, you feel complete emptiness, you lose yourself. It is a mind state either much low or a time to open the higher level of mind. It is a stage where, your mental state do not match with mental state of your surroundings.

Then, What is Blocking?
You may enjoy the worldly affairs with less hardship because we are bound to be the prisoner of the sense organs. Like our sense organs, the religions, books, Academic certificates, Knowledge, imprisoned in impression towards something/someone, are the prison bars. Intellect is lower than the consciousness of mind. Intellect is dry science, but consciousness is rather the juicy, rich experience.

The open-minded people are one who has broken the prison bars and will approach to the highest level of consciousness mind. So, be open, independent view, be augmentative towards new areas. Walk up to fresh air, green hill, then look at the city. And, sit comfortably and just observe on incoming breathe and outgoing breathe. Oxygen goes to your brain nerves and nourishes to refresh deactivated parts which will help you to raise your consciousness and awareness of everything is a consequence. So, Always take a deep breathe, if you have not found the Purpose of Life.



Congratulations! Your level of consciousness has risen as you have read this article.  As new ideas push the morphogenetic field outward, new attractor fields are built, breaking through old thought forms and beliefs driven by force and new belief systems are created. As more of us think about this topic and these considerations, larger and larger fields are created.

DYING of LIVING LIFE   Leave a comment

It is about me, you and our living everyone on earth. Human beings those who breathes are not necessarily living, there may be dying ones even they breathe. Prosperity, happiness, satisfaction, truths etc. are blocked in this life that has obstructed them in achieving what they desire. So, what is it?arjun

Living life has two worlds: Inner (subconscious mind-hidden habits, character) and Outer (display to the real world). In between those world, there’s a thin, delicate film that separates them, called Curtain. Curtains are nothing but merely the sense organs, thoughts, body, postures. In these two worlds, there are living lives of the one life. Only sensitive persons or machine can see others’ true both worlds. So, it is when you stand in front of a mirror, the real and mirror images must be same.  Those Images are two types:

True Face Image Person: Both worlds means same. They reply to any questions swiftly because two answers are same, and no mental blocks because answer is common. They are very dedicated person, truth speakers, bold and strong voice. Before marriage, true persons should be in two marrying couples, which lead to happiness, success, achieve, popular. He/She is the happiest person because he has nothing to hide. This person can say ‘No’ means ‘No’ directly as he is very clear about it.

False Face Image Person: Two different worlds. They reply late because two answers are different and often confuse oneself which answer is right to tell. Brain gets busy in calculation of profit/loss which consumes time and it is often the cause of mental block creation. Hesitation is the mental block. They are shrewd, culprits. Their marriage often fails. There may be any immediate happiness, success, achieve, but doesn’t prolong, it fails ultimately. It is dying of living life. This person goes to his/her discipline of religious places like church, temples, organize tantra/mantra to reverse situation of present or impending ones. This person introspects often, because his inner world cannot be avoided from outer world. They are masqueraders.

So, is there no hope for False Face personality type? No, there is a tremendous hope. They should connect the inner world and outer world with a method of auto-suggestion, motivation, positive thinking, self-hypnosis, auto-commands, to gain confidence enough to depict the mirror and real image as same. So, do not lie to the world because you cannot lie to yourself even if you confuse others. Be true to yourself and the world.

Does it have anything to do with success? Yes, your both worlds should have same image of your goal. Use inner world methods as prior explained, for outer world, act or take skills through training, consultation that match or conjugates the two images of worlds. Then, you will achieve your unlimited endeavors by demolishing your mental block honesty and with holistic, positive psychological bravery to act, say for your desire.

Don’t Let Dying of Living Life !

Life Beyond Rainbow   Leave a comment

Is the life that we have been seeing with our naked eyes?  Our belief system compels us to trust on our majorly 5 senses where an eye’s visibility capability highly grant about existence of reality and its surroundings. However, I do not agree totally.

I believe truly that there are other forms of lives: similar/dissimilar to us even in “other phases”. Potentially, other phases are within our surrounding simultaneously living with us together in different electro-magnetic waves and other dimensions, apart from visible rays range, the Rainbow waves. The sun’s electromagnetic spectrum has a wide range with multitude ways of possibilities where life in any form may exist. Those forms of life, you can call paranormal or alien etc.

When a person pass away, we can only see his physical body. A soul finds different wave length to exist on. So, there are enormous chances that there are ways to connect and communicate with them in their wavelengths. Maybe a sorcery or shamanism practices are few paths.

So, the “Soul” exists? Whatever you name for it, yes it exists. To describe it better- A soul is a different form of life than human that adapts to different phases or wave-lengths. It can be confirmed by physical laws of nature, “ Law of conservation of Energy” that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can simply transfer from one form of energy to another.

Therefore, our visible eyes may eludes us, our currently unyielding scientific minds, technologies may figure it out of such phantom life forms those lives live beyond rainbow. We are not alone in this universe.

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Life Flow Chart Pattern   Leave a comment

 don’t be a football to others -“Never be driven by others’ decision because it’s your goal, not theirs”.

A successful person knows where he/she is going which others have not seen it-the future. Successful person knows the exact pathways and calculations of the twist and turns in achieving a grand success. He foresee the possible impending problems and seeks its solutions (SWOT Analysis one of them), so actually he is following a Life chart flow pattern. Whether you like it or not, you cannot escape from this because you have already been chosen to follow it. So, carefully understand what Life Chart Pattern is laid out for you. It is your life to make your life a successful one: rich with money, and goodness in your heart for all.

Life is exactly a water cycle, an evaporated H20 molecules is precipitated in cool parts of Mountain. Then, it has to find its way of winding course of streams, river channels, struck with huge boulders, change course and sometimes gets absorbed by others.

In this life, your moves are an integral part of a Flow Chart pattern. In a flow chart, there are many nodes or junction where you need a decision and this decision will guide you to a different route. In a node, a question required to be answered where you cannot escape. Life Flow Chart

Life chart is a complex combination of nodes and pathways that will take you to different routes in life.So, you should know where to make right, left, up, down turn, stop and resume again. Consider your best choices, suggestions, anticipate results of your actions, perceive your goals from here and now as shown in Figure.

Remember, this life is a chart flow. A chart flow is a system that makes decision of Yes/No/Silence as answers in a node point where this science of average is inevitably important. So, check your Node points (decision making cross road section) of your important life.

So, in every node, do a lot of research, discussion or take suggestions from all available resources, but you should make your own decision.

Story-Telling Skills   Leave a comment


ME  ———————————————————————————————————————————————————–> LEADERS, WINNERS

Are you seeking a better Job or wish to be working in influential non profit organization? or is it that you want to tell a very wonderful story in a audiovisual form? or do you have any good SMART project ideas that you want someone to fund it? Everywhere, a good story teller is a very essential quality one should possesses in order to captivate our creative, innovative ideas & concepts in this competitive world. It is not only the politicians who should own this good story telling quality. A story telling is a public speaking quality or an ability of a person who can convince next person or mass on a complete imagination on certain topic with his eloquently, forceful vivid content to rest people and that also defeats opponents’ cognitive ability in a debate or make believe that it’s very true.

Brain and Story telling

Global is really becoming a village due to Info-Technological development which lessened human’s psychological distance between two communicator. Global development in info-techno-audio-visual has opened many of our hidden “HEROs”, “INNOVATORs”, “SCIENTISTS”,”WRITERS”,etc. from all around the World. However, it not always the “media” that brings the Hero face of the nation in front of us, Now and in future-it is rather the mass people who really decides the momentum of our “likeness”.

It will continue to bring more people, societies nearer to each other than in past has become an integral part of our living system in means of influencing others either in oral, writing or/and visual aids system to wider audience as much as possible. “Good Speaker is always a Good Listener” too because people like those who like to listen others’ stories too. Remember, it’s not just you who would like to speak, your audience also have something to talk about and need listeners. So, Give some time for them to blurt it out, but make eye to eye contact and listen to him/her. Then, only he/she will listen to you. It is one of the very best skill of story-teller.

So, how can we become a very influential story teller? Here are following approaches that are considerable to understand wider aspects:

a) Actively Participate in a meeting, discussion with stakeholders or concerned parties in order to gain deeper understanding of intricacies to tell the stories that you feel about.
b) Field visit : if you have it, be attached emotionally with issues that you are dealing with, it energizes you.
c) Search in Internet: What’s happening around the World, less expensive.
d) Discuss with Friends on what would be the best method and steps to express? Ask your friends if they have any questions that as an audience they’d like to ask.
e) Note Down important points- in case – not to forget.
f) Be prepare with Rhetorical questions, correlate with other examples (real).

A wound may heal soon, but sweet words last forever.

What is your story? Colorful words on blackboard.

What is your story? Colorful words on blackboard.

Speakers TYPE in the business world:

  1. The incoherent, who meander, use tons of jargon, and talk of things interesting mostly to themselves.
  2. The coherent, who can verbally communicate facts and opinions but seldom say anything memorable.
  3. The articulate, who speak succinctly and clearly but whose words are seldom persuasive.
  4. The eloquent, who use language and body language to win the hearts and minds of listeners.

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World asks the Questions   Leave a comment

This Earth may be small, but our life is much larger that size of Earth. Many people lost themselves in the World. From your parent, relatives, friends, yourself, any spiritual leaders or religious books who have tried to become a mentor in one sense. Is it really the true nature of Life to be lived up with? How to live?

Many colorful people stand in a crowd thinking of questions

Many colorful people stand in a crowd thinking of questions

I was also always looking for the answer of what the leadership is all about. At times, when i attended a training, different people express different things. However, now i have found a solid answer that answers the worldly survival. It even answers the Charles Darwin’s theory of survival for existence.

If you are reading this, then, it is a matter of your consciousness to recognize the need to understand one of the crucial reality of this World that this World will ask you a question one day? With growing population and competition, there will be many more questions our children and grand children are going to face from rest of the population. Even often, we need to answer ourselves, the question that arise from our mind.

Everybody wants to become a leader or a movie superstar; to become a hero- you need to answer them in a lot of gestures, oral and verbal actions to the World. It is about the choices that we make, we pass through the flow in the flowchart. In the flowchart, there are always instances where we come across the crossroads, the crossroads that has a lot of questions and there’s no way that you can actually escape from it. The only answer that we have is to make a crucial and inescapable choices, our every choice is an answer.

It doesn’t matter with the age or your consciousness, someone is going to ask you a question. Most of the questions are irrelevant, and do not need to be answered, however, those questions always drive you and pave a different route. Such questions always enlighten us that there are so many paths to follow, reminding us that there are such crossroads. There are many instances where you cannot return once you flow with the time.

When there are many answers, the conflict is eventually come upfront because you cannot make everyone happy.gquestion qeus what would u do?

question  Whats_new

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