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HIIT Is The Science-Backed Workout That Can Slash Your Exercise Time

Researchers have shown for the first time that physical activity can increase the size of children’s brains and improved academic performance. The study by a team from the University of Granada, Spain, found that children who are physically fit have a greater volume of grey matter in the brain’s frontal and temporal regions and the calcarine cortex, all of which are important for executive function (the mental skills that help us get things done), as well as learning, motor skills and visual processing. “The answer is short and forceful: yes, physical fitness in children is linked in a direct way to important brain structure differences, and such differences is reflected in the children’s academic performance,” said lead researcher Francisco B Ortega, of the University of Granada’s Sports and Health Institute. The researchers found motor ability helped boost grey matter in two regions essential for language processing and reading: the inferior frontal gyrus and the superior temporal gyrus.

  • Listen to your instructor and stay calm with good friendship with your peers. Ask questions on how to do.
  • Always start with 15-20 minutes of FITNESS: Stretching (Warm up) is the foremost practice before lifting: Bending (forward and side wise), Chin up, Push up, Twisting, Skipping, Jumping, Running, to make your body warm enough not to get muscular sprain or strain or rush of blood movement to/from heart. It is same for male, female or children.Good for digestion, stress reliever, mindfulness training, Mental healthiness, Depression, Socialization.Winter is a good time to reduce your fat body. Don’t use other tech heaters, better jump, skip.
  • Don’t mix all in a day (Like don’t do  biceps and triceps in the same day).
  • Take rest intermittently, and drink water, but don’t eat within 2 hours before gym works.
  • Don’t do this First, if ur cholesterol level is high, it might give u a heart attack. First Burn your fats, calories with simple warm up exercise
    • Squats: 20 seconds                   Rest: 10 seconds
    • Jumping jacks: 20 seconds    Rest: 10 seconds
    • Push-ups: 20 seconds             Rest: 10 seconds
    • Lunges: 20 seconds                  Rest: 10 seconds
    • Jumping jacks: 20 seconds     Rest: 10 seconds
    • Push-ups: 20 seconds              Rest: 10 seconds
    • Lunges: 20 seconds                   Rest 10 seconds

    This is the basic 4 minute protocol you should repeat the circles 4 more times for a total of 20 minutes. This is easy and fast way to finally burn fat and strengthen your body. Don’t think twice start this circuit immediately.




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Defects: It loose less energy, no eye exercise, and destroys your motor skills, gyroscopic exercising sense of mind.
Prefer: Buy and Ride a real bicycle in the evening or morning parkhour. Eye exercise when you see far objects in the sea shore, green hills, white mountains, feel the rocks, sand grains,
Defects: It doesn’t use the complete stretch of your muscle tone, damages your motorskills.
Prefer: Do Actual Running, Jumping on the Parkhour things.


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