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The belief in soul or Self and the Creator God, is so strongly rooted in the minds of many people that they cannot imagine why the Buddha did not accept these two issues which are indispensable to many religions. In fact some people got a shock or became nervous and tried to show their emotion when they heard that the Buddha rejected these two concepts.

All conditioned things are impermanent,
All conditioned things are Dukka — Suffering,
All conditioned or unconditioned things
are soulless or selfless. (Dhammapada 277, 278, 279)

According to Buddhism mind is nothing but a complex compound of fleeting mental states. One unit of consciousness consists of three phases — arising or genesis (uppada) static or development (thiti), and cessation or dissolution (bhanga). Immediately after the cessation stage of a thought moment there occurs the genesis stage of the subsequent thought-moment. Each momentary consciousness of this ever-changing life-process, on passing away, transmits its whole energy, all the indelibly recorded impressions to its successor. Every fresh consciousness consists of the potentialities of its predecessors together with something more. There is therefore, a continuous flow of consciousness like a stream without any interruption. The subsequent thought moment is neither absolutely the same as its predecessor — since that which goes to make it up is not identical — nor entirely another — being the same continuity of kamma energy. Here there is no identical being but there is an identity in process.

Birth is the arising of the psycho-physical phenomena. Death is merely the temporary end of a temporary phenomenon. Every moment there is birth, every moment there is death. The arising of one thought-moment means the passing away of another thought-moment and vice versa. In the course of one life-time there is momentary rebirth without a soul.

The Buddha said, “Oh, Bhikshu, every moment you are born, decay, and die.” He meant that in every moment, the illusion of “me” renews itself. Not only is nothing carried over from one life to the next; nothing is carried over from one moment to the next. This is not to say that “we” do not exist–but that there is no permanent, unchanging “me,” but rather that we are redefined in every moment by shifting, impermanent conditions.


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Everything and Nothing

Everything has been Burning continually and will continue to Burn.
Everything is changing continually and will continue to Change.
Everything is in a state of Motion continually and will continue to Move.

Our Attachment to Short-lived thinking tendency towards Everything is the Source of Suffering.
Our Ignorance that it will last long thinking tendency towards Everything is the Source of Suffering.
Our Anger that it did not last longer enough thinking tendency towards Everything is the Source of Suffering.

B happy with Nothing, then, u will be happy with Everything.
Everything is Samsara (Cycle) and Nothing is Nibbana.
But in Nothing, there is Everything.

-Bhawatu Sabba Mangalam
A poem by Me- June 19 2018

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How the Matter and Energy works?  E=mc2, Einstein we remember, But there’s more.

Nokola Tesla’s influential quote to me is If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency & Vibration. Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm, is one of the most important water researchers the world has known.  For over 20 years until he passed away in 2014, he studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.

Sound is the transfer of energy in the form of waves through a substance, or medium, such as air, water, or a flexible solid. You can picture sound waves as a series of nudges that cause particles in a medium to bump into one another in successive collisions. Sound can also travel between different media, which is why you can hear loud music coming from a room with the door closed. Speakers produce sound waves by vibrating back and forth, compressing or “pushing” air particles. When you hear music coming from a speaker, you are actually “feeling” the sensation of air particles vibrating against your eardrum as the speaker’s sound waves are transferred through the air. Those vibrations are transmitted to your inner ear, where they are converted into information that your brain interprets as a sound. You can distinguish different sounds based on sound waves’ duration, wavelength, wave height (amplitude) and rate (frequency).

Cymatics, from Greek: κῦμα, meaning “wave”, is a subset of modal vibrational phenomena. The term was coined by Hans Jenny (1904-1972), a Swiss follower of the philosophical school known as anthroposophy. Typically the surface of a plate, diaphragm or membrane is vibrated, and regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible in a thin coating of particles, paste or liquid.[1] Different patterns emerge in the excitatory medium depending on the geometry of the plate and the driving frequency.

The frequency of sound is the number of wave cycles that are transmitted per second and is measured in a unit called “Hertz” (Hz). Most systems—like your eardrum model—have a tendency to vibrate more easily and with greater amplitude at certain frequencies than at others. These are called natural frequencies, and they’re determined by various properties of the system, such as its rigidity, size, and mass. When the frequency of sound waves precisely matches the natural frequency of a system, the maximum possible amplitude of vibration is achieved. This phenomenon is called resonance.

Thing to remember is the effect of frequency on Matter. So, think and communicate only good.

 Evil Word – Looks like Black hole in Universe

MFW94P35<br/>MFW94P35 You disgust me- word


MFW91P25<br/>MFW91P25 Thank you-word


Dr. Masaru Emoto


sound salt patternsको लागि तस्बिर परिणामSound effect on Salt Pattern.

sound salt patternsको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

sound salt patternsको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

standing waveको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Buddha Vehicles   2 comments

The Global Buddhist’s follower, leaders’ problem-
Hinyana, Vajrayana, Mahayan, which is the greatest vehicle?
or is there something buddha has enunciated?
The answer is here today.

In the Path of Buddha, he educated people concisely the daily art of living practical teachings, which some considered the provisional teachings. But if you look at even today or in future, so called such provisional teachings are equally essential. Also, in his teachings, there is neither imaginative nor salvation by someone other than you, and who there’s no one illusory up above in the sky waiting to do salvation. You are you own salvation, and act right now by following the noble path. If you walk noble, you will reach in noble place. So, what is noble path? Is it intellectually attractive?

In this forward moving modernization, independently thinking and contemplative people’s mass movement around the world, is displaying the pattern of ‘Seeking Mind‘ rather than ‘Following Mind‘, no matter what they used to follow, or born with so called. Globally, all citizens are naturally abdicating ‘what was so called their’, and ‘what they are born with’, after all human intelligence is growing, check your younger generations how smart they are, and how antiquated we are. Everything is changing, the only constant is the Change. The change of human in future is towards in dependency towards choice, as more people are educated, and social dilation. No more will be given, everything is a choice. Those independent seeking mind are discovering the true essence of a religion (education), that produces effect here and now, and there’s no someone in the sky, who will come to you when the earth needs. If you look at the history, it has always been dark in the deep heart and sorrows, which can be seen in their eyes. It is only the buddha’s short, quick, simply presented truth words has been an attraction for everyone.

But, when you open the door towards the Buddhahood path, today’s religious followers show you more doors (vehicle/path) towards different vehicle (Yana or Yaan or yan), and wherever you enter in their sect, and sub-sect, everyone deludes you and completely shut your third eye (wisdom) to your seeking mind. They make you sheep, so be human and see something beyond horizon you have. Precisely, there are Theravada (Hinyana-), Mahayana, Vajrayana (Mantra/Tantra-magical). So, i give you an antidote. If anyone think of the assembly, then, there are only the four assemblies: Monks, Nuns, Laymen, Laywomen. Monks, Nuns have always been the teacher of peace towards many laymen and laywomen in societies. So, what is the true vehicle as said by buddha?

Buddha has said that the noble 8 fold path is only the path, in his own words as “Ek yana Maggo“, Meaning- Ek (only One), Yana (Vehicle), Maggo (Path). So, the only vehicle is the path and the path stated is the 8 NOBLE PATH (Astingka Magga). If you walk  (practice) on this following path then, it is itself a vehicle (yana). By Practicing, you will experience  or immerse truly, which is by definition means is the the vehicle to take you in the destination. Eg. If you practice the  Right View, you will experience the positive effect of wisdom brought about by the right view path. If you practice the wrong view path, you will experience the negative effect. Choice is yours and so will sow the seeds and will bear fruit accordingly. There is no luck or chances or will grace you, only one can show you a path with full compassion. But You have to walk on your own.  So, always walk on the Path (Yana) of 8 noble path, not the illusory vajrayana, mahayana, or theravada yana which were later created.

8 noble pathsको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

I’m just grateful for the Buddha and his words that i have been able to decipher intelligently, and Purely. Tathagatha, i take a refugee completely in an immersive way. I’m fortunate to hear your such profound, immeasurable, pure teachings, and let me put it in your pristine way to best of my understanding. Let me understand the wisdom of Buddha.

Hope everyone understands the true vehicle you stated in this time of diluted teachings.


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   Is the Father of Western Philosopher, the Socrates, the follower of Buddha’s education?

The timeline is the most important to put for the efficacious truth of Western and Eastern Philosophy. Both looked at the mind to be researched, rest physical world are just a mirror, projections or bi-products of our monkey natureof mental thoughts, logics, ideas, concepts on politics, morality & ethics, consciousness, independent, reincarnation, courageousness, knowledge, virtues, etc.

Looking the widely accepted timeline is the Birth Period of Jesus has separated the BCE and CE (AD). The Eastern Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama – Many modern scholars believe that the historical Buddha lived from about 563 to about 483 BCESocrates (469/470-399 BCE) was a Greek’s profound philosopher and is considered the father of western philosophy. The trade route from China to Asia Minor and India, known as the Silk Road, had been in existence for 1,400 years at the time of Marco Polo’s travels (c. AD 1270–90). It came into partial existence about 300 BC, when it was used to bring jade from Khotan (modern Hotan, China) to China. By 200 BC it was linked to the West, and by 100 BC it was carrying active trade between the two civilizations. At its zenith in AD 200 this road and its western connections over the Roman system constituted the longest road on Earth. The most important timeline to note is the Partial existence of the Silk route of 300 BC, means it was existed long before.

In both Eastern and Western hemispheres’ countries, there was a heavy influence and blinded deeply of ‘agency (institution)’ and god influence in a society. Countries, People were in distressed, depressed, controlled by closed minded elites, where individuality was lost. Both Buddha and Socrates, who have a profound intellectual influence to open their mind ‘wisdom’ on an ancient and modern society.

The Great Emperor, Ashoka, ruled form 268 BCE to 232 BCE and became a model of kingship in the Buddhist tradition. Jesus, who himself was the Buddhist monk. We know that that Buddha had sent his disciples to different directions and we can assumed to correlate that some disciples or householder follower or buddha’s words must have somehow passed to all the way to the Rome, and Greece through Oral tradition at least, by walking the improperly developed the Silk Route, which later when many people used to travel through silk route became a solid route. It is my hypothesis is that When road was improperly recognized as the silk road, people used to travel, so the messenger of buddha’s knowledge from the east to the west could be any buddhist monk, or merchants, who circulated not only the silk and culture, but such a profound knowledge of Buddha. The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative trade in Chinese silk carried out along its length, beginning during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). When Socrates came in contact to hear such words of enlightening education that could break bondage of social and mental to open consciousness to realize oneself and ontology. Socrates must have certainly been delighted, and little did he know more, he went onto research more through discussion and analysis, which is also buddha’s path towards wisdom. Right then, he was hungry for intellectual knowledge to taste the wisdom and give it to people who came in contact to him like Plato as students. Socrates’ thirst of seeking mind was his ability to explore more on the path towards consciousness.

Within the Metaphysics, Plato, the student of Socrates, stated that Socrates was occupied with the search for moral virtues, being the “first to search for universal definitions for them”. Such a universal definition of moral virtues only comes from the enlightened one, the Buddha.

Looking at time frame, from my study analysis of both time-frame and their philosophy, it appears to me that Socrates, like Jesus, was the follower of Buddha’s education. Socrates is a son of a stone mason, so who could easily come in contact with disciples and open to new ideas by coming in contact with whoever travelers in town. Socrates frequently says his ideas are not his own, but his teachers. So, the buddha’s disciple, merchant or hearers of buddha’s education must have somehow come in contact to him is my hypothesis.

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socrates disagreesocrates ignorancesocrates karmasocrates suffersoul

Who M I?   Leave a comment

In the World, I am one of the 7.6 billion people on Earth today at May 06, 2017. But, who am I? Today, i’m finding myself looking at the Mirror with the Third eye, The Wisdom’. The third eyes research and test the hypothesis based on the Scientific, Behavioral (Personal and Social Implications) and Knowledge (Rational).

Image result for who am i

This assimilation of ‘I’, made a family, society, then, countries. Who is reading it? Who has gone to Job, school, met someone or plan, apply something. of course, the answer is me. But who am I? The answer is my body or my mind. Body is the follower of Mind. This non-physical, mystical mind operates body. My identity, existence and operates from the Respiration. No Respiration, there’s no ‘I’.

Scientifically, Air (oxygen) comes in to give you life (Generator) and enliven all your body cells. Oxygen operates bodily function (Operator) and Oxygen burns through the chemical oxidation reaction (Destroyer). So, this Respiration is GOD, god. Without respiration, there’s no ‘I’ or ‘Me’, here i bridge the religious true sense of God and science at the rational level in this educated society. Oxygen nourishes neurons and excite it, without oxygen neurons die.

Behaviorally, This incoming cold air from outside and outgoing warm air is the balance of temperature, this balance keeps the mind and body in condition. Unbalance of temperature, and unbalanced lungs pumping movement is the sign of the body that you are unbalanced due to Stress. Oxygen helps to people with dementia, memory retrieving process, helps from fatal driving accidents. Sleeping person breathes less oxygen and angry person consumes more oxygen. Observing oxygen helps awareness of mind to make proper decision. Oxygen helps in mindfulness, either u r boss, leader or employee.

Knowledge, This is the reason why the Buddha, Siddhartha, observed and aware of this respiration (in-coming and out-coming), led to achieve the enlightenment state of mind. Abhidhamma (the highest analysis of everything) appeared after enlightenment.

Conclusion:  When trouble or feeling lazy, just experience by taking deep breathing a bit fast and deep. Experience it.

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Naive People from all over the world go first to take medicines “immediately” from chemist and visit doctors, who easily prescribe it. Even, patients are also addictive in nature that after paying a visit to doctor with a fee, if they don’t prescribe any medicine, patient assume that visited doctor is not a good one. It is also responsibility of a doctor that is the medicine necessary? On the other parts, the pharmaceutical companies billion dollars investment have bought hospitals, doctors to recommend their medicines. What a match up and patch up between all of them. We conspiracy theorists know the money game and game changing techniques.

Antigens are any foreign substance that are not of our body system that when enters into body system through any processes and dysfunctions a normal body. Antigens affect human body due to body’s low immune system, and/or the external factors like weather, when weather changes your bodily immune system dilates and antigens finds a suitable place to invade.Antibodies, also called immunoglobulins, Y-shaped molecules are proteins manufactured by the body that help fight against antigensAntigens can be bacteria, viruses, or fungi that cause infection and disease.

So, the question is, “Do We really need to consume antibiotics or any medicines?”
First the answer is “NO! most of the time”. Consume only when necessary. Reasons why you shouldn’t –
*Like in Fever, Cold, Cough, Small Cuts, Minor Injuries try to develop your own immune system and fight with it.
* Antigens
 naturally stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies inside a human body. Our body is a self-remedy producing biological machine, and let it work. If you feed from outside, then, one day, your body will think that it does not have to produce itself, then, lifelong you need to keep feeding yourself from mouth, IV plant.

Conclusion: External Medicine is not always necessary like food, air and water. Our body is a self-healing biological greatest machine. Sorry, Pharma-industry!

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