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The End of War   1 comment

Neither the dead nor alive people have ever experienced
“The end of war” through Rage of War.

It’s a time to realize that if a war is truly the path of protection, security as promised by Politicians, then, study the war history and ask yourself, ‘has it never given a protection, security?’ There has always been a loss on both sides of a war. If there is also no security in war, then, why public support war? Why can’t you understand this? There is no real threat in this world.

Normal people are busy in making money for bread and butter every morning and evening, they do not have time for such mental problems; only politicians play this game. Look at Hillary’s email in creating a falsehood enemy by funding few ignorant, poor people; look at Bush who killed thousands of innocent people in the name of false ‘weapons of mass destruction’, therefore, Bush is supposed to be hanged instead of Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately, people were not ready to listen to Saddam, now on Contrary, Mr. Bush is smiling at the sheep nature of people and walking freely. People ! It is time to wake up.

There were no need of World war I and II. And, here or in future, no need of WW III either. The leaders of the world have already developed the underground security for themselves when there will be WWW-III and the earth surface will be unable to live like in Mar’s surface due to extinction of life forms by nuclear war explosions for small ego in the distant past. So, how many times in this history of human civilization on earth needs to understand that this war is not the solution? Again and again, there were wars and all wants to gain control over people by becoming the Global Authority.

Remember, If you feel insecure, then, others are also insecure; and in this name of security, an empty imaginary threat builds up in our peaceful mind. This is the control game played by rich people, and politicians. You support the war in the name of your country, your people, color and in contrary, in other times you talked about the humanity, peace. What the hell is wrong is you People !

The military investors make money out of it making bombs, bullets. Your Political leaders are attached to their ego, power, politics. Countries say annual negative economic debt, i ask who the hell is the creditor to your country- god or aliens? After all it is the human, instead why not distribute the food in equitable way. Is nation’s economy larger than humanity? They have investment money for the military warheads, but no money to feed the poor people. Your leaders need to change mind, peace is possible. Food will be available. Your children can grow only in peace. Peace grows from inside, not from outward material world. Material world only comforts living.

So, is there a solution for a complete peace?
If your leader does not have an ability to settle a dispute through dialogue, then, it is a perfect time to search another leader, for his/her incompetency.

Yes, the dialogue to find the reason in the round table. What is the thing in the world that cannot be absolved. Don’t fight like child, you are grown up. Remove the boundaries, any barriers to keep the humanity first. Death is a certain.  Be compassionate as said by Buddha. But, i know people will never change. Share food, Be Generous. Forgive ignorant people. Do not Attach too much your hunger for worldly things. I see no wrong with the people and the World. I see no Threat in the world. People just need to show a true compassion, forgiveness and make them believe that there are still good people on Earth.

Finally, one day, when the buddha’s education is experienced by each sentient beings.



war quotesको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

war quotesको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम


Multi-Reality World   Leave a comment

Earth is not only the World. Mind also has a world.

Why human are naturally selfish, bring forth conflicts?
It is because of multiple reality effects. They do not see other side. People generally tend to live in their own world and do not like other people to enter in their world. A marriage will only be successful either husband or wife needs to adapt in other’s world. If you draw a line between, then, a marriage could run but not necessarily a love will exist truly.

Did Anyone saw Multiple Reality?
Siddhartha Buddha was not selfish, because he saw the Multiple Worlds, Multiple Reality. Yes, of course, me also.

Multiple Reality effects conflicts. So, For Peace, understand ultimate reality with a peaceful dialogue process. A dialogue is a bridge to understand other side reality because world lives in a multiple reality.

In conflicts, people hold only their sight, side as the ultimate reality, which brings conflicts. Life is about statistical weight value process before any significant output which happens at super conscious level in a billionth of a second, so quick. What is the weight value do you give it to your circumstances?

Is there ultimate reality? It is a place where everyone gets equal satisfaction state of mind. When mind achieve this state, the body naturally adapts to the mind state.

Then, what is the Satisfaction? It is also the state of mind depends on your mind state. If you are close to achieving your Reality, then, you will be more happy, and other will remain unhappy because you win. You do not necessarily care about ultimate reality, but if you care, then other side of reality people will be happy too when you win. Only in the state of closeness towards the Ultimate Reality, most people will be happy (win-win theory).


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World asks the Questions   Leave a comment

This Earth may be small, but our life is much larger that size of Earth. Many people lost themselves in the World. From your parent, relatives, friends, yourself, any spiritual leaders or religious books who have tried to become a mentor in one sense. Is it really the true nature of Life to be lived up with? How to live?

Many colorful people stand in a crowd thinking of questions

Many colorful people stand in a crowd thinking of questions

I was also always looking for the answer of what the leadership is all about. At times, when i attended a training, different people express different things. However, now i have found a solid answer that answers the worldly survival. It even answers the Charles Darwin’s theory of survival for existence.

If you are reading this, then, it is a matter of your consciousness to recognize the need to understand one of the crucial reality of this World that this World will ask you a question one day? With growing population and competition, there will be many more questions our children and grand children are going to face from rest of the population. Even often, we need to answer ourselves, the question that arise from our mind.

Everybody wants to become a leader or a movie superstar; to become a hero- you need to answer them in a lot of gestures, oral and verbal actions to the World. It is about the choices that we make, we pass through the flow in the flowchart. In the flowchart, there are always instances where we come across the crossroads, the crossroads that has a lot of questions and there’s no way that you can actually escape from it. The only answer that we have is to make a crucial and inescapable choices, our every choice is an answer.

It doesn’t matter with the age or your consciousness, someone is going to ask you a question. Most of the questions are irrelevant, and do not need to be answered, however, those questions always drive you and pave a different route. Such questions always enlighten us that there are so many paths to follow, reminding us that there are such crossroads. There are many instances where you cannot return once you flow with the time.

When there are many answers, the conflict is eventually come upfront because you cannot make everyone happy.gquestion qeus what would u do?

question  Whats_new

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