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Our hungry soul is looking for a high positioned job, abundant money, a few owned car, a flamboyant house and we believe, i’d be very happy in this life. But have you ever seen such people happy? in fact, I do not own worldly neither of all above. But still my hungry soul is in search of something different.

No doubt, in a soliloquy, a person always is always in search of unsurpassed heavenly happiness, the ultimate purpose & meaning of life existence. Our hungry soul is like a thirsty deer’s mirage illusion of water, while running far distances in vast desert.

In search we entangled ourselves into swinging back and forth between both high and low lives that reverberated with high and lows feelings as our hungry soul is looking for a bodily and mental resting place, even though we know, “There’s no such place actually to rest, we need to keep moving”. But where and how far? I need to make a decision and find a Resting house for my hungry soul.

i had glanced at dogmatic, conflicting religious books, educated formally, saw few mystical & magical powers. i needed something that pervades my simple hungry soul with a real happiness. A simple person spends most of his life in making a life to survive for food, education, house and few momentary amenities surrounding to display flamboyantly. Everyone’s soul actually needs a Resting place in midst of densely populated society and hungry fulfilling desires. In such an intermediary and transient playful mind, I’ve found an answer how we, human need to live a life by understanding basic rules of happiness as follows.

  1. Life is a Mirror and Third Law of Newton’s Law: Since happiness is our goal, so, no matter what i will not be a greedy, anger, anomaly, hatred or at least no increase them for now; & learn to forgive, care and love. Love & care nurtures. Everybody needs a space, so i will respect others’ soul, interest, thoughts, capacity. All my actions will have an unconditional Love. Be the first to apologize. When you act or pray, do with 100% determination.
  2. Circle of Love: Encompass yourself with positive forces (good books, movies, friends) that inspires, aspires my soul.
  3. Today and Now: Yesterday is gone, i’m a new person today and i’ll be better tomorrow.
  4. Every individual’s action is a reflection of a society structure. so i will make a positive vibe reflection in society of kindness, empathy and forgiving nature as an individual effort.
  5. Intellect solves Problems;
    Knowledge expands Horizon;
    Experience gives you a realization;
    Love Nurtures;
    Forgiveness Heals & cleanse Soul;
    Faith gives you a Strength
    Trust gives you a Bonding;
    Patience teaches to remain Strong;
    Hope gives you a Second Life of chance.
    Every new Second of minutes is to change Mistakes.
  6. If my actions, thoughts hamper any other living or dead soul, i will be unhappy. The first victim of my actions originated first from my thought processes. But i want to be a Happy and Share my Happiness to others.

Until i find a satisfaction to my hungry soul, i will keep blogging. what do your hungry soul is looking?

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Tonight, circumventing and entwining my love feelings for her with the cadence of sentimental songs; trying to commensurate the highest value of each word to ensue the real apogee meaning of an an-aphrodisiac love. It is simply the “Platonic Love”, unrivaled with the tint of the sexual culmination. Realizing sex, tangibility has lesser importance in love, just a figment balloons you & afloat in the air in her every dreams day and night. Today, I am feeling, Love and Sex have an eternal distance that even a supercilious fastest mind cannot approach it. Why do I sense such today? Is this a true love or the greatest illusion? Why does not somebody exempt me from an ocean of love?

pLATONIC LOVESwimming solitary in this ocean of love, hoping she would be coming for me. Searching her took my half life and still in search. No matter what, don’t want to distinct what love is? Simply, suggestion is to feel fervently. Ah ! this is a true love and here’s an instant warmness even in winter season. Love is like a bird with two wings circumnavigate to indiscriminate destination. Even a neophyte bird remembers every path it wanders, but this love feeling remains nonchalance but certainly enjoys every path of odyssey love. Myth says it’s really hard life being a bird, a novice bird has to fly at once. They see a human like me, hoping if they were like a human, they would have done something extraordinary. Now, I m a simple human being with lots of things in this head, a knowledge or just a winding crazy things, I don’t know. So, God, let all birds be a human being so that they could feel what I am feeling.

I Feel to hold you forever in these empty arms waiting since eons, and not to miss again because of solitary pain. There’s no meaning of existence, without you, feels like this path is just somehow to put these paces to an end all alone. In this love, why doesn’t she reside, the one for whom I gave everything. What I didn’t do for her? I made this world empty, bought this world. Does she mean money can’t buy everything?

If this real life were a story, I would not have written so sadistic that blood flows instead of an ink into these stories. Why do some people get their love and enjoy it? Person like me also exists on Earth, y am I being chosen? God discern and scrutinize me at this provision, may be ludicrously laughing somewhere in the corner of arena of life. Scripting farcically sentences for her and never acquainted to her, just scratched for dustbin. And I now enlighten you that I fell in love with you in these nondescript, nonentities, obsolete sentences where the every word is screeching of dysfunctional reality in a quest of a true lover. I think, my meek love is entwined with both craving and aversion, and conclude that I m not in love but deeply inveterate with craving. This is not love, not real love. The missteps disgrace my love as an infidelity in a Real love which meticulously subjugated unraveling “Love should be an unconditional love?

The greatest mistake in love, I’ve ever learnt is to remain silent, the worst situation. The condemned carnal carnivals deride us to become a mendacious philander. The marriage conjugates the aesthetics of Sex and Love graciously, venerating its immaculate meaning optimally.

What m I doing here alone typing about love in the middle of the night, a frenetic insomnia? She got connubial long ago and I m still dreaming, now realize I have squandered my precious life in the name of obscurity. Now only the figment of nostalgia adumbrates my present. And she never knows that I love her. Am I crazy? What is happening to me? M I in a good state of mental health? I doubt seriously!

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