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To night, before I go to bed, i will think how I’ve used my precious day?
do u know, Max brawn, google engineer built a bathroom mirror that runs Android mobile apps running system in his “Spare Time”?


Time is a unidirectional, 4 dimension which is an ageing element to any existing things, even if there’s a time machine. Time Log is also an analogy to paper or a computer hard disk storage where everything is recorded at the sub-atomic or higg’s bosson level. Every advancement in time when you realize that you would have done this and that while you look at younger kids, means you’ve not used your time properly. So, first understand the dying nature and death, no one is immortal, it values the time and work. What you want to do and become? not what is your friend, mom, dad wants you to become? Know Thyself and know what is the strength in you- music, academics, athletic, etc. Action towards Correct vision will make your time very productive and you will be successful that means it is a proper use of a time.

We have enough time 365 days, 4 seasons cycles,12 months, 52 weeks, 24 hours, 12 hours day/night, even 1 second. Buddha said that it just takes a snap to transform. So be productive, successful with wise use of time by investment. Investment of Time is a use of your power, energy at least for your own benefit or demise. Your current every act already is responsible for future consequences whether you like it or not. so invest your time properly. investment on two basis:

a) Long Term Evolution (LTE): what you want to achieve by age of 30, 40, 50?
b) Short Term Revolution (STR): what do you have to do to achieve LTE?
STR should be used on below 5 years plan basis at least. U need to have 5,4,3,2,1 year plans, 6 months, seasonal plans, weekly plans, 24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours, plans.arjun-small

If LTE is your house, then, STR is your brick by brick work to build a house from foundation of your dream house building process.

How to be productive with wise use of time?
First we need to understand how we use our “Time Log”. Keep a record book that what tasks do you want to do or have to do, you need these to fill up your empty spaces. so, before u go to bed, make a note in a time reference for about a week for your own record that how you spend your time into following category as PUCRD.
Productive: how many hours you’ve spent today in being productive? find more jobs.
Unproductive: wasted time? playing video games, watching tvs, entertainment stuffs that only engages you, talking about people. you better be people, who others should be talking about you.
Creative: something new you’ve done. thinking is a first step of creation, so think only good that sets up positive mindset frame.
Reflective: Noting task to be completed. fill electricity bill, buying at grocery stores, meetings, meet relatives, thanking day, plan training course etc.
Destructive: Damaging thoughts, acts always benefit few in huge quantity, but peace always benefit at larger mass even though in less quantity.

After categorization your 24 hours into time log, take it to a week, then, reflect back each day, that what things could you’ve done better or have filled empty spaces in certain time log where there was destructive, unproductive time frame? remember again Max Brawn. u need to fill those spaces by doing things for your dreams or task to be completed. Productive people are successful people somewhere in a timeline, and successful people know it exactly very well. they bend their timeline, find a shortcut or worm-whole mentally that bends space-time mentally.

What things to do to be productive or successful?
In your LTE or STR plans, think of doing as follows:

  • Skill improvement: Take training that takes you to your vision. it also refreshes your boredom by changing your current state of mind.
  • Hobbies: Develop reading habits on Self-Improvement books.
  • Exercises: Joint exercise is at least most important. Do Yoga at least.
  • Life cycle Processes: understand life cycle: childhood, young, adult, maturity, time for marriage, purpose of marriage, time for earnings, social life, philosophy, father & mentor roles & responsibilities.
  • Creativity & Innovation: Do something different each day. Else at least do blogging.
  • Be happy Everyday: There are zillions reasons to smile everyday, but we stuck to only one futile reason and forget other beautiful reasons to smile, to  live happily.
  • Life Lesson: either you win or you learn, there’s no loss in either. b positive.

Time is not only a money. it is a tool given to everyone to build something larger than life itself.
what are you building?

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Team is a group of members, made up of at least two people, whose spirit is bonded to complete a purpose to meet a common mission. Team is a power, and “Intimacy” is its source. Two people’s power is more powerful than one. Power is physical, psychological strength, confidence and productivity. All four legs of a table is equally important for stability. Each legs are a team members.

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other. - Simon Sinek:

A clear Mission needs to be impregnated in each member of a team. If team doesn’t know what to achieve, then, success do not come easily. Each mission should benefit each team member at least financially as remuneration or bonus.

Communication between each member is very important in each task updates, progress of monitoring & evaluation. You ought to know what’s going on to each individual member’s mind. Any disturbed mind (personnel family or office problems) of your member can’t help you meet mission. Discuss problems separately, praise staffs in a mass. Communicating may not ensure to solve problem, but, it certainly lowers psychological trauma of a team member. Empathy is the heart of communication.

Task is subdivided into small sections of specific activities (major & minor) that progress can be monitored and tracked. Each small task makes clarity of work to be performed by each team member.

Time is limited. So, each task is adjusted to time. Activities is subdivided to complete by certain time-frame. It helps to focus.

Risk Management plan A,B,C,D, should be there.

Flow Chart helps the direction of work flow.

team work

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Time Machine has not yet been invented. If my life is to achieve something or have a purpose, then, Time is crucial element and decision has to be made in the present moment that changes your course of action. Life is like a RIVER, you keep on flowing with twist & turns, until an ocean is reached where time will drag you even if you don’t wish to move in a provided time. So, it is better to make a move. Life is like a FLOWCHART, there are always options, true/false, where you have to make a decision in a provided time.  A provided time is a point of NO RETURN.

Time is a uni-directional, one-way traffic system, where we have to achieve our objectives. However, every organism is travelling laterally with us in this linear direction timeline. A TIME-LINE is a path, a route course of life. So, it somehow looks like linear, but there’s uncountable timelines are here for billions of people and all living organisms. This MULTIPLE-
is fixed with/by their brain capacity in the course of life. This is what explained by Einstein, the greatest minds of our time, as “Theory of Relativity”. It is this reason, not all people’s wishes are fulfilled. EMPATHY word is when joined with feelings, then and there; you jump across your timeline to someone else. Every day, we blend on different timelines; sometime, we lost ourselves into different timeline without realizing it.

So, the question would be can we change our timeline into better timeline because everyone wants a better conditions? The answer is YES !!  yes !!   YeS !! The TRAININGS are one of the best tool to take you up a higher or a different route for a change in your time line.

Everything is at the “opportunity cost” against time.


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From: Time Letters (
Sent: Tue 3/06/07 5:06 PM
To: Arjun Limbu (

“How brain re-wires..” talked about the power of positive thinking, where buddhist monk showed dramatic changes in the parts of the brain associated with happiness. One thing, we should keep in mind that, does that mean to turn all people to be monk? If all people are engulfed with their own social level of thinking, i am rather looking for something universal than sectarian one. If all people were given free foods and let them for meditation, definitely there’s much probability of becoming happiness from inside. People are not thinking positive because of their poverty, disparity. Sometimes, i think if buddhist monks are left in the real world “ordinary hardworking”, definitely they will understand the meaning of hardlife, where i think the meaning of positive thinking could tilt more. I think “VIPASSANA MEDITATION” is the technique that teaches how to remain happy. Do you know “VIPASSANA MEDITATION”?

arjun kumar limbu
kathmandu, Nepal


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