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Namo Tasso Vagawato Samma Sambudhasa

Lord Buddha says
What is the ‘Auspicious’ to do?


Not to Associate with Fools, Associate with Wise.
Honor, the Worth Ones. Thus, is Auspicious.

Dwell in a suitable Locality. Graceful with Past Merits.
Set oneself in the Right Path. Thus, is Auspicious.

Listen Everything, Be Skillful, Be Disciplined, Educate,
Speak Pleasantly. Thus, is Auspicious.

Be custodian to One’s Parents.
Take Full care of one’s Wife and Children. Thus, is Auspicious.

Do Donation, Follow Precepts, Keep Brothers and Relatives,
Act Blamelessly. Thus, is Auspicious.

Acquit Bodily, Speech and Mental defilement, Stop Intoxicating &
Aware & Steadfast in Universal Welfare Law Intelligently. Thus, is Auspicious.

Pay Homage, B Humble, Stay Pacified, Display Gratitude &
Often Listen to Buddha’s Words. Thus, is Auspicious.

Practice Forbearance, Be Obedient and Pay visit to Impartial Ones
& Often Discourse the Buddha’s words. Thus, is Auspicious.

Practice Austerity, Follow One’s Sensuality Precepts, Realize the Four Noble Truths,
Attaining Enlightenment. Thus, is Auspicious.

Benefits & Loss, Fame & ill Reputation, Praise & Criticism, Happiness & Sadness.
This Eight worldly Affairs should not shake Mind; Stay without Afflictions;
Not to Engage on Greed, Hate and Ignorance; Be Intrepid.
Thus, is Auspicious.

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