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Prophecies On the edge: Nostradameus and Gottama Buddha   8 comments

The world stature is on the edge of choice: simply good or bad; scrutinizing through the prominent prophesiers Nostradameus and Gottama Buddha. The vivid natural disaster events rate, human miseries in this mundane world reveal about ‘on the verge of final’, reflects volitional even though two sides of a coin have been flipping since long back. There’s no trust between human and an oligarchy, however seeking the same happiness and peace. The same objective or destiny of all with stubborn notion that only their path is an absolute, is misleading to this present stature of world and obvious foolish followers.

Our mind is also great; simply it is a playground or a computer hard disk. What has been filled up or will be: the type of operating system (The Mind) in your hard disk (The Brain)? This question is the greatest of all so far with the software of the variety religions, circle that affects you. What is the cost of happiness and peace? Doing meditation or killing method, both bring mental peace. Everybody is either right or wrong, only the conditional factor (programmed inside us) drives to decisive decision with depth understanding. The computer doesn’t understand the reason of operation, it just acts according to programmed simulation but human mind can realize through meditation as Gottama Buddha. What is the choice or the choice is itself the Greatest illusion of mankind that hurdles us from reaching to the source (god OR programmer who made this acting world)?

This world is really amazing; the mathematical expressions say this is the probability world, in contrary if so, where will the prominent prophecy of Nostradameus fit? Is this world fore-written and we are all actors if Nostradameus is true? The ultimate question is “Where are we all standing? What is an individual’s ultimate destiny? Are we chimera by our religious organizations till death?” The answer is simply at the maximum frontier of our knowledge and experience. The major barricade lies in level of understanding the definition. The truth “Misleading Definition is killing humanity”. The existence of complexity in nature of this world blinds the understanding if unable to unwind it. The prophecy of Nostradameus final prophecy is the present situation either turn to good or bad, left with a big question. However, Gottama Buddha’s prophecy about emergence of Vipassana meditation after 2500 years now mark that, humanity will survive. The dubious option left by Nostradameus, was already divulged by the Gottama Buddha, long before his (Nostradameus) existence.

The overall calculation reflects humanity will thrive on Earth. So, let us all start living in peace. Life is so short with certainty of Death ultimately and for me individually, this world exists because I live. I want to live in peace and so you are. I won’t hurt you, don’t hurt me. If there’s hurt, always forgiveness should be everywhere. May all beings be happy and conducive to all in peace forever.

Date : 27 October 2005, Thursday.

Posted February 28, 2012 by arjunlimbu in Philosophy

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