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The Buddha’s teaching was not merely for monks and nuns, but also for householders, many of whom used to come to him to learn Dhamma. One group came and said: “Sir, we are not prepared to become monks or nuns; we have to live as householders. Will the technique work for us? Can we also get liberated?”. He replied, “Certainly, it is a technique for all.” Monks and nuns do not have any worldly responsibilities. So they can give their whole life to this purpose, and the results come sooner. Householders cannot avoid their multifarious responsibilities towards their family members, relatives, and society but the teaching also works for them.

The Buddha gave a discourse to this group, explaining how to live a wholesome life. He listed thirty-eight welfares to be acquired by a family man or woman, each higher than the last.
What are these *Thirty-Eight Welfares:*
1. Bala-asevana – not to associate with fools
2. Panditasevana – to associate with the wise
3. Pujaneyya puja – honoring those who are honorable
4. Patirupadesavasa – living in a suitable region for safe practice
5. Pubbekatapunnata – having done meritorious deeds
6. Attasammapanidhi – right self-guidance
7. Bahusacca – Extensive learning
8. Sippa – knowledge of the arts and sciences
9. Vinaya – to be highly restrained by a moral code
10. Subhasitavaca – to be well-spoken, eloquent
11. Matapitu-upatthana – to support one’s parents
12. Puttasangaha – to cherish one’s children
13. Darasangaha – to cherish one’s wife (or partner)
14. Anakulakammanta – to make one’s livelihood wholesomely
15. Dana – to be generous, charitable
16. Dhammacariya – to behave in line with the Dharma
17. Natakasangaha – to cherish one’s family
18. Anavajjakamma – to act blamelessly
19. Papavirati – abstinence from evil
20. Majjapanasannama – abstinence from intoxicants
21. Appamada – heedfulness in the Dharma
22. Garava – to be respectful
23. Nivata – to be humble
24. Santutthi – contentment with what one has
25. Katannuta- gratitude
26. Dhammassavana – the opportunity to hear the Dharma
27. Khanti – patience; forbearance
28. Sovacassata – easily corrected
29. Samana-dassana – to see monks and nuns
30. Dhammasakaccha – the opportunity to discuss the Dharma
31. Tapa – self-restraint; austerities
32. Brahmacariya – to live the holy life
33. Ariyasacca-dassana – to see the Noble Truths
34. Nibbana-sacchikiriya – to realize nirvana
35. Akampitacitta – having a mind unshaken by worldly events
36. Asokacitta – having a mind free from sorrow
37. Virajacitta – having an undefiled mind
38. Khemacitta – having a secure mind.

When he came to the highest, he said: Facing the vicissitudes of life the mind is not shaken; it is without grief, without impurity, without insecurity: this is the highest welfare. Everyone has to meet vicissitudes in life but the mind should not get agitated; it should remain stable and balanced. Then there is no crying, no unhappiness, no impurity nor any feeling of insecurity in your mind.

One always feels secure because one is on the path of Dhamma; nothing can go wrong.
This is the highest welfare: Equanimity with all the vicissitudes of life.
S. N. Goenka
(adapted from the Day 8 discourse)

*The eight worldly vicissitudes (lokadhamma) are: labha (profit) and alabha (loss), yaso (fame) and ayaso (ill repute), Pasansa (praise) and Ninda (criticism), Sukha (pleasure) and Dukkha (pain).

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DON’T SLEEP ! Wake up World
Listen to the jarring words of the world’s Big Brothers’ ideas, plan through so called ‘President’.

  1. Obama addressing Europe, Russia, March 26, 2014 “And for the international order, that we’ve worked for generations to build. Ordinary People are too small minded even to govern their own affairs, the order and progress only come from when individuals surrender their rights to all-powerful sovereign.
    Video Ref: Means Modern Slavery, be their low paying menial worker, don’t want you to expect much from them)
  2. George W. Bush – Presidential NEWS Conference, said,” Just in general, …that…umm..Money brings peace sometimes (takes huge sighs, jerky laughs)..These commercial interests are powerful interests throughout the world and part issue convince people to (provoke) put in sanctions in specific countries…
    Video Ref: it means: He used the word provoke but cut it out. To him war means money investment, profit gives them peace. Someone’s life is just a video war game to them.)
  3. Elites, Political Leaders, Bank heads, News & Media owners, big corporations are the business military industrial complex cartel.


  1. FB_IMG_153718045612541797684_1546477295498815_8887036029828071424_nFB_IMG_1537142607766

See the source imageImage may contain: 2 people, textSee the source imageSee the source image
“Nestlé Chairman: Water Not a Right, Should Be Given a ‘Market Value’ and Privatized.”

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image
LESSON: The health of a good heart depends upon your art of living. If you’ve lived helping others compassionately, you heart becomes light and you will breathe normally. If you keep on breathing normally in life, you heart’s life will grow longer.

Let’s Transplant our heart from uncompassionate to compassionate at the level of mind, body. Transplant your cruel heart to warm heart. Transplant your shutting heart to open heart.

See the source imageSee the source image41731751_1544195729060305_2013205206342303744_n41147370_1748987845198780_3180639980967952384_n








See the source image


Then, What we as a citizen can do?
Many people say be the resistance, but suggest you to transplant our heart from uncompassionate to compassionate. Let’s choose leader who has more qualities as below.

  1. Balanced Vigor
  2. Inspirational, Energizer
  3. Good look
  4. Philosophical: Leaders understand the dynamic beyond the world to connect the Metaphysical thinking and Material world.
  5. Forgiving Power
  6. Compassionate quality
  7. Good Judgement as Mediator: Most citizens appreciate the justice. Human relation expert and mental acumen to see the truth in darkness.
  8. Precepts acquired that citizens impress to acquire too
  9. Democratic: no dictatorship
  10. Donation: Whenever necessary, leaders should be able to give everything for his/her  citizens.

choose the proper leader.

Remember world war 3 is not essential.

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It is about me, you and our living everyone on earth. Human beings those who breathes are not necessarily living, there may be dying ones even they breathe. Prosperity, happiness, satisfaction, truths etc. are blocked in this life that has obstructed them in achieving what they desire. So, what is it?arjun

Living life has two worlds: Inner (subconscious mind-hidden habits, character) and Outer (display to the real world). In between those world, there’s a thin, delicate film that separates them, called Curtain. Curtains are nothing but merely the sense organs, thoughts, body, postures. In these two worlds, there are living lives of the one life. Only sensitive persons or machine can see others’ true both worlds. So, it is when you stand in front of a mirror, the real and mirror images must be same.  Those Images are two types:

True Face Image Person: Both worlds means same. They reply to any questions swiftly because two answers are same, and no mental blocks because answer is common. They are very dedicated person, truth speakers, bold and strong voice. Before marriage, true persons should be in two marrying couples, which lead to happiness, success, achieve, popular. He/She is the happiest person because he has nothing to hide. This person can say ‘No’ means ‘No’ directly as he is very clear about it.

False Face Image Person: Two different worlds. They reply late because two answers are different and often confuse oneself which answer is right to tell. Brain gets busy in calculation of profit/loss which consumes time and it is often the cause of mental block creation. Hesitation is the mental block. They are shrewd, culprits. Their marriage often fails. There may be any immediate happiness, success, achieve, but doesn’t prolong, it fails ultimately. It is dying of living life. This person goes to his/her discipline of religious places like church, temples, organize tantra/mantra to reverse situation of present or impending ones. This person introspects often, because his inner world cannot be avoided from outer world. They are masqueraders.

So, is there no hope for False Face personality type? No, there is a tremendous hope. They should connect the inner world and outer world with a method of auto-suggestion, motivation, positive thinking, self-hypnosis, auto-commands, to gain confidence enough to depict the mirror and real image as same. So, do not lie to the world because you cannot lie to yourself even if you confuse others. Be true to yourself and the world.

Does it have anything to do with success? Yes, your both worlds should have same image of your goal. Use inner world methods as prior explained, for outer world, act or take skills through training, consultation that match or conjugates the two images of worlds. Then, you will achieve your unlimited endeavors by demolishing your mental block honesty and with holistic, positive psychological bravery to act, say for your desire.

Don’t Let Dying of Living Life !

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This Earth may be small, but our life is much larger that size of Earth. Many people lost themselves in the World. From your parent, relatives, friends, yourself, any spiritual leaders or religious books who have tried to become a mentor in one sense. Is it really the true nature of Life to be lived up with? How to live?

Many colorful people stand in a crowd thinking of questions

Many colorful people stand in a crowd thinking of questions

I was also always looking for the answer of what the leadership is all about. At times, when i attended a training, different people express different things. However, now i have found a solid answer that answers the worldly survival. It even answers the Charles Darwin’s theory of survival for existence.

If you are reading this, then, it is a matter of your consciousness to recognize the need to understand one of the crucial reality of this World that this World will ask you a question one day? With growing population and competition, there will be many more questions our children and grand children are going to face from rest of the population. Even often, we need to answer ourselves, the question that arise from our mind.

Everybody wants to become a leader or a movie superstar; to become a hero- you need to answer them in a lot of gestures, oral and verbal actions to the World. It is about the choices that we make, we pass through the flow in the flowchart. In the flowchart, there are always instances where we come across the crossroads, the crossroads that has a lot of questions and there’s no way that you can actually escape from it. The only answer that we have is to make a crucial and inescapable choices, our every choice is an answer.

It doesn’t matter with the age or your consciousness, someone is going to ask you a question. Most of the questions are irrelevant, and do not need to be answered, however, those questions always drive you and pave a different route. Such questions always enlighten us that there are so many paths to follow, reminding us that there are such crossroads. There are many instances where you cannot return once you flow with the time.

When there are many answers, the conflict is eventually come upfront because you cannot make everyone happy.gquestion qeus what would u do?

question  Whats_new

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Genetic Program Universe   4 comments

The following information is one of my studies to obtain my Master degree in Environmental science to University, 2004, submitted as a case study from Nepal.

The term “Genetic programming” is a new to the world to the science of life and has a long way to go in the development of “Realization of the ultimate truth” before and away from the world. This Genetic programming will one day be the legendary in the history of the earth. With this Genetic Programming, the creation of life in this world begins and unused or useless are automatically removed may be due to up gradation of life i.e. older versions. If there is any creator of this life on Earth or if there is any ET (X-tra Terrestrial) Life, There must be a creator. There must be someone who has created us, rather programmed us. The developer of this life exists somewhere, may be within each of us.

“Some thing/one exists on Earth means “is created” and “created” means “somebody created it”. The creation of some thing/one by someone ( May be GOD).

Everything and Everybody has their own genetic language or code. Now, by this time with the help of science and technology, we are able to manipulate the code or the language of the genes of the object or life. The next step towards the destination is the complete development or the programming of the genetic code. As the development of computer started and especially the programming world. The world has changed to the Information Age. Have you ever learned programming languages like java, C, C++, C#, HTML and databases like SQL, Oracle, Fox pro etc. Each program has its own code or language. The world with hardware, software, databases made the working system. For example. The HTML has its own language or code to bring the output as follows.
The following code or genetic make up is needed to be written:

<!–[if gte vml 1]>–>
<v:shapetype id=”_x0000_t202″ coordsize=”21600,21600″ :spt=”202″ path=”m,l,21600r21600,l21600,xe”>
<v:stroke joinstyle=”miter”/>
<v:path gradientshapeok=”t” o:connecttype=”rect”/>
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<p class=”MsoNormal”>
<font color=”#0000FF”>Concept</font> of <u>the</u> </font>
<font face=”Arial Black”><b style=”mso-bidi-font-weight:normal”>
<span style=”font-size:19.0pt;
mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt”>Genetic Programming .

<p class=”MsoNormal” style=”margin-left:2.0in;text-indent:.5in”>By :
<i style=”mso-bidi-font-style:normal”>
<span style=”font-size:15.0pt;
mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt”>Arjun kumar limbu.


height=123 src=”new_page_1_files/image001.gif”
alt=”Text Box:   The Concept of the Genetic Programming . By : Arjun kumar limbu. ”

Such is the way of programming the language. Then, how can such a programming can be done in life? Our human programming is possible? Then, what are the languages of human being to program it.Now, we now the composition of a genetic make up. The technology is the platform, tool to program the genetic code of human being or any life with a variety of designs in life forms, and the creation of the code may be through the development of understanding the chemistry.

Genetic Programming is possible?
Escherichia coli is a bacteria that lives in the intestine of human beings and animals. Scientists at Cambridge in Britain had already worked out its structure. Hargobind khurana and his team took up the task of building a gene of this organism in their laboratory. Piece by piece, they built up the 207 genes of this bacteria. In august 1976, this man-made gene was “inserted” into Escherichia coli. It began to work like its natural gene. This achievement was hailed all over the world. On paper, the production of gene appears easy, but is not so in practice. To produce one gene, it took khurana and his 24 team members nine years of consistent labour.

This shows that actually, He is the father “Genetic Programming”, the manufacturer of artificial genes in the laboratory. After know the genetic make up of any living, rest is the programming thing left to be done. Production of human gene is still a distant possibility, if not a dream, because structure of human gene is very complex. How complex we human being are being humans? It can be answered by genetic programming. It is just simply a matter of time.

Did you ever think what you are made up of? I see there’s only the code written in us and everything. There is only the genetic code, the formation is just a mechanism, impossible without the language nothing is possible, actually the beginning starts with a code. Such a mysterious thing is behind our naked eyes.

Genetically Modified Food is a Virus to Human Being?
In a computer terminology, a virus is a program that interferes a normal working of a program or a system. By now it is cleared that we all life forms are the created with a help of a genetic code. Like the way the system of a computer is affected with a virus. Our genetic code can also be affected with a strong powerful genetic make up. Our DNA is under constant attack from the molecular vandals. There are ranged against them armies of proteins fighting a losing battle to keep the double helix of DNA intact. Can we help them from ageing and cancer at bay? The gangs of the proteins repair damage to the double helix.

A new disastrous Virus program is already affecting called “Genetically Modified Food (GMF)”. If your body system resists this GMF, then good else, effects physical, mental and interactively as the new program, code changes genetic code in structural, Operation and Regulation level. For example of a virus attacking human being, normal hemoglobin is formed of a long chain of amino acids; if the genetic code for one of these amino acids, glutamic acid is changed, the amino acid is replaced by another amino acid, valine, and the abnormal hemoglobin responsible for sickle-cell anemia results. Such a superb programs, the viruses corrupt the genetic make up of the normal making abnormal at the code level. These viruses have attacked running finely, just disrupting normal movement of a system. Some of the genetic make up or altered genetic code foods, medicines may be useful for deficiency of some vitamins. Such is the benefit of altered genetic make up.

What is a Genetic defect?
A Genetic defect is a defect in a code or the language. When there’s an error in language or code, then malfunction is possible. In a programming language of HTML

1. A normal code as follows.
<P> <i> GENETIC</i></P>


2. Now, a defective code as follow.
<P> <i> GENETIC</i></P>

output 2: GENETIC

In above boxes, why the output is different is because of change in the make up of code. When the code changes, then the output also changes. So, that’s why what is inside the code is the major role.

“Scientists have known for more than two decades that cancer is a disease of the genes. Something scrambles the DNA inside a nucleus, and suddenly, instead of dividing in a measured fashion, a cell begins to copy itself furiously. Unlike an ordinary cell, it never stops”. (source :Time magazines, August 9, 1999, vol. 154 NO.5, page no 29).

Metaphysics defines the system working, connection, interactions is out of brain capacity, knowledge ordinarily. The metaphysical mind is to understand the things that seem away from our view of naked eye. A programmer (unknown) programmed you, so the rest of this universe and beyond it (if there is?). We can be a programmer. There must be layers of programmers.

Rocks Around the World   1 comment

Geologists study rocks because they contain clues about what the Earth was like in the past. We can assemble a historical record of a planet and trace events that occurred long before humans roamed our planet.

I submitted rocks from Nepal, while i was studying at Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Please, find my rock details as follows.
my rock id: RATW05137

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