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Why do students always penchant to disparity in scores? Why do some people excel in later stage of life? Is it the biological, social or supernatural phenomenon exists? Time has really fascinated human mind. It is simply that “Time” is the race track and “Relativity” is your disposition in the race track.

Time is not a Machine, but, simply a race track and every extant life drape in a race track in manifold mathematical dimension. In fact, Time is an inert; but its inherent itinerants are dynamic. Therefore, once I said to my brother, “I think, Life is constant and we are moving”. Since, all extant life is devious, relatively moving with each other. Therefore, is it possible to make a fruitful or recuperate oneself in short span of life 100 years?

The answer is ‘YES’. First of all, remember your contemporary circles and scrutinize, compare with them. In different aspects, all are ahead or lag to each other. This is time and relativity. Therefore, where we all are? Now, to achieve success, thereafter knowing our positions, the focus or attention of pinnacle (if accessible, then better) is the next crucial step. For example, a student of the same class have limited course book. A lagging behind student has to acquaint oneself with almost all aspect of that book because the achievers of his colleagues also do follow the same. It needs focus. The discursive attentions in life befuddles mind. Later once a lagging student knows every aspect of course book, then, after appearing in exam, definitely, there’s no question of betterment. It is the one way to convalesce in race. It is just simply understanding of relative position in race track of manifold dimension. Life is short; therefore, focus is must in life.

Life has learning and Earning time with a thin crevasse in between them. The enlightened person said once that to change things, it just takes a snap. Yet, it doesn’t happen because of our mind besotted with perverted deterrent information. For this reason, the mind retraction depends on level of deviation. On the contrary, sometimes, in Life, changing course can be fruitful as well. Never stick absolutely to one as well, it will dissolute. Psychologically down persons are the result of absolute. Life needs hap in a fraction as it is a calculation of probability as well along with this relativity.

Ironically, it is indeed biological, psychological, social factors also play a crucial role in one’s development, i.e. secondary factors. However, the primary factors are relativity and time cannot be completely pulverized because it deals something with conscience of mind as asserted above. Those secondary factors are only the subsidiary to primary factors that works as an auxiliary.

The prime time is to understand this very time and relativity. Know your position with others, i.e. the relativity. The denouement is nothing (I haven’t seen yet).
Tuesday, October 03, 2005
Edited: Saturday April 08, 2006

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