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Time Machine has not yet been invented. If my life is to achieve something or have a purpose, then, Time is crucial element and decision has to be made in the present moment that changes your course of action. Life is like a RIVER, you keep on flowing with twist & turns, until an ocean is reached where time will drag you even if you don’t wish to move in a provided time. So, it is better to make a move. Life is like a FLOWCHART, there are always options, true/false, where you have to make a decision in a provided time.  A provided time is a point of NO RETURN.

Time is a uni-directional, one-way traffic system, where we have to achieve our objectives. However, every organism is travelling laterally with us in this linear direction timeline. A TIME-LINE is a path, a route course of life. So, it somehow looks like linear, but there’s uncountable timelines are here for billions of people and all living organisms. This MULTIPLE-
is fixed with/by their brain capacity in the course of life. This is what explained by Einstein, the greatest minds of our time, as “Theory of Relativity”. It is this reason, not all people’s wishes are fulfilled. EMPATHY word is when joined with feelings, then and there; you jump across your timeline to someone else. Every day, we blend on different timelines; sometime, we lost ourselves into different timeline without realizing it.

So, the question would be can we change our timeline into better timeline because everyone wants a better conditions? The answer is YES !!  yes !!   YeS !! The TRAININGS are one of the best tool to take you up a higher or a different route for a change in your time line.

Everything is at the “opportunity cost” against time.


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In the book ‘A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME’ by Stephen Hawking explains about existence of super-intelligent human species, stating “One can answer this on the basis of the weak anthropic principle. Conditions in the contracting phase would not be suitable for the existence of intelligent beings who could ask the questions: Why is disorder increasing in the same direction of time as that in which the universe is expanding? The inflation in the early stages of the universe, which the no boundary proposal predicts, means that the universe must be expanding at very close to the critical rate at which it would just avoid recollapse, and so will not recollapse for a very long time. By then all the stars will have burned out and the protons and neutrons in them will probably have decayed into light particles and radiation. The universe would be in a state of almost complete disorder. There would be no strong thermodynamic arrow of time. Disorder couldn’t increase much because the universe would be in a state of almost complete disorder already. However, a strong thermodynamic arrow is necessary for intelligent life to operate. Thus life could not exist in the contracting phase of the universe.”

Coming down to Earth’s system; the entropy physics also applies same here. The “law of conservation of Energy” may remain constant; however, it is not going to save the biota of the Earth ultimately. It is because the second law of thermodynamics which states that the entropy of the Universe keeps on increasing incessantly with time. One of the most brilliant scientific minds since Einstein, the Stephan Hawking, expresses former as “This radiation is required in order to prevent violation of the second law.” What would be fate of the extant biota, especially the super-intelligent ‘Human Beings’ of this Earth, which needs constant supply of low entropy system?

If the increasing entropy system were to continue on Earth without “Auto-Recharge System”, the biological world would have been eradicated very long time back. The law of physics on earth has been set by God in such a state that constantly “Auto-Recharge Mechanism” which will recover the entropy systems like biogeochemical cycles. The earth acts both as open and closed systems. The earth’s mechanical system cannot perform completely the closed system without acting as open system. The insolation to the Earth as an open system, has been operating to construct the complete biological structural world. Since industrialization in 1850s, the rapidly increasing entropy on earth due to anthropogenic activities can, therefore, be reversed and its climate can be controlled and managed. We may not control the entropy of the Universe, but, we can do to Earth planet. Ultimately, the entropy state is going to determine the extant life on Earth.

The climate change on Earth is not a new topic now. It can have both positive and negative impact on entropy. In case of huge melting the glaciers, ice lands on earth i.e. the increasing entropy, has the negative impacts. How can this Science and Technology can manipulate this working system of this earth in order to keep or lessen its entropy level. Had there been in Mars ever a Climate Change that might have completely eradicated the sustenance of life forms i.e. collapse of the auto-recharge mechanism? It can only be come out of shadow after discovery of biosignatures on Mars river terrains sunlight never reaches–at dark ocean depths, inside rocks, and deep below the surface; the search is on by NASA.

Like Earth, Mars has valleys that seem to be caused by a flowing fluid, presumably water. One can see dendritic drainage patterns as well as flood channels on the Martian surface. This module focuses on whether the channels observed on Mars are evidence of great floods and, if so, on how Pathfinder helps scientists to use the debris from such floods to obtain information about four billion years of Martian geologic history. In addition to liquid water, life also needs energy. Therefore, future missions will also be on the lookout for energy sources other than sunlight, since life on the surface of mars is unlikely given the presence of “superoxides” that break down organic (carbon-based) molecules on which life is based. On Earth, all forms of life need water to survive. It is likely, though not certain, that if life ever evolved on Mars, it did so in the presence of a long-standing supply of water. On Mars, we will therefore search for evidence of life in areas where liquid water was once stable, and below the surface where it still might exist today. Perhaps there might also be some current “hot spots” on Mars where hydrothermal pools (like those at Yellowstone) provide places for life. Recent data from Mars Global Surveyor suggest that liquid water may exist just below the surface in rare places on the planet, and the 2001 Mars Odyssey will be mapping subsurface water reservoirs on a global scale. We know that water ice is present at the Martian poles, and these areas will be good places to search for evidence of life as well.

Like on Earth in Mars, were there such an auto-recharge mechanism. Scientists are looking if this system still exists on Mars, our supposed next spaceship because we have not yet invented spaceship that travels in a Light Years to reach far across galaxies to search, discover, reach and live in another planetary system alike to earth’s system in this Universe.


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Why do students always penchant to disparity in scores? Why do some people excel in later stage of life? Is it the biological, social or supernatural phenomenon exists? Time has really fascinated human mind. It is simply that “Time” is the race track and “Relativity” is your disposition in the race track.

Time is not a Machine, but, simply a race track and every extant life drape in a race track in manifold mathematical dimension. In fact, Time is an inert; but its inherent itinerants are dynamic. Therefore, once I said to my brother, “I think, Life is constant and we are moving”. Since, all extant life is devious, relatively moving with each other. Therefore, is it possible to make a fruitful or recuperate oneself in short span of life 100 years?

The answer is ‘YES’. First of all, remember your contemporary circles and scrutinize, compare with them. In different aspects, all are ahead or lag to each other. This is time and relativity. Therefore, where we all are? Now, to achieve success, thereafter knowing our positions, the focus or attention of pinnacle (if accessible, then better) is the next crucial step. For example, a student of the same class have limited course book. A lagging behind student has to acquaint oneself with almost all aspect of that book because the achievers of his colleagues also do follow the same. It needs focus. The discursive attentions in life befuddles mind. Later once a lagging student knows every aspect of course book, then, after appearing in exam, definitely, there’s no question of betterment. It is the one way to convalesce in race. It is just simply understanding of relative position in race track of manifold dimension. Life is short; therefore, focus is must in life.

Life has learning and Earning time with a thin crevasse in between them. The enlightened person said once that to change things, it just takes a snap. Yet, it doesn’t happen because of our mind besotted with perverted deterrent information. For this reason, the mind retraction depends on level of deviation. On the contrary, sometimes, in Life, changing course can be fruitful as well. Never stick absolutely to one as well, it will dissolute. Psychologically down persons are the result of absolute. Life needs hap in a fraction as it is a calculation of probability as well along with this relativity.

Ironically, it is indeed biological, psychological, social factors also play a crucial role in one’s development, i.e. secondary factors. However, the primary factors are relativity and time cannot be completely pulverized because it deals something with conscience of mind as asserted above. Those secondary factors are only the subsidiary to primary factors that works as an auxiliary.

The prime time is to understand this very time and relativity. Know your position with others, i.e. the relativity. The denouement is nothing (I haven’t seen yet).
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