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Following points are universally applicable.

i) Society is Changeable (not constant): It is due to fore-brain (cortex) part of human brain. What if other higher form of species will have other more part of brain than just cortex. It makes the continuity of search for next? Is this a reason for what a development moves forward.

ii) Duplication: It is not necessary that one theory successfully applicable do not necessarily implement to next. It is because different people live in different circumstances, their individual/group capacity in understanding the world.

iii) Liquid Measurement: Actual measurement is impossible as human feelings are very dilute and variable. It can only be compared in range and on the basis of the science of average. Eg. Sweetness of one person differs to other.

iv) Unity in Diversity: We are all human with richness in diversity of culture, living styles, food. Ultimately, we are all human being and our actions should be defined who we are.

v) Language: is very essential component for communication that leads to development in the long run.

vi) Balanced Civilization: Combination of Eastern and Western civilization is essential for balanced life. We need social bonding from eastern civilization and technological development as aspect from western society.

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