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4 Elements of a Matter   Leave a comment

Many Religions, old philosophers, including Aristotle believed that all the matter in the universe was made of four basic elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Even in the Limbu religion called Mundhum, these five matters have been stated to be existed after when the universe was just evolved from the noble silence in the deep space or it has stated motion in Space. This Limbu religion is so true that its philosophies and scientists have even calculated and understood the motion in space when universe was created. After which a consciousness was borne. These elements were acted on by two forces: gravity, the tendency for earth and water to sink, and levity, the tendency for air and fire to rise. I thoroughly understand and appreciate their insight in understanding the matter. However, I would just like to highlight yesterday’s thoughts in today’s perspective and come to following conclusion.

  1. Aristotle means to say that any matter has states of matter quality in its nature as Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma States, as ascribed by today’s physics.
  2. The gravity and Levity is meant to be the properties it hold of temperature due to heat. In Aristotle’s sense, Earth and Water means gravity, his explanation is meant to relate straight that for example, let’s take a water as a matter, its nature in low temperature keeps molecules close together enough to claim gravity nature, on the other hand, the same water with higher temperature changes to gases and super heat will transform into much higher states of a matter, called Plasma state.
  3. Aristotle believed that matter was continuous. I think Aristotle is trying to explain that there exists The Law of Conservation of Energy. My argument is that matter is never a continuous, however the energy can be, because it propagates from one form to another form, where matter is never continuous. Therefore, throughout the history, still, there’s a debate in scientific, religious circle whether Universe is essentially static and unchanging universe, the question of whether or not it had a beginning. I strongly believe that it is ever changing than anything else. Only the way we observe the universe from one dimension of a time is letting us to perceive from this disposition. Theory of relativity of time is directly proportional to velocity, therefore, the greater the speed of velocity, it will be easier to observe that universe is not a constant, it is rather continuously changing. The every dT, the instant change as miniature as possible in time difference travelling in a vast space of universe is enough to feel it.

It also makes me to ponder whether the soul of a life is nothing more than energy, which exactly follows the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Yesterday was a symbolic representation, and today is the age of science, which I am just trying to correlate, which by means should not remain confuse about it along the arrow of time. My conclusion, Like Aristotle and Limbu religions that they had understood the very best of science in his time, in his dimension.

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Light in the dark or Dark in the light   Leave a comment

In short life, people squander their life in the dark shadows of ignorance with an individual empathy even though, two eyes wide opened. Our perception of this reality world mesmerize by tangible sense organs and enigmatic senses dreams, thinking, intuition etc… We created history, and will shape future by our decisions, where prior every decision, these senses tremor in the form of psychology, draconian destruction and insanity, manhood, humanity, crisis, savior; routing with so called the light in the dark. Our skimpy knowledge often put us in delusional light, which in fact, is dark side.

Feb. 12, 2007, vol. 169, No. 5 page no. 50, one can see with a stolid monk picture; FMRI scans of meditating monks showed dramatic changes in the parts of the brain associated with happiness, under title ‘THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING’ and also highlights with ’10,000 Number of hours of their lives some monks have spent in meditation. The practice can actually move their happiness set point’. Then, it gets a place in one of the most prestigious magazine, ‘Time’. On the other hand, Imagine the current pinnacle of human adversity in African nations where the god of death approaching everyday to take someone, even so called survived are in a procession to the mouth of death. Now, can you shower these destitute African people to the pinnacle of happiness with meditation? The ‘sweet’ grapes for an unfortunate fox are sour.
It sounds funny, very funny!!. This is a delusional light, which in fact, is dark side. I guarantee a provision of food to famished dire people will move them to happiness set point that monks achieved who receive complimentary foods everyday and night. I believe, if these needy, famished people were provisioned for meditation with complementary food, I am sure, they can also stay more than 10,000 numbers of hours their lives in meditation. It is two eyes, wide opened, seen an absolute truth.

War is no exception. Who in fact, have fought for an absolute humanity? All fights for himself in the name of duty, medals, jobs, national identity. We stand our leaders for our security and happiness. All these means your two senses are threatened. What is the cost of happiness and peace? Doing meditation or killing method, no doubt, both bring mental peace. Otherwise, to kill someone is not an easy job for novice. Our precepts allow decimating others in the name of war, after all killing is killing. There’s just a thin, intangible, enigmatic ‘line of thinking’, that differentiates the designation of killing.

So called religions are also no exception that have brought debacle in human relations. People never understood it as a principle to live a happy life, nothing more. One of the prominent religious leaders, Dalai Lama, who ran futile a free Tibet rally, a question rise upon it. Why the protest didn’t follow a peace path? In fact, why does he need autonomy, if he is selfless, humanitarian? So far to my understanding of his preaching, his so called Buddhism is not different from what Gautama, the Buddha discovered. The Gautama, after he achieved enlightenment, he never had any attachment or aversion towards anything or anybody. It is shame and a sheep that ordinary people invite him to the United Nation assembly program for discourse and grant him a ‘Noble Peace Prize’. It is no different in Hindu religions; the god named ‘Krishna’, romanced with about 16,665 ladies and scripted such womanish with beautiful sentences that ‘in previous life, they had a desire to be with him as husband. One foreign lady was obstructed to one Hindu temple and she wept and did her futile best to persuade temple priests. She told them she was even consecrated as a Hindu. With hopes and dreams, she came just to see this temple. But, it is people who still see the skin colors rather than humanity. It is just an example; People can even shed their bloods from veins for religion which they might not have understood its root meaning and function.

I doubt, that in such temples, if there is god, then a pristine God never abides. God is omnipotent, omniscient. Why don’t we think that such omniscient fellow assumes that all people are equal for him? A masked god only discriminates others. When Jesus Christ says, ‘I am omnipotent and come to me.’ We misunderstood him. The meaning of ‘I’ means not him; it is his complete compassion, love, forgiveness. Once Oscar Wilde, the British author, was returning at dawn from the first night of an unpopular play by him, a friend asked him how the new play succeeded. Wilde replied, ‘The play was a magnificent success. But, the audience was a miserable failure.’ Our actual understanding of so called ‘GOD’ is an analogous to the Oscar Wilde’s response. The iconic leaders of religions may have understood the complete sense and the blind followers breach the meanings. These days I see, the religious leaders just a masked human who have neither experienced such compassion nor they have operated such precepts on themselves.
Pondering as an unbiased, un-iconoclastic, bystander trying to exhume the meaning of existence in this world, ‘Thinking of Thinking’ tickled my so far awakened mind. Our mind is also great; simply it is a playground or a computer hard disk. What has been filled up or will be: the type of operating system (The Mind) in your hard disk (The Brain)? This question is the greatest of all so far with the software of the variety religions, circle that affects you. In fact, it seems everybody is either right or wrong, only the conditional factor (programmed inside us) need to be deciphered.

I say, ‘Breathe oxygen and live life with less attachment and aversion and addendum of forgiveness, love’. The time you squander reading voluminous books on religion, it is better to do a good job for money; walking and nutritious eating for good health. Let us distinguish ‘The light in the dark or Dark in the light’. We are super-animal with advanced brain capacity; so, it is just a matter of time.

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God   Leave a comment

What does a god looks like? What does it (God) do? Sometimes, I feel like god is like a person watching a cable television, changing different channels as per his wish. God is just simply the Source of Energy that runs this life and we pray for our prosperity, not others (?).Even more, people do futile indenture with God (if there is!) for prosperity. Have your ever done so? All human are entailed with inexorable predicaments to embroil in Life. It is law of nature, universally applicable.

The entire so called “religious” congeries only baffled and ensue only the negativities. Even if there is God in their religion, he/she must have never taught about zealot, invectives, mutinous, ignominious, opprobrium, disparaging, cupidity, skullduggery, traduce, calumnious mordant nature. What is there to be so much incumbent on one’s religion? Why do there’s derogation from other’s religions? To be meritocracy (expedient), why do one is subjugated to flout convert is essential. The oppugn disparities were not the canon words of orator. The charlatan followers riddle all the religious wont lessons. In fact, the canons must be universal one. The true canon is diffracted into fortuitous religious legion that not only mutilated, but obtrusively dilapidate it as well.

My personal perspective is that if there’s good in any religions then, learn and accept it. I am not being agnostic, heretic, iconoclastic to orthodox; however, skimming and exhuming the suave religious scribbles and truculent nature of human being so that one can vehemently absolve from hypocrisy. Understanding true Gnostic will be adventitious to the latent feelings for augmentation because ignorance is the greatest encumber. In addition, the orators have been the photocopy. What is left is to think ourselves? Even, I forfeit to all that these information are just corrigible chasm and hoping it will be fruitful in discriminating the concerted facts of Life.

The catechism of every religion has copious thick books, can be collated to form a library that hardly waste time. I suggest no need to delve into it because I can tell in a few squiggle sentences. I just simply say, “Don’t act, think bad activities; do well whatever it is”. These lives are short and try to gain the “meaning of life”. Imagine the happiness, friends only the benison and bequeath with love in this cantonment of this life. He is god, who has only magnanimous feelings towards others. I know this manifest epigram will be deracinated and founder as it loses its crux when it just scurry with mordant reality. Good milieus are only good in books; maybe therefore, there are libraries.

In coda, there’s nothing esoteric, enigmatic predicament to discuss about God. God is simply Good, and therefore, propitious to all, but, bequeath to our thinking pattern. Do and Follow a good thing means to remain in close to God. Create a just a Good consonant environment is to remain just close to god. Why do people ensnare populace in a name of God? Why god doesn’t comes to absolve during predicaments. Cogitate upon it. Only jiffy happiness & commiserate is available through extraneous factors. Inner peace ensconces life. Never do business with God. Don’t ask me, what god looks like? I haven’t seen it, but I can feel it.

Monday, November 21, 2005
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Path of Knowledge: The Greatest Delusion of Mankind History   1 comment

Is your Religion is perfect, contemplate upon it? If that’s true, then why others are forbidden to enter in your holy place ingress? In my definition, Religion must be a set of good precepts for integrity and consensus in life. Currently, the virtual integrity is the greatest illusion which is maculating the lives on Earth.

Life has been mesmerized in the murky path of religion in the name of delusional Knowledge. The place and time have taught everybody the pattern, i.e. monotheism. People loath to understand the Polytheism, always lionize their own, following their predecessor which hoodwink to the Greatest Illusions of mankind history.

Our Impression to monotheism doesn’t mean that others are always fallible. Extreme path followers are always misleader. A gibberish mono-religious tutor may be close to perfect and followers who barely fathom just a part of knowledge to live a good life lead us to the dissolute extreme path. A BIG HEAD is with us being the most intelligent life on Earth so far. What is the use of A BIG HEAD, when we don’t discern the simple knowledge of good and bad?

What is the right choice then? Everybody should “THINK”, if there’s any good knowledge in any religion then accept it for benefit to you and all else refuse it. One can discriminate a good and bad; this simple rules will adhere to GOD, not only the mumbo jumbo surreptitious religious faith. Live and fly free as a bird in the open sky (life). Even what I say is that do whatever you do, but your activity should not disturb others. A human life is a one good chance to sharpen own life at least. Construe and amend yourself from the monograph to polygraph. If someone is cynic of indigestible issue, then ponder upon it, confer and try to exhume the genuineness. This will bring changes in you.

One way to introspect your propinquity to God is to understand the forces of positive and negativities in life. If your mind is liberated from craving and odium, it is positive precursor immediacy to God. Other way, if your hear beat is very normal and no muscular and nervous crammed biologically, it happens when life is beautiful. However, reversion of general pattern of life is the path that spiritualist/ religion tutor wanted. If we be happy whatever situation then life becomes beautiful then no craving/aversion which will lead to individual close to god. Since death is certain, people says nothing to lose on Earth, but what I say, we have to carry a lots of things much heavier than our physical body could i.e. not a material objects but a wave of good actions and deeds.

If the supposed god is omnipotent, then why doesn’t he/she bring a peace on Earth? It is because we individuals have to wake out from illusion by our own effort, not by the grace of others. Others are they themselves in illusion. A religious tutor may help. No god from above clouds will come to rescue. It is here and now to revolutionize ourselves and let our children be out of preclusion of mumbo jumbo.

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