Recently, Microsoft’s HoloLens amazed the world in the CES 2015 (Consumer Electronic Show). In the scientific world, especially among the theoretical physicists, the hottest topic is to find out whether this universe is actually the hologram projected on a thin sheet. Are you amazed?

In fact, it is absolutely true, we are in a cage, displayed in a flat tv screen show. As in normal television, a 3D is very much visible, similarly our dimensions are very much projected in slight of thin sheet. I believe, at least it must have two dimensional slide. This universe is beautifully designed, coded by a highly advanced super-programmer at multiple level efficiently written enough to portray self-regulative, auto-regenerative and self-transformative creatures in a race of a time dimension. A time is a platform, an operating system.

Nature uses interfaces to supply both power and information. For instance, our bloodstream is used to provide fuel and oxygen (power), and it’s also used to deliver information in the form of hormones to our cells.

So, a hologram is projected 14.6 billion years ago with a big bang. In fact, a big bang is nothing difference more than a booting computer. So, there’s on (1) and off (0) constantly & rapidly happening to this universe that this show is on. Someone is out there watching us or left a switch turned on and left for a while. Information wide spreads from portal to all over size of the screen. Today, our universe is expanding, so the information has not yet covered all parts of screen.

Our viewers’ time-line is certainly far far greater than ours. So, how the universe ends? Like a booting of universe in a big bang, this system was turned on (1), it had a lot of heat. So, when universe is turned off, when our viewers turns us off (0), everything will freeze. So, in the end, universe will end up Freezing for sure.

So, who are watching us ?
Are we the lab rats?
How can we escape?
May be physics will find answers.

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